This is the 15 inch model, traditional clam shell design, not the 360., its 15 inches. It is 0.46 inches thick, i should say thin its very thin. This is the thinnest and lightest laptop theyve ever got a chance to use its under well its just over two pounds of 2.45 pounds. The 13 inch model is under 2 pounds, but 2.45 pounds or 1.11 kilograms very thin, very light, and you know i had a hesitance with the 15 inch model because normally a 15 inch computer is thick and heavy, whether its an apple computer or a windows based Computer and i didnt want a heavy laptop. I didnt want a very thick laptop either, but i did want something with a bigger screen than 13.. So here we are 15.6, so its not a 16 by 10 to 16 by nine display, which i know for some of you is going to cause a bit of a pause. I felt the same way at first, but it really isnt that big of a difference for me uh, you may feel differently right, 16, inches or 14 inches at 16 by 10 youre, going to see a lot of vertical youre going to see content vertically um. You know i wouldnt say better, but youll just see more of it, but with the ultra more of a wide display, you get more of a cinematic feel which can be good as well, and if youre gon na do split screening, then this makes a lot of Sense, um in in a 16×9 aspect: ratio.

Okay, so lets start with the tour of the device you can see. It has a really beautiful tapered design, youll notice, that the top is a different color from the bottom. And then, when i open the clamshell here, open the lid and you see the deck thats a pure black, so weve got a few different colors going on, which is its not bad. I dont think its an ugly thing. It really is subjective. I think that samsung probably should have kept the whole thing, the same color just to neutralize the response of most buyers. For me, this doesnt bother me. I like the two tone finish, but you know you may have a different feel. So, on the left hand side we have a full size hdmi out, so very good. If you want to connect to an external, monitor or projector, if youre, you know teaching or doing a presentation, you have a usb c port and then a thunderbolt port with a status indicator. This indicator can be blue or green. It depends on the situation if its charging – and it has more battery capacity, is green. If its blue, then it may be in sleep mode or its on. If its not pulsing, you can charge through either one of these two ports, the included power. Adapter is 65 watts its the here. It is not very big its the typical super fast charger from samsung on the back. We dont have any ports, but you can see theres a gap here between the lid and the bottom of the deck.

You know nothing to worry about. Your cable is not going to get stuck in there because of the wedge. You know the way that it tapers here so no worries about cracking your screen. In my opinion, and in my experience we have a headphone jack, a full size, usb a thank you samsung and a micro sd card slot. So if you get a mouse, this is a newer mouse. This is the razer. Pro click mini its maybe four months old. Its usb a right, every mouse is usb a so we still need usb a ports, and you can still put usb a ports in laptops and make them super freaking thin. This is thinner than a macbook pro, and that was a subtle shot. Okay, now, along the front, you know all kind of standard fare until you get to the middle theres, a nice lip here with a gap, so you know exactly where to put your finger and on the back theres room for ventilation, nothing too crazy. Okay, now i didnt clean this, of course, because i want you to see a real world experience with the fingerprints. It does get fingerprinty but in my opinion, unless theres a good amount of light shining on a particular spot, youre not going to see the fingerprints so for everyday use. I think it looks good theres, a really nice samsung logo as well, and its a very subtle design. Now, when you open this thing up before we get to the display, lets talk about the keyboard deck and the trackpad, of course.

So, as i mentioned its black versus the graphite color on the lid of this laptop, if you dont opt for the white model, i dont know if the deck is white and maybe the whole thing is one color, not sure, okay, so the trackpad is very big. You see it relative to this mouse and i dont think anyones ever done that before its a good, its a really good trackpad, it feels good its comfortable, no problems with it, its not centered to the laptop its its spaced below the spacebar. So i dont know it sometimes. I think it throws me off. I find myself in the wrong spot. You know not on the home row if thats what they call it these days. So just a heads up, but you know it just took a little bit of getting used to, and anybody who switches from like a desktop keyboard to a laptop any laptop, i think, is going to experience a little bit of adjustment time. So you know just keep that in mind. Now you do get a number pad, which is awesome. I like having that theres, of course, a number lock and on the keyboard we have media keys on the function row now. Something you got to know is that these functions or the media keys are not on by default, so you have to hold down function and press f12 and that will lock the media keys. So you can start using your brightness for your keyboard and for your display adjust your volume, which to me makes the most sense like that should be the default these days.

