But the past few months have been very busy. For instance, windows 11 has dropped so now this is one of their first products that comes with windows, 11 out of the box and also packs upgraded internals, including a more powerful celeron, n5105 and thats, coupled with dual band wi fi, plus wi fi, 6 support and Bluetooth 5.2 definite upgrade versus the 2q, which was still stuck on ac wi fi and used the older bluetooth 4.2, similar to the previous gen. You are able to connect to 4k monitors, although other things, including the i o, are still the same as before. Again, using the same shell, thats been recycled along with having similarly eight gigabytes of ram. So let me open the box here, which is very compact. We have just a quick start guide on the very top, the mini pc itself, which still has a reminder telling us to only use the included type c. Adapter theres also a mounting bracket again, if you want to put it onto the back of the display or tv as well as the aforementioned adapter, which, just like the last gen model, the standard 12 volt 2 amps. We also have again some other adapter tips for various countries. The design of the quieter 3q as aforementioned is almost identical to the 2q. After all, they have reused the same exact shell, which personally, i think again still looks very good, constructed out of this aluminum alloy. With some rubber accents, it just feels super solid thats, a pretty big contrast with a lot of the other budget mini pcs that are still using polycarbonate plastic and just feels a bit more hollow and cheap as youre handling it.

Now one of its rivals is undoubtedly the morphine. M6 also is part of the same generation of windows. 11 mini pcs. Although this one is made out of plastic, so it definitely feels not as good in terms of the build as what melee has on their products. Its just a bit more substantial granted, this one can be configured to become more powerful internally, but at that configuration tier, it will be more expensive than the 3q. We still have the power key, very sharp edges and the side here: housing, three usb type: a 3.0 ports, the back houses, a fourth usb 3.0 port micro sd card reader, auxiliary port, two full sized hdmi ports, which is awesome to see and then that type c Port, which is only for power right now, i do wish this could also drive another display or be used for data. But, alas, it is not supporting that at the moment and theres also the ethernet port, if you dont want to use wi fi and then the back youre just again made out of aluminum alloy with some soft touch rubber feet that you can remove. If you want to upgrade things like the ssd, its just very compact here, it is next to a average six inch phone so its not that much larger. This thing really can fit into a pocket or a small bag and easily. You can take this on the road with you. All you need to do is plug it, then, into a tv or a portable, monitor and youre ready to just get some work done, and indeed were graded to a clean, installed windows.

11. Pro edition out of the box takes just under 10 seconds to boot up very quick, although i will point out that during the initial setup, install some security patches and that process did take me about 15 minutes for it to fully be up and running. And during that period i did find that it got relatively warm and thats one thing to keep in mind, since it is a fanless machine. Thermals will be a little bit hotter under normal usage that is just generally browsing the web and using it for office related tasks. I was able to get an average of around 85 degrees fahrenheit, although, if youre doing really graphically demanding tasks like a lot of gaming, as well as when its installing those really heavy software updates, it can hit north of 105 degrees, which is pretty warm and technically Anything above 95 degrees, or so you can get a little bit of thermal throttling, but those cases are pretty rare. Usually if there is a huge update being installed, you generally want to step away for a few minutes. Let it complete come back and then performance becomes pretty smooth and responsive again and now were looking at a pretty responsive, ui. Everything opens up fairly quickly, which is expected. Considering you do get a upgraded jasper lake 11th generation processor. We can confirm that its a fully activated and licensed version of windows 11 pro the celeron chip here being quad core.

So this variant, for instance, which has the eight gigs of ram plus 128 gigs of built in storage just under 83 gigs, are free after the updates are installed, which isnt the most. But overall, you can definitely supplement that via microsd card. Like i said, a second ssd sata that you can pop in behind the cover, which is great or rely on cloud storage, this base model, though, can be found for only around 240 bucks when on sale so again, relatively inexpensive. All these variants, though, come with the same eight gigabytes of ram, which, by the way, is a single channel ram, instead of being dual channel, which tends to be only found in a lot of these mini pcs that have 16 gigs. Unfortunately, but it is what it is for a budget mini pc. It has been already doing very well in terms of reception quality im, seeing pretty strong wi fi signals thanks to again the support for wi fi six, so you are able to stay connected with ease. Now, if we talk about the benchmarks a little bit more, we can quickly revisit some of the references such as the celeron in three four. Fifty still is a popular model on many of the lower cost machines, whether its a mini pc, a chromebook or a budget windows laptop. They often use this chip turbos up to 2.2 gigahertz and is averaging 1938 on pass mark compared to the celeron j4125, which was used on the predecessor, the quieter 2q, which was again sold at the same price.

