It were going to have some up close footage of this tablet. At the end of the video giving you all the product details and im gon na give you some recommendations in regards to which one to pick up now, theres a four gig, a three gig um, then memory 64.32. For me, i really like the four gig with the 64 just gives you more space for pictures and games gives you a little bit faster, its just a nice tablet. Now some of the real selling points on this is look at that three lens camera right there with a big flash. This is going to be great for recording and taking pictures. In fact, on screen im going to show you a picture that i take of the lake, so you can get an idea of just how high resolution this camera is. It is um perfect for one hand two hands, and you know if youre going to be surfing the web checking email playing your favorite, app or game. This is the perfect size for you, take it on the plane and yeah. The octa core is hyper fast, like lightning fast youre gon na love that everybody trusts. Google and android tablets theyve been around theyre established youre. Getting a real quality brand android is made by google and they have great stuff really good speakers on here, i think, is underrated and yeah im. Just a big fan of this piano mirror finish the black finish on it and, if youre looking for a great great tablet, then this one is going to be perfect for you all right.

So what else can i tell you it does come with. Like google chrome, you can get your firefox browsers, all your browsers on there. You can put your facebook on it. You can put your instagram, your snapchat. All that stuff can be installed in here. It does have the google play store and again great speakers, great speaker system, youve, even gotten charges with usbc well show you all the peripherals here in a second as well as the headphones. So, stick around because im going to give you all the product details of this up close and in personal youll, get to see the screen everything, but if youre looking for a great tablet, well guess what this one is! Absolutely for you all right! So my name is adam im from elite demonstrations. We only show you products that we truly love and we truly use. I took this one on vacation with me to michigan. It was the perfect size for sitting on the plane watching a movie propping it up, and it has a really good screen that isnt going to easily scratch up. Ive used it for a while. Now, no scratches and im very happy with that. So anyway, folks go ahead and pick yours up now stick around for the up close portion of the video where you get to see all the product details, youre gon na love it thanks for watching and stick around all right folks, i want to show you everything That comes when you get it um.

This is the ken stone um octa core, has a micro, sd card, wi, fi and android. I went ahead and already set mine up. In fact, let me go ahead. Ive been waiting to peel this top plastic, so you can see it on camera kind of people, love to watch that but yeah what a fantastic device – okay, so were going to go ahead, put in my pin and go and take that off screen for a second. Does come with um your charging, cables, etc, etc and boy? This is nice. This quick skirt start guide is almost unneeded because its so intuitive um youve got your google applications. Of course, um your camera and this thing has a stupendous camera. You can see the three lenses right there make it very easy to use, and you can even do things like um call people all sorts of stuff. You dont need to see that right now you have. The google assistant excuse me of the duo phone conferencing and then here is the camera and yeah its hard to tell on this particular screen because youre seeing the screen on a screen. But the resolution is second to none. This has a heck of a battery built into it. Im gon na go over that here in a second, its lightweight. Obviously, you can rotate the screen, etc, etc. I did go ahead and put my instagram on here. I got ta log in still um, but im gon na go ahead.

Itll, you know all the apps, whether its facebook or you got a video game you like to play whatever it may be all available here, contacts clock everything that an android tablet should have and its easy to use. The start home button is right. Here you go back, etc. So go ahead, youre going to want to pick this up now. Also on this side, let me go ahead and tell you um this one had four gigabytes of ram. It was the 64 gig of memory, um, 128 gigs of external memory and yeah its got the 6000 mah 3.7 volt battery the g sensor, its a 110 to 240 for plugging it in its on android 11 and its a 1920. By see. If i can rotate that for you its a 1920 by 1200 screen, so the resolution is stellar, its got bluetooth 5.0, its got the octa core arm, cortex processing chip, so its lightning fast, as you can tell it – supports mp3s, accs, acc, plus wmadra and amr and Bb, you can see it all in the details. I just have to tell you that this is a great computer im going to use it for doing my instagram im going to use it for doing my my face my face place and all that kind of stuff and yeah just a really great computer for searching The web, so if youre looking for a great computer, easy to use a, i guess a tablet.

If you will, you know you got your google youve got your browsers, your facebook, you got your instagram. This one is super easy to use. You know if you havent had a tablet. This is great. This is a great gift for grandma grandpa for the kids or just for work. Im gon na use it for um getting work done. I got ta do instagram posts for work and thats going to be so easy on this big screen so much better than my tiny little phone so anyway, folks youre gon na want to go ahead and pick it up its lightweight easy to use very intuitive. If anyone wants to see the keyboard, let me see if i can show you the keyboard, real, quick, its a nice big, easy to read keyboard again, this picture on picture isnt going to do it justice. But let me tell you the hd aspect to this is fantastic. All right. If your question is, should i pick it up? The answer is heck.