Well, a decade ago, Motorola first played around this idea using their Atrix smartphone. It was the worlds first dual core Android smartphone, and it also came with an optional laptop accessory where you could pop the phone into the top compartment. And then you are able to transform that Android experience into a sudo laptop, in fact, even came with a desktop style launcher a desktop class Firefox browser. Sadly, this technology wasnt ready for mainstream. It was still underpowered compared to Conventional laptop well a decade later, and things have definitely changed these days. Flagship great smartphones, powered by the newest silicon are now able to deliver an experience thats not too far off from most entry to mid tier laptops when it comes to Raw horsepower, at least so now it makes more sense to explore a concept like a lap dock. In my opinion – and that is exactly what were taking a look at today for this particular model, it is also a touch screen and has a 360 degree hinge, so you can actually Flex it into a tablet mode if you wanted to and has a pretty comfortable Keyboard, which is also backlit and has again pretty slim bezels, so the design here does look quite Sleek having a 1080p IPS LCD panel, so ultimately, although its best suited for a smartphone that has a desktop mode from various manufacturers, it can also act as a regular External or portable monitor compatible with any device that supports video output so inside the packaging here its quite similar to what youll see in a laptop up in terms of presentation.

Some extra accessories in here include a quick user guide power supply for charging the again 10 800 milliamp hour built in battery using USB type c. Many is a full size, HDMI cable, as an added bonus. It is worth mentioning, though. The touchscreen capability can only be unlocked using USB, such as USB type c, so this is only going to supply video input, which, Speaking of there is also a braided type c to type c cable that is included. Taking a closer look at the design. There is a screen protector on the front that we can peel off, but right now its labeling all the different ports, including a dedicated power, key that you can press to turn on the lap dock. You can turn it off to conserve and power. There is also a Micro SD card reader, along with the first type c Port thats meant just for charging theres a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, although there are built in four speakers on the laptop which is pretty neat. The other side features the USB type c port, which is for video mirroring, and we also have on the side here. The aforementioned micro HDMI super slim well built out of metal. However, it doesnt have the most i o in the world. I would have liked them to see maybe incorporate a second type c, video input or even another type, a full size, USB slot, but overall it still does the trick.

The back of the unit is also made out of metal, so very good, build similar to a Macbook or a surface laptop, and we have some soft touch rubber feet and lets also peel off this film. That removes that glossy layer and gives us just a very clean matte surface everything brushed aluminum feels comfortable and relatively lightweight for a 14 inch unit. Now this does not necessarily open with one hand, as you can see, theyre a bit stiff in order to support the device at different angles without wobbling now taking a closer look. It is a very comfortable layout since there isnt a dedicated numpad and it is stretching a relatively full sized 14 inch size. So the keys are quite large, have pretty good depth of travel and they dont feel cheap or tacky at all. Theres a little bit of a bow to each of the keys, so, as you are typing along its actually a pretty satisfying experience and youre able to get a reasonable typing speed for essays and documents, not bad at all. One thing I will say, though, is the inside of the laptop is made out of a polycarbonate plastic as opposed to full aluminum, so the metal there is on the top, the bottom and the sides, but it stops on the palm rest area, which is still fine. Considering it doesnt Flex too much, even if youre, pressing down and its not as cold when youre resting your hands on it, so overall feels good.

Trackpad is also a decent size, supports, multi, touch gestures and overall, the bottom portion here presses down with a satisfying click action. We have the speaker, grilles and then theres, just the beautiful 14 inch IPS display, which, as aforementioned can lie completely flat, in fact even past. This extent 360 Degrees like a tablet for presentation purposes or, if youre connected to a regular laptop and you dont need the extra keyboard or you can fold it completely shut like this and use it like a tablet, and I can drag with two fingers on the Display over here to open up the control center for navigating the settings of the monitor, such as the volume of the built in speakers as well as the screen brightness. This is at the minimum setting, but I can crank it all the way up, and you can also take a look at the battery percentage remaining going over to the second page. We can also choose between the srgb values in terms of the red, green and blue balance, and if you arent satisfied with those properties, you are able to adjust it yourself to a cooler or a warmer color, depending on your preferences and voila weve entered a desktop Mode here on an LG smartphone in case your device, doesnt have a desktop mode, though you can also just go into a regular mirroring mode, as you can see, thats not quite as fun in my opinion, but you are able to still see everything on a larger Canvas overall, its a pretty good panel, even with a bit of background lighting, it Still Remains visible without too many issues.

