This is a android tablet that has, as the name implies, a 10.3 inch display and its a budget tablet that sells for only around 155 bucks, and i really have to say that these budget android tablets have been getting a lot better, especially in the past two Years or so it seems like android tablets have started to become a bit more popular again. This one in particular, seems to give us quite a lot for a very modern looking design that has super minimal bezels on the sides and for that price youre. Also, getting a fairly respectable four gigs of ram coupled with android 11, a full hd ips display an octa core processor, along with support for 4g lte. So this is a cellular tablet as well. You can even use it to make phone calls, but, more importantly, if youre not connected via wi fi, you can still access the internet plus a respectable 7500 milliamp hour capacity battery, also the very purposeful square edges, and that just makes it look a little bit more Premium, although, as we can see there on the rear, seems inspired by the ipad pro, to say the least, with its large camera array there on the back for a tablet, it looks a little bit ridiculous, but definitely it makes it seem more premium than it is. The rear camera by the way is 13 megapixels and does have led flash, but it is just a single lens, so the two other camera sensors on here are fake and just for decorative purposes, but almost everything else about this budget tablet ive been pretty impressed with.

Thus far, especially when it comes to performance and the way that it feels, as the entire body is constructed out of this aluminum alloy thats very solid to the touch now more specifically, the processor octa core clocked at 1.8. Gigahertz is the unisock t610 and though its by no means a snapdragon 8gen1 killer, things do feel pretty responsive when it comes to general navigation and well certainly see that later on. In this video anyways, taking a closer look on the right hand, spine of the tablet, we have access to a power key which is textured and very tactile, surprisingly, to press on coupled with a volume rocker, as well as the dual sim card slots. Yes, it supports two slots. One of them can be a micro sd card that you can use to supplement the 64 gigs of built in storage. Now, on the very top youll find one speaker, there is stereo separation, because the second speaker is located on the other side, which is actually pretty neat and for the most part, it works quite well for watching back some quick video clips theres, also a modern usb Type c charging port syncing, as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. One thing that you wont find on here would be pogo contacts, since there is no optional lets, say keyboard dock. Nor does this one support a active stylus packaging, wise though it is very simple. In fact, a little bit generic, we have just the box here reiterating some of the specs, its super slim by the way in terms of the box and thats, taking up not much space at all.

Aside from the tablet, we have just a wall adapter and a usb type c charging cable. Now on the side here, we do also have a front facing selfie cam, which is 5 megapixels, and that completes the entire design. Now i have to point out that the 10.3 inch size its interesting because most common android tablets will use 10.1 inches, but lately ive been seeing a lot more of these flexible screen sizes pop up so 10.3 inches. I theres also a number of 10.4 and also 10.5 inch screens on the market now as well, so its almost like in the past year theres been more diversity in those small 0.1 inch sizes. Overall, though, we are talking about a device thats, very good for web browsing and interacting with watching videos and for sure bigger than our smartphone displays, despite our phones now having lets, say a six inch diagonal now out of the box, there is a factory pre applied Screen protector and theres two layers to that screen protector, the first one on top is kind of a matte surface which ive left on, but you can also peel it off to get a glossy texture. If you want something that will have a little bit more contrast on the display and just colors will pop a bit more, but the matte protector, if you leave it on, will reduce glare. So you can see it a little bit more easily outdoors, and i personally really like this paper like texture when it comes to swiping with your fingers, it feels very responsive.

We have a pretty stock version of android 11 running on here. That hasnt been thankfully loaded with too much extras aside from the essentials and google apps. In fact, everything else you can use to store the content and media apps that you actually want so out of the box theres over 55 gigs remaining for you to use dragging down the shade. In fact, we can see if we have the two sim cards connected or not, as you can see there, along with changing into a power saving mode theres, even an ultra battery saving mode, including just making phone calls text messages and thats it. So it tries to preserve battery even more, although the 7500 mil pack ive personally found to be already quite good for lasting me around two days or so of usage. The tablet does have built in gps as well, so you can use it for google maps, no issues there and antenna reception for the most part has been quite good. The tablet does allow you to use full screen gestures for navigation, which is definitely great, so it takes advantage of the slim, bezels and youre able to just simply swipe up to interact with everything and by default you actually dont get a universal app tray, but you Can bring that back just by long holding for a few seconds tapping on home settings tap on home screen, and you have the options from here whether you want to have all the apps displayed on desktop or bring back the app drawer so thats the ladder that Weve selected and now we have this ability added back now.

Speaking of the display, i overall find it to be quite good, especially at this price range again overall, very slim bezels, full lamination, so theres no annoying glare and it does get reasonably bright as well. Even if theres a bit of sunlight hitting on it still is easy enough to read with wide viewing angles thanks to the ips technology, i think it performs better than expected for this price range. If we jump into lets, say the camera performance just very quickly. I personally think cameras should be just a very small overall role when it comes to tablets, since our phones will still be our primary shooters. But as long as its good enough for scanning and documents, i would say its fair, and this definitely does the trick there. If you just tap, i can easily snap a shot. 13 megapixels is plentiful. You can tell that it is a little slow to capture a shot but again for a tablet, camera it suffices and you do have the ability to turn on hdr. In addition to take a look at some additional settings that you can swipe here in terms of recording video up to full hd, as well as changing things like the resolution, you can further tweak, but not a ton of settings but, like i said good enough for A tablet camera so heres. A few example shots that we captured recently again. If there is plenty of light around you youll find that overall quality is quite good.

