It can also hold a tablet and a phone it’s quite unique before we get into that make sure you hit the subscribe button, turn notifications on all notifications on, so you get notified every time. I post my content and hit that thumbs up that trifecta now let’s get some details in full disclosure. I was not paid to create this video or review, but i did receive the product free of charge according to the amazon listing. This is a 78 inch tripod light stand made of aluminum with a 1 4 thread and a 360 adjustable holder that holds three phones or tablets and phones, anything that is between 4.7 inches and 15.6 inches. In this configuration, you have two cell phones, one record, your live stream. The other shows the chat, so you can interact with your live stream. This will also have an attachment that has a microphone and an led light. This will require a adapter also to run the microphone through the live stream camera. In this next configuration, i got a little carried away. Okay, i got very carried away. I was able to fit this mixer that i recently reviewed into the mount with a cell phone, meaning that you can have a full studio setup on a tripod. You put it anywhere in your house, you have a shotgun microphone and you have this mixer. You put it in the stand and you have a full setup. Put it anywhere put on the backyard: go in the front yard, go to the park with a friend and set it up and have some fun having good quality easy on the go.

If you do this, please let me know all my social media is down below. I want to see if anyone does something like this all right, so really we have two products. We have the mount that you use to hold your devices and clamp it, and then we have the tripod. So we’ll start with a tripod it’s made of aluminum uh seems very sturdy, it’s a lot very large, so it is going to hold anything. You really need it to hold. I wouldn’t say you could throw it in a backpack and just go for a hike and bring it with you, but you can easily bring this to another location that you want to record at. If you want to meet up with somebody somewhere, definitely easy to just bring with you it’s not going to take up a lot of space, and i would say it can hold pretty much anything i can think of that. I would want to put on a tripod. I put my canon eos m50 on it with attachments, no problems, i put a light with an umbrella on it, held it no problems. I definitely could say this is perfect. Wouldn’T change a thing about it, especially for the price. This is great tripod. Now this or this the expandable phone clip um, this is really unique: it’s really cool uh. Really this can be whatever you want to imagine it to be, because if you use your imagination, you can really clip a lot of things in this um.

You can put almost anything that will fit between these brackets, clip it to it. Um i don’t know how well they’ll stay depending on the product that you put in it, but i definitely would say this is very unique. I like the idea of this. I wish this attached differently to the pole, uh just so we could hold more weight and i do wish that these little clips were longer, but as it is right now i would say it’s good. I, like it um i like that you can hold multiple phones, so you want to have a phone here. That is showing your chat. You want to have a phone here. That’S live streaming to one one website: another phone here, that’s live streaming to a different website or if you want to have three different websites streaming, you can do all of that on here. Really cool. Definitely unique. I would say if you are someone who has a lot of imagination and you want to stream on multiple devices, or you want to have the ability to set up a tablet and a phone, definitely if you’re looking for that for the price. This is a very good deal. Definitely check it out. Go in the link in the description down below to amazon um, i would say, have fun. This is really cool to just go on adventure. I live stream right here on this channel youtube. I stream here i play pc games, nintendo switch games.

You know animal crossing minecraft call of duty uh. Even some mobile games like clash royale. So please, if you do enjoy live streams, make sure you hit the bell icon and hit all notifications, because i don’t have a set schedule. Come watch me stream. Come hang out with us in the chat. I hope to see you there. Actually, you know what i will see you there come hang out with us. You have a wonderful day and twitter instagram snapchat discord they’re all linked down below. If you want to come check out my other social media and i’ll see you guys soon. Bye, bye, streamer unknown said.