But i think computers dont make that the default um, maybe because they dont – want to mess up if you need to like into the bios or something by pressing f2, i dont know but anyway to me its a windows function. So when i get into windows, i want that to be a media key default instead of function row and in the samsung settings application, which is a good time for me to mention that there are two setting applications in the samsung settings. You can overwrite some of the windows settings such as hdr and battery performance. However, media key is not something you can toggle on at least not at this time. The keys feel fantastic. They are very quiet, which is great, so i dont know why the trackpad is so loud. I mean its not super loud, but heres that mouse very quiet, trackpad kind of loud keys, quiet and soft. Now people talk about travel when they talk about their keys. I dont know what the travel is, but i can tell you that its a comfortable keyboard, i like typing on it its definitely a different feel than something like a thinkpad, but i like typing on this keyboard. I look forward to typing on the keyboard. Okay, despite it being a 15 by or sorry 16 by nine 15.6 inch display, the chin is not as thick as you would expect. So here it is, you know relative to my thumb and, of course, the sides and the top are very thin as well.

In terms of the bezels, because this is a samsung and they do a great job with their bezels and their displays in general, before i transition to the computer and its performance and all that fun stuff, i wanted to call out that there are two stickers that Ship with this device, i removed one. So you can see that i was able to get all the residue off it wasnt as easy as i would like, but i did not have to use any type of alcohol or liquid. I just peeled it off and then went like that for a couple minutes to get all the rest of the sticky stuff off and theres. Absolutely no residue here anymore, so i will remove this sticker as well. I wanted to show you what that difference looks like and what you can expect to ship with. Okay, now im just going to really quick check to see what i was working on before i fired up this video, so there isnt anything sensitive on here and, of course, there was so okay now check this out. This display is sick. It is absolutely gorgeous. Samsung nailed it try to get the camera on here, okay, so this is a amoled display that goes up to. I believe 450 knits uh its plenty bright ive not had to use the display at full brightness for any reason, which i think is a really good endorsement of the displays brightness. I generally run this display at about id say.

Let me see yeah two clicks down from max brightness during the daytime and its been a very good performer as well. It is only 60 hertz. So keep that in mind, i shouldnt even say only 60 hertz youre, not gaming. On this. This has integrated graphics, its. The iris xc graphics, there is a model by the way coming out with intel arc and uh thats, pretty cool, but im not super interested in discrete graphics card thats, going to increase the weight of this device and the thickness, and then also i you know. I need something for work: ive got a gaming laptop. I got a gaming desktop so thats not for me, maybe for you, in which case you know. Hopefully somebody does a review of that laptop sometime in the near future. Okay, so 60 hertz colors are fantastic. You have a couple of different options for adjusting the color palette. Like i mentioned, there is the windows, settings and theres also this application that you can use for adjusting samsung settings. So when i go to display there is this so notice that you have auto mode and then a number of pre configured color, i dont know settings for this laptop out of the box from samsung. If you select auto mode, then what will happen is as the content changes on the display. The display colors will change as well right. So it gives you its supposed to be better for your eyes and supposed to be like you know, so, lets make it look good, okay, something to keep so adjust the contrast and the brightness.

Something to keep in mind is that when i have that set to auto, which is not the default, amoled native is the default. When i had it set to auto every time anything changed, the screen would sort of flicker and adjust, and i found that very distracting and not easy on my eyes. So i just switched it back to amoled native, so heads up on auto mode im not sold on it. Okay, you also have a couple of different hdr plus options. If you put it on bright, i think its going to have using more battery life, so i kept it on normal. Well talk about battery life, which is incredible here in a bit dark mode or light mode focus mode. So you can get. You know privacy and that kind of thing or not be alerted rather. Okay. Now you have these advanced settings theres a studio mode that allows you to do augmented reality on the camera inside of any application. I dont need that. So i have it off now: auto booting. I turn this off because a couple of times i think, just two times this computer woke up from sleep mode on its own and i cant have that and i dont know that it was auto mode but or sorry, auto booting but its suspect to me. So i disabled it. It has happened once since i did that since i disabled it, so i could probably turn it back on, but until i feel really confident that ive resolved the issue with a number of things im trying im not going to turn this back on.

