This is a 11.6 inch laptop. That also has a 360 hinge can be converted into a touchscreen tablet and has a aluminum all metal build selling for around 220 bucks, often when its on sale, which is relatively affordable, a pretty entry level, ultra portable laptop, can be thought of as a alternative to Something like a chromebook. This was probably made in the same factory in terms of the design as a few other. Existing 11.6 inch laptops, weve seen from shenzhen china, including models like the easy book x1, as well as the bmax y11 and the tclast f5. So its just the branding thats a little bit different, but that doesnt matter because those three other models i also really enjoyed it – uses the intel apollo lake infor 100 processor, which is clocked up to 2.4 gigahertz and the seller online is not going to be a Performance, king, but thats to be expected at this price and its good enough for things like general web browsing and watching back videos at 4k, which well take a closer look at later on in terms of other specs, were talking about 4 gigs of ram 64 gigs Of built in ssd, which are both a little on the lower side, but keeping in mind that this is again a touch screen computer, a metal build for this 200 price – i would say it still is: okay, it has a full hd, ips lcd display, which is Also, surprisingly, good in terms of the saturation and it covers up to 97 percent of srgb supports dual band: wi fi, but theres no wi, fi 6 support and has a 3 500 milliamp hour capacity, battery 27 watt hours.

Now this is the one spec like. I said that we also saw on those other previous computers, which is just a little bit on the small side. In fact, these days, we do have phones that have even bigger batteries. Part of the reason is they made this design just so compact and slim that there just really wasnt any room left, but it still is sufficient for about four to five hours of usage in my testing so far of light web browsing and watching videos. But this is definitely not an endurance champion its more about the portability now, in terms of i o, we have a type c port, which again can be a little rare to find on a budget computer, its good to see and theres also a micro, usb 2.0 Port, so you can use an adapter to transform micro usb to full size type. A but again, this thing is so small that there was no room to even built in a full sized usb port. So inside the box, here, aside from the laptop itself, which well take a closer look at, you also get just a quick user guide, as well as the charger which is a standard usb type c, and that means you can use pretty much any universal standard charger With power delivery these days and still have it work in terms of the size here again, 11.6 inch laptop, definitely very compact. Here it is next to kind of an average phone these days with a six inch screen.

So you get an idea there here. It is next to a sharpie. A standard pen in terms of the thickness. Definitely is a super premium build and design like. I said because the entire thing is made out of metal from the lid, the chamfered shiny edges. Even the bottom piece on the back is all made out of metal where youre touching it so very hefty feels like something that would cost easily two or three times the price. Otherwise, in the back here we have some soft touch rubber feet. There is a slot here for the m2 ssd that you can expand on and then located on the spine, youll find access to stereo speakers. So this is on the left and the right edge, which is actually a pretty clever placement compared to the majority of laptops that tend to stick it onto the back and then you end up just really easily muffling it when you put it onto a surface. This is harder to cover up, has pretty good stereo separation. There is a micro sd card reader here, other side, just houses, headphone jack microphone, volume, rocker and a power key which are all made out of metal as well. The hinge of any 360 degree, yoga laptop, is always going to be a little more stiff to accommodate it, to go into different positions and hold itself. So in terms of opening up the laptop, you have to use two hands one on the bottom and then flick it open, but otherwise it is again just a pretty seamless experience in which youll be greeted to the trackpad, as well as the keyboard.

So, with compact laptops in general, youre never going to have the largest keyboard in the world, but it is a standard, chiclet island style layout and has overall pretty decent travel and feedback. So, even though the keys are gon na be a little bit smaller, it still is okay. After you start using it for a while, you get used to it. I was able to get a comfortable typing speed for essays and documents. No real issues there, its not a backlit keyboard, so thats, one admission to note: we do have some leds here for the caps lock and then down below here. The track pad, surprisingly, is also quite good. Now it is using a precision, touch pad feels actually quite good when it comes to just navigating around doesnt really lag or stick now. Here is one thing to note would be that the keyboard deck this portion here, i believe, does have a bit more plastic construction. So the metal part basically just stops here on the edges on the back and the lid uh. This particular palm rest area is going to be having a bit more of that plastic, but still feels super solid theres. No real flexing svrc display is concerned again. 11.6 inches and it is a fully laminated ips panel, so no gap between the screen and the glass. It looks really beautiful in terms of the contrast levels, especially with a kind of darker, color or blues. It just really jumps out very generous viewing angles.

The only slight thing, though, is its not necessarily the brightest screen, ive ever seen, combined with the fact that its a glossy glass covering meaning that, if you are in a super bright environment, it may still be a little bit harder to see. But under moderate environments. Even if theres a little bit of overcast sunlight as well as indoors no issues there a little bit of a larger chin there that also serves double duty for this capacitive windows. Key you can press on to bring up the windows start screen. That can be handy when youre in the tablet mode. Now one thing im not the biggest fan of, though, is because the bezels are pretty slim. They actually shifted the webcam to the very bottom right hand corner, and this is again not the best placement, because it will be pointing upwards kind of at your nose. Honestly, if youre doing a lot of video conferencing, youll probably want to attach either an external webcam or use it in the tablet tent mode, so that would mean folding the computer backwards, as once you are in this tent mode. The webcam will be pointing upwards at you a better position again. It is a pretty good hinge, so it supports the weight of the computer in a variety of angles. If you want to further kind of push it backwards or forwards, it can still hold it. As you can see there pretty stiff and while you are in the tablet mode, it will disable the keyboard and trackpad.

