So i’ve ordered this um for the price and the spec. It seemed pretty good, so i thought i’d give it a go: okay, um! So it comes with a tablet itself here, um on it. There is a fixed stand here now when you unfold this, it wraps around to protect the screen. Also, it comes with a bluetooth keyboard, just here, so there’s no horrible wires connecting the tablet to the keyboard. Now in the box, we have more gadgetry. My favorite there’s. Also a mouse here, as you can see, it’s very slim line uh, which is quite handy, actually functions quite well and it’s got a scroll button which i like, because it gets you through websites very quickly. Now the connectivity for the mouse and the tablet i’m not going to lie to you it’s a little bit: clunky um, all mouses, nice mouse have these transceivers here, but unfortunately, on top of the tablet, we only have a type c usb port, and this will not Fit into it, so we need an adapter which is supplied with the box here. The mouse usb sits in there and they both get plugged into here, and you have connectivity for your mouse. The downside of this is that, obviously, if your mouse is connected into this port there’s only one of them, so that means you can’t use your mouse and charge the tablet. At the same time, now, in terms of other things, we have the stylus yeah, which is rather nifty, makes writing a lot easier other than just using screen.

We have a cable here, what’s, that that is a that’s, a usb type c. So what you use that for is plugging into the top of the tablet here and the other end obviously goes into a plug, or you can plug it into the side of your laptop to charge it. The other cable we’ve got is, as you can see here, that’s a micro, usb. Okay, you can see it’s got a flattened bottom on it again, that’s quite simple: you just plug it into the side of your keyboard, because that is the cable for the keyboard and again the other side goes into either plug or a laptop. Now, if it was me, i would actually use the same ports, the same type of cable um. I think having two different types of cables: a little bit messy, but really it doesn’t matter that much it’s, not that consequential okay, a little bit of the functionality um it’s, pretty neat. Actually, the hd screen is crisp and clear, it’s an android system, so everything you’d expect from it. It’S got home back and background buttons like you would have on any other screen, and if you want to open up all the icons, you quite simply touch here and they appear on the screen. Now. The settings button is where all the action for startup happens really easy to connect to wi fi um. You just simply go into settings and if you look up here, wi fi oops come on um wi, fi, mobile data etc, and you just connect like you would any other gadget, no drama whatsoever same with bluetooth.

Let’S go back to the home page! Okay, if you want to know what apps you can put on here, it uses google apps sorry play store. Where is it play store there? We go play store, so that means you’ve got access to all the apps that are featuring on all android systems, so there’s loads of them um, and you can just basically do a search. Download it’s got things like microsoft office. If you want to do work on there or you’ve got school work to do on there and all that kind of thing. Okay, let’s put new things there. There we go so you can see um all the different types of apps that are available loads of them games uh. Whatever there we go loads download, as you will. Okay back to the home page um i’ve downloaded one app. I just downloaded a tv app to test out the sound Music Music Applause, Music and we’ll go back to yeah there. You have an outfit an overview of the new tablet. I’Ve got pretty much for the cost and what it gives you and the functionality i’d say. It’S right up there with some of the gadgets i’ve got um i’m just going to give it a little play, though, and anyway yeah.