We can also tell down below here that the keyboard is indeed backlit makes it also pretty nice to type on in Darker spaces. Although you dont get a ton of adjustments in terms of the brightness controls here, but tapping on function and then the keyboard key here will allow you to turn this either on or off. Overall, though, still really nice to find as an added more premium touch. In my opinion, theres also some shortcuts on the very top row that allow you to control things like volume, as well as the screen brightness at a single click, so that you dont have to necessarily go into the advanced settings. If you want to just adjust, some of those quick properties well charge your phone at the same time while its being docked, which is pretty neat, so it doesnt have to eat up the juice on your phones battery, for instance, great and again, an entire experience here. With the lap dock will last for around seven hours on a full charge so similar to a Chromebook or really any Ultra portable, these days relatively average there. The experience here brings back memories of the form engine Motorola Atrix, but on a more powerful CPU everything just loads up more quickly, and it just really feels like you are using a Chromebook or even Windows laptop. Of course, you can also interact with the touchscreen by pinching in and out for zooming around everything again looks quite sharp and Beautiful on this screen, so I can tap on different links, view back web pages with ease and again everything loads back, of course, much faster Than on the Atrix from 10 years ago, so if all youre doing is just reading back articles browsing the web using services like Google Docs honestly theres not going to be a huge difference anymore in terms of what this thing can do versus a dedicated device.

With that being said, of course, this is still connected to your phone at the end of the day. So if you expect to do a lot of intensive lets, say video editing, then of course thats not going to be the best use case. However, you can also install certain remote desktop tools and youre able to connect, say into a Windows environment as long as its connected over Wi Fi. However, the only thing would be again that device that kind of angles off to the side. So if you have a desk space here to accommodate it, it works perfectly fine, but if it really is working on your lap, for example, well, the phone is also going to require a little bit of space for it to still dock there on the edge plus One thing to keep in mind is, if you are doing things like video conferencing, thats still one limitation at the moment, since there is no built in webcam, you would need some sort of dock that can mount the phone on the side of your laptop, which is Something that we have reviewed in the past there are companies bring out certain models which support docking, magnetically and charging at the side of the device. So I will include a link to that in the description if youre curious, though that can partially mitigate that limitation, but it would be nice for this to be built directly into this unit itself. Of course, the actual OS experience will still vary depending on what type of phone youre using previously.

That was LG a slightly more Barren experience, but still gets you that larger full screen view Within more desktop like home. Page Samsungs. Implementation, though, tends to be a little bit more feature Rich using decks where, similarly, we can pinch in Access a lot of the details here on the text, which looks quite sharp. We can also confirm that it supports the advertised 10 fingers for multi touch just by putting our fingers along here, and we see that all of these are being registered. Lets even jump into something like YouTube and take a quick look at how it fares with the built in speakers Music. All right, so some takeaways here would be that, even though it is advertised as a quad speaker and gets decent in terms of volume output at the very least, it is coming out from the front not on the back of the laptop, so it doesnt get covered Up or muffled too easily, however, its not the most full sounding speakers, but overall it does okay in a pinch, and you can always connect to the external Bluetooth speakers headphones or use your phone speaker instead, if you prefer its average Id say, but more importantly, the Display here, as you can tell, is awesome in terms of colors vividness everything just really pops for an IPS LCD screen, definitely one of the better ones that Ive seen and it gets you a pretty immersive experience if you are watching YouTube, Netflix anything really on a Bigger canvas, a couple of additional notes: there is a magnet on here.

So if you are closing down the laptop, for example, it knows to turn off the keyboard, as well as the display to conserve on power. So it is smart enough there and when you open up the laptop again, it will resume where you less laughed off. The same thing can be said about the desktop mode on most of these phones are smart enough in that, even if you disconnect your phone, what youre doing on the phone itself can be something completely different and the moment that you plug it back in it will Resume exactly where you left off on this desktop environment. Last but not least, and this one is a little bit trippy, but I have pulled up a slightly older Windows phone that supports Continuum, the same idea of continuity using type c, and we have now a sudo Windows, desktop experience on a larger screen even show up In multitasking drawer here that is very similar to Windows to this day, so quite convincing in that sense, and also a little bit nostalgic and sad. That Windows phone, of course, is no longer an active OS that we have with us. But this one in particular, really just unlocks that full experience of the desktop mode being very different from the smaller phone experience. So that is more or less it. As far as our Hands On review of The Dope display 14 inch laptop, and I have to say its a very good modern – take on this concept.

Now that more and more phones have some type of desktop mode with more powerful Hardware, its gone to a state where its overall good enough to replace something like a Chromebook. If you dont want to carry around a separate device when it comes to the internals and guts, the build as a lap dock is super solid and its even fitting. I would say if a more premium laptop like experience and ultimately hoping that, as these products become more popular, more phones having these modes available that perhaps the pricing for these can also come down.