This is a mini pc. That, as a name implies, is a completely quiet or fanless unit. So there isnt going to be any noise in the background. Portability is one of its key features as well. That can fit in the palm of your hand, and it sells around 250 bucks, so pretty entry level. As far as windows powered mini pcs are concerned, the base model that we have here has 128 gigs of emmc storage and there is an upgraded version that sells for 25 bucks more that has 256 gigs. So i would slightly recommend that version. If you need more storage out of the box, however, both of them will have the same processor, which is the intel celeron j4125, its quad core and clocked at two gigahertz, along with having eight gigs of built in ddr4 ram, which are both sufficient for an entry Level model it also comes with a vesa mount, so you can attach it onto the back of any monitor or tv pretty easily, and it does have plenty of io that we can see. There supports 4k hdmi output, along with having windows. 10 pro edition installed. Dual band wi fi, along with ethernet as well, so you can use wired internet if you prefer now in terms of the packaging, it is quite simple. We have some of the features that are reiterated again on the edge. Fanless not only means quiet, but it also means less moving parts so potentially can make it last a little bit longer, and this is not specific to the quieter 2q.

But one thing i do want to see improved, maybe in budget mini pcs in the future, would be using bluetooth 5.0, since its been out for a while now and there is kind of a sticker. On top that i want to briefly read. It claims that this fanless pc dissipates heat into the air through the housing containing heat, dissipating material and so the surface of the product may get warm while running cpu intensive programs. However, the mini pc is designed with a patented thermal dissipation system to prevent itself from overheating, and otherwise the mini pc does not contain a power delivery controller, so it should be used with the maximum voltage of the included 26 watt adapter. The latter. There is a good reminder, but i do think that again, maybe in the future, they could also support kind of universal compatibility with type c ports, and that would make it even more versatile and its really only used for power, so it doesnt supply lets, say another Connection for video output or even for data, the other accessories that you get here in the box will include the aforementioned mounting bracket as well as the ac adapter, which has the prongs which can be removed. So we have the usbase prong here attached by default. Just a type c port on the other end, so it is easy enough to put into a a bag, for example, and take it with you when on the road.

And finally, there is just a quick start guide, taking a closer look at the mini pc. As aforementioned, it is really compact, especially compared to other models that weve seen the past. That has similar chipsets usually looks like this, and this is already considered a compact mini computer melee, quieter, 2q is essentially just kind of half the size, in fact even smaller than that. So it really is quite impressive. How much they were able to kind of further shrink down on the size? It already is slimmer than a us quarter, as you can see there, in fact, its even smaller, in terms of dimensions than average smartphone these days so really easy to kind of put into a backpack or just kind of take with you, even in a pocket. If you have to – and it will fit there so very lightweight, but the body is well constructed out of a fusion between metal. So again, all the edges and sides are made out of metal to dissipate heat. But there are some soft touch rubber accents. On top of the portion here to make, it feel a little bit grippy, so overall, very solid construction and in terms of the i o, we have just a simple power key on the front, along with three usb 3.0 ports, which is great and theyre well spaced. So you can plug them all in at the same time, they dont really interfere with each other in my testing and then finally on the rear.

We have a fourth usb 3.0 port, a micro sd card slot reader, which is great. There is a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary port to connect to headphones or speakers, the two full size, hdmi ports, the type c for power and the full size ethernet. Even though this thing is absolutely tiny, you can still take out the screws onto the back here and that will leave you access to a ssd slot where you can connect a standard m2 ssd. If you want to further expand one thing to keep in mind here again is the built in memory by default. Is a emmc drive, as opposed to a full ssd, so having an ssd does usually mean slightly faster, read and write speeds, so that is another area where they were able to cut costs a little bit more. Taking a closer look at the performance, we are greeted to an extremely stock version of windows. 10. Pro edition setup takes less than five minutes to complete and a cold boot up of the mini pc takes just 15 seconds to turn on afterwards. If we take a quick look at the file manager, well see that out of the about 128 gigs of storage, we have roughly 88.6 gigs left after the operating system is installed, so thats sufficient for most office documents and lighter programs. But if youre trying to install lets, say big games, you have to keep that in mind. You can try to expand it using lets, say external thumb drive or something like that using cloud storage.

It is extremely clean. In fact, we dont even have to log in with a microsoft account when you first sign in into windows, so you basically get just the standard utility tools. Otherwise navigating the ui is relatively snappy and quick. So in terms of opening up things like files and documents, its not too sluggish or slow, there may still be a couple moments of hiccups, which is not unexpected, considering that we are still talking about a relatively entry level processor but, generally speaking, youll be satisfied with The overall navigation experience jumping into microsoft edge. We can take a closer look at the web, browsing experience and overall, the loading times, as well as the wi fi reception strength. Both seem to be quite good so right now its getting us around three bars of reception. Even though we are a little bit further away from the router, it supports dual band 2.4 and 5g wireless and overall pages load in a reasonable time. You can see that scrolling most of the images and text will be more or less rendered after a second or so, even though this is a fairly complex, desktop version of the page, with lots of ads and elements, but overall, definitely not bad when it comes to Being able to use this for things like document reading browsing the web things like that, we can try opening up another tab. In fact, lets jump into lets, say, amazon and see how that takes the load.