It still is decent in terms of preserving details. Nothing crazy on here, like optical image, stabilization of course, but again for a tablet, camera more than respectable and then a few more shots here. To give you an idea of what its like just scanning in text now, as were interacting with the apps here, i think one other thing thats apparent is, despite this being a budget tablet, it doesnt feel slow or clunky im, not really seeing any dropped frames or Even any moments of hesitation here, just daily interaction with the tablet feels smooth lets, try load up something even a little bit more complex, such as the verge, and you can see you get a pretty nice experience in terms of typing and text entry with the standard G board and lets try and just click on the verge. You can see how fast it took there just to load this up and thats quite impressive again considering the price of this tablet now certain elements on the page, as you can see, there will take a split second longer to render, but still scrolling feels smooth. Nothing is jerky, and this is a very complex page – definitely with a lot of elements, ads, videos and details, but for the most part it still is very enjoyable to use pinch to zoom feels responsive and, generally again, just a very pleasurable experience now. This is still a 16×9 aspect ratio screen compared to say ipads, which may have a more boxy aspect ratio.

So in terms of content, it works a little bit better when it comes to lets, say watching back videos or, if youre browsing the web. I generally prefer to hold it just in the horizontal view. You can just tell how quick it loads, so the unisoc processor, doing very well plus the strong reception quality, definitely is helping that the entire thing remains very cool to the touch during the entire operation. Never really thermal throttles, so energy efficient. In that regard, and again we can jump back and forth between these tabs very good, so web browsing is not going to be an issue on this tablet, so we can see about 1.4. Gigs is being used despite having a handful of tabs already open, now doing a quick demo of what its like in terms of watching back a video on youtube. So things are very quick to load for sure and we can jump into this full screen view crank up the volume of the speakers as well: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So overall impressions there is the speaker quality, i think, is also pretty good. I have to say, for a budget tablet definitely is doing above average doesnt sound too tinny and has good enough volume as well to make it immersive and good separation since theyre on the two ends of the tablet. Videos are very quick to load similar to web pages, so you wont really be buffering or sitting there for too long when it comes to playing things back, which is awesome now in terms of if youre trying to load back netflix.

Unfortunately, you can only watch them in sd because of the drm l1 certification that its pretty common on most of these lower cost tablets. So you really need l3 if you want to go into full hd, but overall, the videos are still quick to load and looks good enough honestly for something like this and again when it comes to youtube other shows other sites youre, definitely able to take advantage of The full hd, as well as local files, of course, really without any issues. So this will more than handle things like a bit of split screen. Multitasking you can watch back a video things will still load back quite easily without much slow downs. While you do something else like browse an article on the other side, similarly, if you connect it to lets, say a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, you can also use it to lets, say: use google docs and get a little bit of even emails as well. As some word docs done, if you want to do some productivity on this tablet, like i said there is no active stylus, but you can use your fingers as well to doodle and draw and, like i said, despite the small bezels im, not having too much accidental Triggers or touches either i can still grip the tablet comfortably so again, speaking of reading, whether its for anime or comics, or even just text in general, everything looks clear and again enjoyable, particularly if you leave the again matte screen protector on it just feels quite responsive When youre gliding around now, one thing i will point out, though, is if you are reading back stuff and you have the gesture mode activated just to make that gesture navigation bar kind of blend.

In more with the content, you want to activate the dark mode. Otherwise, this bottom bar will be white in color, and that can be a little bit more distracting so thats as simple as turning on the dark theme. So if we do a comparison here and use the day mode or the bright mode, you have this bar there. Now, if you are really reading back text and things like that, it works fine but, like i said thats, probably an area where having an ink display like on a kindle will do you better in the long term. Now, last but not least, we can talk about some of the casual lets, say gameplay experience on here and its not too surprising that overall, it works quite well, especially with lighter games, or things like pubg as well as asphalt can still be installed and run on. Here as well, but you may have to lower some of the graphic settings and more demanding titles just for them to still get you the best experience it may not give you lets, say the fastest loading times or the smoothest frame rates compared to more gaming. Centric phones and tablets out there, but really keeping in mind again the price point of this thing: 150 bucks its, i think, doing very good in terms of the general responsiveness im, not seeing too much dropped frames and everything is still for most part, definitely playable. Even heavier games, as you can see here, are still good when it comes to just generally browsing around walking about things still feel smooth and fluid.

Now under really heavy and demanding games, i will say the bottom left hand. Portion of the tablet will start to get a little bit warmer, but still i was never really able to get it to thermal throttle or anything crazy like that. So, overall, i would still say: performance has been consistent again, youre not going to get 60 fps on every single title, but for the most part, things are still good enough that it doesnt become distracting and it still is an enjoyable experience. So thats more listed as far as our hands on review of the kinstone 103 sd and, like i said, budget tablets have just gone so much better recently, particularly as this category has seen a bit more of a revival. There was definitely a few years in there where android tablets, kind of seemed dead finally were starting to see. Devices in this price range become more and more easy to use with excellent, build quality, coupled with actually pretty fast and responsive performance for things like just browsing. The web watching back videos, small bezels and a fully laminated screen again the octa core processor and four gigs of ram its all very good. I have to say for the price it might be just one of my favorite uh, i would say slightly generic tablets. Ive reviewed yet punching above its weight again for the price.