We just got this smart life within reach. Tablet, okay, so its gon na be a kids tablet and its gon na be super big, its 10.1 inches okay. So it also comes with all the and also what you can do is if you just dont, want to hold it or elena. You could just take this thing out and it will actually hold it. It does look at that. It stands, and so this is going to be absolutely great, like i said, 10.1 inches um, it comes with the power cord to be able to charge it, and so you can see what the charge looks like here. So you can see type c to usb and also it has the block um. But before i took all this off, i wanted to show you guys this, because it does tell you everything that it has on here. So it shows you the front camera. There is a headphone jack, so like parents best thing in the world, it has that headphone jack. So that way, when kids are watching or playing games or anything like that, they can just hear themselves and you dont have to worry about hearing everything as well. It has the volume micro sd slot so that way they can have extra storage. It has the usb c port right there theres the left, speaker, theres, the right speaker, um and so its nice that it does tell you everything um about it, so were gon na.

Go ahead and take this super excited, so you do want to charge it right when you first get it which we have already done, and you want to show on the back again yep, but look at this. You guys it even has the camera on the back, which is awesome, so its gon na be a front and back camera. If you also want your own videos thats right, then to anything you could just watch them. Yeah thats, anything because itll just be on here. Thats right so youre going to be able to record from back and again, you guys look at the stand here, so its nice. These are even going gon na be able to hold it. So this is gon na, be amazing because of the protection that it has with this um its gon na be very nice in case a child drops it um, and so its gon na be heavy duty and again you have that stand so that way. Theyre gon na be able to because it never fails, they love to take things with them on the go and then lets say they are in a restaurant or anything somewhere else and theyre like trying to hold it up that way. Theyre going to be able to place it up all right, so lets turn it on. So i can show you guys all the awesome things so were going to turn it on right here. All right lets get it all set up all right.

So you have. We have it turned on there all right, so lets get started. Nice easy touch screen that i like are you excited for us all right hit the kiddos lets see what that one is its gon na, be that one right there lets see all the learning things that it has. Oh, my gosh, so theres games so lets see all the games that we have and then you can pick one to play hold on. We can play that in a moment. Lets go back and lets see all the games. Oh, my gosh look at all these games that are already on the tablet right away. Oh i like that one you like that one all right well lets keep looking to see. Keep there you go, keep scrolling up, lets, see all the games and then you can pick one to play. Candy crush! Oh yes, oh my gosh. Look at all the games lets see some of the other ones, so theres videos, theres websites, theres a camera on my pictures, wallpaper. You can even change your wallpaper and you can do it from your camera. I, like it thats cool now my new background thats, going to be your new background. Look at that! Oh my gosh. This is awesome all right, so look more apps, so youre also going to be able to download some apps as well. Look at this take a picture so lets see how good the camera is all right, get on up there, oh its backwards, so lets go this way and lets see you that is really clear, isnt it.

So the nice thing with this is youre going to be able to have an app with it. So that way you can control and see everything thats going on so youre going to download the app and then what you do is actually on the tablet itself. There is a family group that you click and then youre going to be able to scan the qr code and then thats, how you add the device and then youre also going to be able to give them um like their emoji to go along with um. As soon as you log into the app youre going to be able to see that exact same one, so that way you know which account youre under, and so this is going to be an amazing parent app to be able to see if theyre calling people the Messages that theyre sending if they have that and also how long they are on the games and everything as well. Oh there we go nice and quiet for me now isnt, it ill definitely go out and get yourselves one of these 10 inch tablets um. It is absolutely amazing i wish i could like spend all day long, showing you guys all the different features. But again you can see theres a play, store, um theres, going to be all the different settings theres even like the google apps, so youre able to get on all the other stuff, but with having that app um, the parent app youre going to be able to Control a lot so youre going to be able to have the screen time see what theyre seeing so definitely go out and get yourselves one of these at 10.

1 inch tablets.