That has been the only problem. Ive had this computer by the way has been that it just for some reason, turn it on. It turned itself on twice. One of those times was overnight, so i lost like 40 battery or something which is really bizarre and then the other time was in a backpack for 45 minutes. When i was driving to school, so thats, not good. Okay, you can protect the battery by capping off its charge to 85 percent. I dont use that because i dont keep my computers very long performance mode. Okay, this will override the windows settings. Now you could go high performance, which is what i did my cinebench testing on. I kept it in optimized for pretty much all of my use, my real world testing, as well as my battery life test, so lets pivot to the battery life test and pull up. My results here so the same test that i ran on the lenovo x1 carbon gen10, which has the same chipset right, the i7, 2060p and 16 gigs of ram. I got only seven and a half hours on the thinkpad, but here in optimized mode i got 11 hours and 35 minutes. So this is a looping video test at half brightness and 20 speaker volume, 11 hours and 35 minutes. I mean that is macbook level. You know m1 level battery life very, very good off of a 68 watt hour battery, which is a good size, but for how thin this thing is i mean the whole package is pretty impressive.

This is a good time to talk about the cinebench scores. So if i in the optimized mode again the same mode that got me 11.5 hours of battery life on that looping test, so running cinebench r23 in optimized mode, i got a multi core score of 8329 and i got a single core score of 1474.. When i moved it to high performance, cinebench r23 came in with a multi core score of 8777 and the same single core score of 1474., so im new to synthetic benchmark testing. I dont do a lot of this myself, but i started doing it because people are requesting it. I found out that its actually free on the microsoft app store so anyway yeah very, very good performance from those synthetic tests. Now practical real world tests, which mean a heck of a lot more to me, maybe also to you, this thing is really competent. Theres only been a couple of times where its stuttered and its kind of made me raise my eyebrows and again thats on optimized mode, not on high performance mode, which you probably wont, use high performance mode when its not plugged in so just a heads up now. If i were to open something like word as you can see, it opens in about three seconds most of the time it opens faster than it just did, but thats what i meant by sometimes it just sort of you know: theres a hang up every once in A while the other time i noticed the hang up was when i was searching inside of windows.

Like you know this, i just typed in gibberish that was actually very fast, considering i typed in gibberish but theres times where ive hit start ive typed something sensible and it took a while to load up some results, but thats also true on my high performance desktop. So i think its more of a windows indexing problem rather than a samsung galaxy book 2 pro problem, but i cannot confirm that. Okay, so, overall, with this laptop, you get insane performance an insane overall design. You get great battery life and the pricing is pretty reasonable. So i paid 11.50 for this with my educators discount the retail price is 13.50 i7, 16 gigs half a terabyte ssd, oh by the way, this is using nvme gen 3, but you can. It does support up to gen 4.. So if you want to put something faster in there, you can, i just i havent seen a need for it, although maybe it would help with that indexing. I just talked about that searching okay, i paid 11.50 and it came with a free monitor which im selling so ill, probably get 200 bucks for that so ill, effectively. Pay 950 for this laptop with the latest intel 12th gen cpus, pretty awesome. Now, if youre to buy it from best buy, i think its fourteen hundred dollars and i dont think there are any incentives, maybe a trading incentive anyway. I guess my point is dig around on the samsung website.

If youre a loyal shopper, i mean you can really get some good deals from samsung and even at 1400 i mean its 1400 is a little steep, but i id say 1200. This is a really good deal and, of course, if you can use one of these incentives to get a better price, then youre looking at some supreme value, and this thing should last you a long time if youre a student should get you through your four years Of high school or college, if youre a graduate student youll, definitely get through graduate school unless youre doing something insane like autocad, in which case you know, get a different type of machine and now for me, i mostly use the office applications. As you probably know, if you follow my channel and i use browsers so for me, i dont need a screaming machine right so to have something like this thats hyper efficient, its really perfect and so easy to carry around its so nimble and thin. It really blows me away: okay, so thats my review galaxy book 2 pro.