So we have. We have faced a little issues with it eventually in the basics, in the starting phase, but it is working fine right now, like um. We have this tablet and the C type type charger input right coming from the PC itself. Okay, to show it so it is coming from the PC itself and it is C charge C type block so when we plug this uh C type Port mail Port into this female port right over here. So what is the issue? Is? It is not working fine! Its not working fine! I like I, have faced a little issue on that so, but when it is, when I reverse this and plugged it in so it is getting activated and you can see like its working. So the light is blinking and you can see that its working fine, so this is also. This is a stylist that we got with it and it is a non chargeable one, so it doesnt need to charge it. So if we like see, look at look onto the uh, so Im able to select it like how Im able to select these, it is like, and let me show you by drawing it on like on the graphics tablet, so Music. So this is how like we are like we are able to draw it in, but how we are able to write. It is like when you plug in this Graphics tablet into your PC.

You will get a software like Pro like a e Drive or maybe measure it like. Let me show you my drive, so you will get e Drive like this over here. So like initially like when I when I was like starting with the graphics tablet, I faced a little issue with that. So so you will, when you open this drive or as a pen drive and it will it, it will be identifying it as an uh external pen drive. So when you open this uh, it will take a little time to open. So lets wait: Music! Okay! So you will have the tablet setup, a iris tech software. So when you click on this and you install it, it will ask you for the permission, so my in my PC is already installed. Let me show you over here. By going to the options say, look at over here this is a tool, foreign PC and, if, if like, if you do not have the software or if youre facing any issues with that, so your graphic graphical area will work on this scene. Look at come over here, so if you have the marking lines right, okay, these are the marking lines from this point to this point – and this point to this point – are the marking lines majorly, so this is causing okay. So these are the four points for the PC, so you can track or every corner within this okay, this within the within this, and there are four marks again internally, so these marks are for mobile utility.

Okay, these marks are for these marks. These singular Mana. So those marks are for mobile months and if you do not install that software on your PC or if you are not getting that PC, so you are working, a window will be constrained into these points only not to the maximum scale. So when you install that software on your PC, you will get the access to the whole area to write on your PC, so thats the major issue and like now it is working. Fine, okay, and let me show you something on my PC: okay, I am minimizing it using the stylus itself. Okay, so if you want to open your uh, what the options? Okay, when you right click on your on your mouse, what will happen you will there? Will your options open right, just a long hole that stylus and release it? Okay, you will get the options like refresh sort view, okay for that functions and there are also different functional Keys over here. Let me show you, okay, these are functional Keys like uh. You can you can customize them as you per your needs, but there are like alt shift. Okay, let let us use the manual paper. Okay, it is quite confusing initially like you can set it up. Okay, look at over here. These are the Four Keys or options, and this is the ninth one thats the key. If you long press that, okay, if you long press that the options will be open, okay, so the shortcut keys are like you can have see the this is a fifth key.

Uh, where you have the tab option, this is the sixth key, okay uh, where you have uh the space option. Okay – and these are the defaults, okay, uh this. This is a seventh key and where you have shift – and this is the eighth key – where you have uh uh alt – okay – after that, when this is the center point. Okay, when you press this point, you will have options uh. All these functions will activate when you are using a graphics, medium, easily, Graphics, related surface okay by Im, using a tool called excalator on online. So when I press the center ninth button on the graphics tablet, it will open the pop up menu. Okay, you can customize it, you can set it okay. As per to your wish. Okay, while you rotate it, the options will be switching. The options will be switching okay, Im rotating, and it is also like switching between okay, so based on your software, like if you are using like a Adobe Photoshop or like illustrators, whatever the software that you are using. Based on that, you can customize your keys and you can set them up. Okay and let me show a pretty function: a good function. Okay, Im writing over here on right. So let me draw something clean here: Music. We have here interface itself. It is an online uh website, okay, excalator and Im using it. It is a there, are premium version and also frequency version, so Im drawing okay.

So what is the problem here? Im facing is like the resistance on the table on the graphics table. Okay on the graphics tab, so what is? What is the issue is that it is getting it uh. We have a. We have got a nice quote over here, so when we write on that, the code is getting removed. Okay, so due to that resistance, Im unable to draw so smoothly, but the area which is removed after like when you write on that uh tablet, you the code, is getting removed, so it is. It is getting much smoother finer as Im writing on over so like. If you are getting this kind of code – okay, it is. That means it is completely new and you will be like uh. It is uh its a good measure to have that and if, if its kind of like the scribbled or used area will be smoother much smoother so that you can know whether the product is like a new one or a old stock, also, okay, but uh there. There are light factors that matter also, so let me show you some kind of functionalities over here on the key, so this is the uh. You can use control, okay, control on your keyboard, okay, this is a control key and you can present one. This is the first key second key, and there are third and fourth Keys continue to place, control, Place, control and up. It gets zoom in okay, place the control key on your keyboard and press the upward key upward key it will it Zooms in okay and when you press a Ctrl key and down key it zooms out zooms out.

Okay, you can have multiple functionalities on this. Also so based on you can or you can change the thickness of your brush if you are working on your Photoshop or illustrator, So based on you based on your utility, you can customize your case or also this and guys. This is a review of the Amazon Basics, Graphics, tablet, and if you like, this video, please do subscribe, share and like and comment the video and subscribe to the channel vs3. And if you want this product, you can go through the link in the description and buy it from there and please do support our Channel.