Eight gigabytes of built in ram is also sufficient for multitasking. When it comes to opening up lets, say around 10 to 15 tabs in the browser, i was still able to hop back and forth between these pages and they were held in the memory without too many complaints. Same thing goes: if were trying to watch back youtube videos, so here i have a clip that is going to be bumped up to 4k resolution here in a moment and lets tap on play and see if it will kind of play back smoothly and in fact It will take a moment or two to buffer at the beginning, but after it starts loading back its really not bad and everything is still looking quite smooth and responsive. We can jump into another portion of the video again taking another second for it to kind of snap into focus, but in terms of streaming back 4k content as well as loco 4k content. It seems to handle without too much issues, which is great. So you can watch ultra hd videos, whether its youtube or netflix, and it has enough power here to act as uh performing those tasks for entertainment purposes. We can also try scrolling a little bit and its not going to be a hundred percent buttery smooth, maybe versus a more powerful machine, but certainly wont get you in the way of doing the things that you need to do and still feels powerful enough.

Snappy enough. That it doesnt get annoying or really in the way of you enjoying the overall experience again, its still a relatively energy efficient processor. So, if youre playing back 4k videos along with opening up a lot of other programs and apps expect, the cpu utilization will definitely spike and jump a bit. And since this is a truly fanless machine again it is totally quiet, which is great. So there is no background noise at all ultra silent, but again when you are doing these more taxing events on the gpu and the processor, such as watching back 4k videos for more than lets say 15 minutes. It does get quite warm on the top of the machine, so not something i would recommend holding in your hand, for example, while you are using otherwise we can see that again right now we have about five or so tabs open, taking up around 55 of our Ram and here its worth, noting that this cpu has a score on average around 3033, which is decent its a little bit higher than some of the other budget mini pcs that are also popular in this price range of around two hundred dollars or so such as The celeron in three four fifty weve seen this very commonly used on a lot of other mini pcs and even budget laptops and its still used today. Um. This one here has a score of around a 1 930, so its under 2k.

So out of the kind of trio and similar options, this one is its going to be a little bit faster, its not quite to the tier of some core m series as well as core. I series chipsets, but this score will still allow us to do those basic tasks like browse. The web watch back videos, as we saw there, with relative ease as part of the celeron line, its one of the more powerful models and seems to be doing all right. Same story continues with office and document editing again. A computer in this price range can handle these tasks without any problems. So if you wanted to open up and create an excel document, for instance, its relatively fast to load, even slightly more complex ones, with pivot tables and lots of different fields and columns, you can see everything is still just working without really any problems. So in terms of office document editing using it for some light work as well as school work, it can be handled fairly fast and quick, even as youre scrolling about the page. As with any windows computer, it does have the ability to install any legacy games any exes or executables that you can download from any browser from the internet, and you have the option of installing drivers for millions of different products. That is going to be an advantage compared to newer oss, like chrome os, in addition to using the microsoft store, where you can find uh even more optimized applications and games that have been kind of approved from microsoft.

So these are even going to be lighter and have more of a modern interface, so theres a lot of different applications here for entertainment. You can also leverage different cloud services such as lets say, game pass to even play back some xbox games. If you have that subscription and you dont even have to necessarily play it on the device itself in terms of its processor, its basically streaming it using the cloud. Other services like googles stadia will do the same things. Basically, using this as just a monitor and a portal to the games, and as long as you have a fast enough internet connection, it will be playable using cloud gaming services and if you are playing back games locally installed on the devices memory itself, then definitely keep Those titles lighter you cant, really play any aaa titles, otherwise its not going to be the best experience but again expected its. Not a gaming machine, but anything which is more moderate. Things like minecraft things, which are going to be lighter, like candy crush, can definitely be installed and run without really any complaints, and i tried out a very quick test using this built in video editor tool and when i was trying to merge together a clip that Was around five minutes long in full, hd 1080p resolution it took around five minutes or so to also export, so its not going to be the fastest to render or really be a video editing machine.

So again, thats expected due to the integrated graphics that theyre using not really a powerful gpu thats when things will shine for things like video, editing and gaming as well. So keep those things in mind, but for lighter tasks such as creative photoshop, editing, which are going to be lighter with fewer layers. Things like that for image touching up, it certainly can do so thats more or less it. As far as our review of the melee, quieter, 20 mini pc again, there are some really good attributes of this machine for one. The fact that it is truly silent and fanless is impressive. So if you are in an environment where you dont want any noise at all, no distractions, this will definitely fit the bill. Having plenty of io for a mini pc is also great performance again is satisfactory, its nothing out of really the expectations for a low end. Mini pc, so youre not going to be able to do lets, say aaa gaming locally on it. However, things that it does do well include watching back videos. Web browsing was great even with lots of tabs open, in addition to juggling things like office document editing and also some photoshop, and if youre interested, you can check out more details in the links below for now.