, Even though this year they released a series of interesting business and productivity, laptops equipped with a twelfth generation Intel processor one of their products, namely the MSI Summit. 14 e14 Flip Evo. The name is clear that this laptop has a flip design. Alias convertible that can be turned into an Evo tablet is an Intel certification given for thin and light laptops with their processors as a guarantee of fast performance and long durability. This laptop has a simple but elegant appearance through a black bandage. Unfortunately, the outer surface and keyboard area are very easy to leave the touch marks of hands or fingers so that they look striped here. The more modern MSI logo is used at a glance. The build quality of the MSI e14 flip Evo feels very solid, aka sturdy, plus the claim to have military grade. Certification. t stand and tablet. Msi Summit e14 flip Evo, comes with a screen size of 14 inches qhd resolution 60hz, refresh rate, which has 100 DC ip3 color calibration and features a touch screen laptop sold directly with a stylus in the sales package. Here the screen feels very spacious, side, bezels, the top and left and right are quite thin. With a cool ratio. The body 16 to 10 MSI 14 flip Evo, is present as a business laptop so that the webcam security feature is still available, not in the form of a slide button next to the webcam, but on the right side of the body, there will be a switch That will disable the webcam function.

We move on to the keyboard, which we think is ergonomic in size with a comfortable travel kit. Unfortunately, the surface of the keyboard keys here, in our opinion, is quite slippery.. The MSI 14 flip Evo has a white backlight keyboard with a row of F1 and F12 keys available access to a number of features quickly, for example, the mute menu for the microphone. This laptop has a power button. Next to the button l delete, MSI e14 flip Evo is a professional laptop with many advanced features.. The fingerprint sensor feature is also provided.. This laptop is positioned on the right side of the wide trackpad. So overall, in our opinion, the design or keyboard layout is quite comfortable. The slim body of the MSI Summit, e14 Flip Evo, still provides the latest and complete connectivity here. There is Wifi 6e support, which is also supported via the Thunderball 4 port. It can also be a display pot and power delivery. Charging MSI Summit e14 flip Evo professional laptop many advanced features, not only a usbc port. Here there is also one USB port a32, even micro sd card reader, including audio jack Combo jack MSI Summit e14, flip Evo doesnt provide holes for and doesnt offer convertible design. Msite e14 flip Evo has a myriad of advanced features for professional laptops. On the security side. There is support for tile and tobere14 flip Evo applications. Professional laptop many advanced features. First tile is tagging technology similar to the lost smartphone search feature, So you install the till application on the Smartphone.

Then do the dishes With the MSI Samid e14 flip ti laptop the Evo till, will provide a feature for smartphone search and vice versa. The second feature, Tobi aware, is a smart technology that makes the MSI Summit e14 flip Evo automatically blurs the screen to perform Windows. Locale, when the webcam detects, the user is not in front of the laptop, the hat aware feature can also be set to automatically blur the screen when it detects that an unknown person is looking at your laptop screen. Two features that may sound simple. According to some people., it is sophisticated and rarely offered by other brands. Its position as a laptop with Intel Evo certification also provides hardware based security features such as TPM and Intel V Pro. So the security system offered already uses enterprise grade standards, msite e14 flip Evo. Also has MSI center Pro features. Yes, ng provides a health diagnosis of important laptop components, including smart features that automatically adjust laptop performance based on the users wishes the battery and the applications that are accessed thats.