Quad core now goes up to 2.7 gigahertz. Now the cpus pass mark score is north of 2900, so definitely seeing an incremental boost there and now compared to the newest n5105. We can see clocking up to 2.9 gigahertz and finally, we have a pc pass mark score of 4156, so each time were going up by about 1 000 points from past mark, which is a pretty noticeable leap. In fact, this might be one of the highest scores. Ive seen yet out of a celeron chip, its even rivaling, some of the slightly older generation intel core m series chips. Overall, it shows i would say that general navigation things like opening up a single program and just operating it. It just seems a little bit snappier. We can try loading up something like the verge, which is a pretty complex page, and we can see that it just takes pretty much a split second and then almost everything will load here. Even the demanding images and ads video elements theyre all there, maybe its still a split second longer, compared to more flagship grade processors like in the same generation, if youre, comparing it with some of the core. I series chips, youll, obviously still get better performance there, but really for a budget processor. I think this is much improved and now were getting pretty fluid web browsing. I already have about 10 tabs open here, but everything is still catching up. Otherwise things that many pcs like this are definitely capable of running, include office related tasks when it comes to handling spreadsheets documents, powerpoints and even larger files in general, if theyre hitting lets, say one gigabyte in size, they will still open on here and, for the most Part presents us with a smooth enough experience for creating calculations, getting some work done and, overall, its still an enjoyable experience for office, work, school work alike, photoshop and image editing it can handle without any problems at all, even with larger files with more layers.

No issues for this machine again, thanks to that 11th generation chipset with that being said, video editing is one area where, due to the integrated intel, graphics, it still is just okay. You cant really expect it to rival a gaming machine or more powerful hardware. In this sense, so it will still be able to splice together video clips, especially if youre just keeping them at hd or full hd resolution. In my test, i tried to export a five minute, full hd video, and it took me about four minutes or so to complete it, which is honestly really not bad, in fact, for something which is fanless and so small, i am pretty impressed. The quality also came out just as i wanted, however, the same task if youre using more powerful processor, i have seen to be maybe half the time if youre, using something like a ryzen 7, for instance. So, certainly again, if youre trying to save more time and just do more demanding video edits, particularly if youre looking into 4k resolution content thats where you may want to upgrade to even more powerful hardware, but this certainly is very good for a basic chipset. Now lets. Take a closer look at how it handles video playback. Its also no surprise that this new chipset works well even for watching back videos up to 4k resolution. As you can see there outputting up to two monitors, i didnt really encounter any hiccups or too much lag.

Things still felt pretty responsive in terms of scrolling, as you can see there, which is definitely not what i can say the same for earlier generation. Celeron ships would heavily struggle with this type of content, so we can see here that this 4k clip in fact im not seeing any dropped frames yet, which is very impressive, so streaming back 4k videos from youtube, netflix any source even locally. You can expect a super smooth experience. Things are loading along quickly. I can scrub between parts of the video theres not too much buffering going on, and that makes it a pretty good media experience. I have to admit so talking about gaming for a moment. It handles emulation like a champ for newer games. You would really ideally want to look for titles, which are at least maybe three to four years back and ideally have to play them at lower graphic settings like just 720p or hd resolution, to get you slightly faster frame rates. You have to keep in mind that it is just integrated graphics at the end of the day, of course, really simple titles like minecraft, you can still play back at full hd and it works perfectly fine. Although the thermals will be a little bit warm still, but nothing too problematic, but if youre talking about the latest aaa games like cyberpunk thats, not gon na fly on something with limited hardware like this, although it does streaming gaming quite well because of the fast wi Fi 6 reception and youre able to access things like stadia or xcloud, and you have access to more powerful hardware over the cloud and this just acts as a portal.

Just keep in mind some of the memory limitations as well. As you know, dont treat it like. The fastest computer in the world – and i think you should be generally fine on here so thats, more or less it as far as our hands on review of the new melee quieter 3q. I have to say that i am for the most part.