So if i press on something on the back here accidentally or move the touchpad, the cursor is not going to move. It can also fold it completely flat into the full tablet mode. As you can see there held it to place magnetically. There is also an accelerometer, so it will rotate itself as you are flipping it. So all of the cursors and points are just a little bit larger, easier to hit with your fingers, and i can also bring up something like a virtual keyboard, which is pretty standard in windows pretty large and responsive. It is worth mentioning that this model, though doesnt support a pressure, sensitive active stylus, so there is no wacom pen accessory that you can use to draw on the touchscreen its just capacitive, with your fingers, taking a closer look at the system specs now, overall, i would Say that it is pretty responsive when it comes to just navigating around the ui still feels pretty snappy. Surprisingly, out of the 64 gigs of ssd, you have around 35 gigs, which is free after the windows. Operating system is installed, so that is definitely a little on the low side, especially if youre trying to install more programs and apps, but for media files. You can always supplement that using a aforementioned micro, sd card, a thumb, drive or cloud storage, very clean, no real bloatware extra apps, which are installed out of the box aside from edge and the basic windows tools.

So we can try and browse the web here. Lets go to a page like the verge and see how long it takes to render were connected using 5g wi fi right now and again, surprisingly, snappy still when it comes to the loading speeds in general. So the celeron infor 100 has been optimized to work quite well on this particular laptop pinch. The zoom is sometimes still a little bit jumpy, but at least again pages do load surprisingly quickly, considering that the verge is a pretty complex site, with lots of ads video elements and as youre scrolling down things to take a split second to load. But overall the scrolling action itself is still very smooth, just a split second and afterwards we are in, and we can still jump back and forth between these currently open pages. Everything seems to still be preserved here overall, in my testing so far i would say i can get around lets say eight tabs in the browser, and things are still relatively smooth in terms of switching back and forth between them. But if you start to press a little bit harder, 10 or 15 tabs its going to start to close out of some of the background ones, so just be a little conscious there, but in terms of general usage, not too bad. As long as you dont have a million tabs thats open, so anyways pretty good web browsing experience in terms of the speed and if we talk a little bit about the benchmark scores, we have again seen the celeron in for 100 before.

But this is a processor which has a cpu pass mark score of around 2450. These days considered to be relatively entry level, but still a little better than something like the celeron in 3 450, which is also very common in low cost laptops around this 200 price range. We saw these in a ton of other models previously, and this currently has a score thats under 2000.. So we are talking about a slight performance bump here and that slight difference is noticeable in the sense that everything just feels a little bit snappier again. By no means this is going to rival a core. I series chip or a powerful ryzen ship these days, but still is surprisingly, not bad, Music Applause, Music, all right, so turning the volume down a little lower there takeaways would be again. It is a pretty enjoyable. Video watching experience because of the great display when it comes to the sharpness and contrast as well as the above average speakers, now its not going to really give you a lot of bass. In fact, its still a little tinny at higher volume levels. But it is better than youll expect for sure, and for just watching back some videos. It actually is pretty decent, giving you a nice experience. Videos do load back relatively quickly, but you do have to sometimes wait. A split second for lets say 4k clips to completely render, as you can see there, but scrolling still feels smooth enough, and as far as these advanced stats are concerned, when we switched over to 4k, we saw that there is a little bit of drop frames.

Thats being captured, but its not too noticeable as youre watching, the video still feels pretty smooth. I think part of the reason is also due to the fact that it has pretty strong wi fi reception, meaning that i was consistently getting almost full bars. Even though im a little further away from the router at the moment, so i dont have to wait too long when it comes to just loading up pages serves the purpose decently when it comes to entertainment and web browsing. Those are two applications where i think this computer does very well as far as other applications are concerned, like i mentioned in the past, with other lower cost computers with similar specs. It does all right for things like document editing, word and itself, whether its for schoolwork or even a little bit of light business work should be just perfectly sufficient in terms of doing a little bit of photo editing, thats also perfectly possible. If you are doing a simple touch up using photoshop, no issues there at all in terms of video editing, though thats, where its, not quite as recommended for any entry level computer with a celeron chip, its just going to be a lot more choppy because of the Intel integrated graphics compared to a dedicated gpu, and you have to wait a lot longer for the videos to actually finish processing and render so not quite as ideal there. But it might squish by if youre doing, just a full hd clip and just very small edits or tweaks, but definitely not its strength.

Otherwise, you do have access to again thousands, if not millions of apps in terms of legacy programs, any executables you can find on the web drivers. Software things for printers can all be installed just like any other regular windows. Computer has just a bit more of support. There, with older programs and apps in general, compared to chrome os, which is still a little bit of a newer system. You also have access, of course, the microsoft store for some more optimized apps and things like social media tools, which also can be installed really without any problems here, and that also brings us to touching on some of the games. If youre playing back, lighter mobile style games, things like homescapes candy crush that works just fine on this quad core processor, no issues there, but if youre trying to get into more serious gaming, things like lets, say cyberpunk its obviously not going to be really a good Experience because again integrated graphics and not a more powerful gpu at the end of the day, but, like i said before, with these entry level computers, you can always rely on cloud streaming and cloud gaming. These days, including xcloud, google stadia. If you want to really do a bit of gaming, this becomes just a portal, while its connected over the cloud to more powerful hardware elsewhere, so thats more or less it as far as our hands on review of the iprota yoga, this low cost 200 laptop.

That has a surprisingly good build again made out of metal on the front and the back feeling really reassuring in terms of the weight. Just the fit and finish is awesome to see at this price and a surprisingly vibrant and contrasty display, coupled with performance thats good enough to get you by with a fast ssd for things like reading up documents, doing some web browsing and watching and streaming videos. But again, this is not going to be a fit if youre doing serious, video editing as well as gaming, but also really not bad for a super compact small laptop. I actually think that this is going to be a better choice than many chromebooks out there very solid 200 laptop.