So theres. Quite a lot on the market as youd expect um and the main operating system is obviously uh. Android now so theres still a few windows ones out there um, but android seems to be the uh the operating platform that seems to be winning the most business at the moment. So ranges of size start from uh. You know seven inch. Quite a small tablet, uh. Nothing too special thats been updated a bit bit outdated these days um. Then we move on to something a little bit larger, like the 10 inch one uh, this 10 inch. One runs windows 10 pro, but there is also the option to take a um android version, which is android 10., so different certificates look out for is waterproofing and dust proofing which start from ip65 up to ip68. So the six is for um dust ingress and then the second number, the five six seven and eight is for how waterproof it is. So you really wan na be looking for at least 65, which is splash proof to 68, which is completely submersible. So this first device here is a windows, 10 uh tablet, which um is running the pro and that is ip65. Its got quite a large battery in there which it needs it because its a 10 inch screen but uh its got a eight and a half thousand milliamp battery uh on the back of it. Its got a 13 megapixel camera again in there if needed and which most people these days obviously take pictures.

Its got nfc and all these handsets are 4g. There is an option to add a um barcode scanner, which is normally a honeywell 2d barcode scanner, but thats thats a you know, a pretty standard, handset uh. This has been very popular over the over the last few years for for ourselves, which is the uh defender. Tab two so weve had this for uh, quite a while uh about four or five years and weve sold thousands of these uh all over all over the world, its been a a stock rugged device, pretty solid handset, as you can see its its again ip68. This one is so its a lot more waterproof and theyre all military grade, so they all achieve milstex spec stand, which is a drop test, so the drop test is uh. The devices are dropped in a laboratory onto a hard surface repeatedly 30 times at 1.2 meters and at the end of the test. The devices have to be in full working order, but uh the the devices themselves are all pretty much. You know they. They look like each other theres, not much difference the difference being maybe the camera, maybe the chipset um and a few additional features. So the next handset tablet is the defender five uh. This is a very new handset and the difference between this. If you look at it is, is the thickness uh its not much thicker than a normal tablet with a rugged case on it? The difference between buying a device with a rugged case on and a tablet thats built to be dropped is, is the mil spec standard? So this device is uh.

You know built thinking that it is going to be dropped. Uh. This device has just come to the market and its running android 10 at the moment, but there will be uh an upgrade which wont be pushed through the air. It will only be available when you purchase it as um a a as a as a version of android level. 11. uh. We dont like pushing upgrades through and the reason being, is a lot of our partners. Software companies people are running certain applications and and before when weve pushed up upgrades, we found out that um uh it might wipe some of the apps out. So we dont push upgrades uh, this ones ip67, so again, very, very waterproof. Its got an sos button there for loanworker um. One of the key features on here is the massive battery, so even though its very thin believe it or not. Uh this. This has got a 12 100 milliamp battery uh its also got a 13 megapixel camera. Its got nfc inside there and you can have the option of adding a honeywell barcode scanner, which puts about 100 pounds on the price of the device uh. The next one is um, depending what country you are. There are different versions of this device. So a couple of companies have branded this hat device uh, for example, sonim ive got this out now, as as as their first rugged tablet running android 10 uh qualcomm chipset, obviously its 4g.

Again, you have got the option for a barcode scanner on this one again: uh, not not bad, looking handset at all that one, the the price difference between the defender and this version uh. I think the the defender is about to 300 pounds cheaper than this handset uh, but the spec is not much difference at all. Uh one other device, or one other thing to look out for when youre buying a tablet, is accessories or depending what youre going to be using the device for um so like, for example. This one here has got a fully ruggedized uh in car cab holder. So you can fit it in there and lock it away. Nice and safe has got a security option there, so you can lock it away, so it cant be taken after sale. Support is another important thing with devices you need to make sure that the supplier youre working with, has got full support. You know just working from a bedroom somewhere and theyre, going to support your project and theres different options, depending on the manufacturer. On on what level of warranty you get from anything from one year up to up to up to three years on some which, of course, there is a charge for um, but so yeah thats a kind of a quick overview of of some of the rugged devices. On the market um, any information uh just give us a bell.