Welcome to back to my channel let’s introduce myself. My name is malianwar. You called media. I come from in sampang. My mayor is information system faculties of engineering university of reno yo, madura. Okay, i will take video review. The nfl gaming ki for this video next check it out. Okay, this is unifor gaming, 3i laptop and then deeper id laptop with sporty design feature has a new supercharger and then black color Music has a laptop wake, starting at 2, 00 kilogram or Music. This is laptop similar blue color for the dimension on the laptop depth is 359 millimeters times: Music, 249.6 millimeter time 24. ‘ millimeter Music for the camera on the laptop is 720p hand hd for the storage laptop 512 gigabyte ssd for the processor in the laptop. I call 5 10 308 and drop it keyboard for the dimension of the laptop 359 millimeters time to 149.6 millimeter times for 24.9 millimeter Music. This laptop is braced at 12 million and a half thousand rupiah Music have with full size, blacklit gaming keyboard search coming in the keyboard. Family let’s keep playing the best flashlight image, Music, usbc31, Music, headphones, then usbc, 31 generation, one and audio to time 1 dot white. W Applause and anyway, memory up to 16 gigabytes, cdf4 Music, 2933 for laptop battery up to 9.