This is a ultra compact windows, computer from a brand that, admittedly, we havent seen as much in the past, but they do seem to make quite a few models that claim to offer really compact sizes and of course they have a variety of other models that can Become more powerful, including the s3 here which has more upgraded specs, which we can see here, is inclusive of the intel pentium silver n6000 processor, which is clocked up to 3.3 gigahertz at the turbo speed and also has ram configuration up to 16 gigabytes, which is also Quite generous for a model that again, it really is valuing portability oftentimes. A lot of these mini pcs will come with just four gigabytes and in terms of the memory it has 512 gigabytes of ssd built on in which is further expandable via a sata2 slot. Even has bluetooth 5.2, which is impressive, because a lot of the other budget mini pcs are still stuck on older versions of bluetooth like 4.0 or 4.2. So this will allow us to connect to wireless buds, have even less latency, aside from the mini pc other accessories. That we get include a compact folding power, adapter, which i do like to see that they are using a standard usb type c, as you can see there, which is awesome, you can also power this thing using just a lets, say: power bank that supports power delivery. You even get the screws which are removed for you to upgrade the ssd.

There is also a mounting bracket. If you want to attach this to the back of a monitor or tv, since it really is super small and light, there is also a included hdmi cable, which is a neat extra along with a quick start guide. So taking a closer look at the design, it does look quite clean and the thinness here, i think, is what really strikes me the most very compact and portable, especially for a version that has 16 gigs of ram here. It is next to just lets, say an average smartphone these days that has around a 6.5 inch displays impressive. I would say, for the compact size that we see here it has this interesting two tone finish one side, which is glossy. It does attract a little bit of fingerprints, but looks quite clean and shiny has an intel logo and the other side is made out of a more matte polycarbonate plastic that has them fans for ventilation. All of the i o here are located on the rear, which includes the type c for power. Another type c here for data 3.5 millimeter auxiliary port ethernet. If you dont want to use the built in wi, fi, full sized hdmi that supports 4k and then 3 usb 3.0 ports, so overall, a decent selection along with more ventilation on the sides, so that will kick in to prevent the mini pc from overheating. Again, just very slim, in fact, here it is next to something like a standard us quarter to give you a idea.

We also have on the very back here just some rubber feet that prevents it from sliding around on the surface or desk, underneath which we can have access to again. The second slot there just for popping on another ssd and last but not least, we of course have just a power key located on the front, with a led status, light and thats. Essentially it now, if we do just a quick size comparison once again. This is definitely small as far as even many pcs are concerned. In fact, more average sized unit would be something like this, and even this is already considered to be pretty compact for a tabletop mini pc, so heres as loud as the fan essentially gets when its turned on, and you can hear that definitely has a little bit Of background noise, but really is not bad at all now, in terms of the boot up times, thanks to the use of a real ssd instead of lets, say a slower emmc drive, it is typically fast to get into windows. Taking me roughly just 10 seconds after turning it on immediately some things that we can observe here include that, yes, we can definitely upgrade to windows. 11 meets all of the requirements and can be done for free. So you have the option to choose whether you want to stay on the 10 that it comes with, or just upgrade, with a click to that newer user interface style.

You can see that really out of the 512 ssd there is a portion taken up by the windows operating system, so about 446 gigs are free, allowing you to install other applications, programs and media content. But again you can always supplement that with another slot and, like i said, the read and write speeds are quite fast and swift, so things like opening up different programs navigating the ui at the very least, do seem to be holding up quite well. Also, thanks to the processor not being too problematic, it still is energy efficient and so its relatively entry level, its not going to really rival an intel core. I series, for instance, but it will still get you by here, and these general navigation tasks still feel pretty snappy and responsive, as you can see there now, jumping into some web browsing and performance tests before we take a closer look at how it renders a page. I do just want to mention some of the benchmark scores as reference, of course, synthetic benchmarks. Dont really tell the full story of the experience, but here they are just as referenced so the aforementioned intel, pentium n6000 does have a quad core architecture and it is giving us a pass mark score of two thousand and eight hundred all the components that theyve selected On this model, at least are quite current. Nothing really stands out as being too outdated. In fact, other mini pcs that weve seen recently for around 200 to 300 have used chipsets, like the celeron m3350 that we talked about.

That gives us a score now about a thousand one hundred twenty three. This is pretty much as baseline as you can get these days before, getting into nearly unusable territory. This will just scrape you by and then the n3450 is gon na, be a little bit better because its quad core, instead of dual core 1900 or so, and then also the celeron n4 100, another popular chip and many of these mini pcs around 2450. So again, these n6000 used on this model will definitely be a little bit faster by contrast, and that does translate to being just a little snappier as im navigating around now. If we take a closer look at again things like browsing the web, i can jump into a more complex page like the verge, and you can see how the loading times are almost instantaneous there. Despite being a pretty complex web page lots of ads lots of videos and hex details, but it was very fast to render and theres no delays or hiccups as we are scrolling along. I think its also due to the really strong wi fi reception, which im consistently getting nearly full bars, thanks to the fact that the chipset that theyre using here is the intel ax201 that supports wi fi six protocol. Otherwise, like i said in terms of web browsing, you really wouldnt have any problems here. Even loading up a lot of different pages to kind of do a bit of research jumping back and forth between over 20 tabs, everything was still held in the systems ram without any issues.

So i think its plenty generous for a model like this. If we try and load back a video and play back something up to 4k resolution lets see how that does in terms of the processor and the gpu well turn on stats for nerds and begin to play this back. So this will serve as the demo of. If youre watching something from youtube, netflix, really anything in ultra hd how that fares, you can see that transition times are still quite fast, even as we are scrolling along the clip. Pretty much plays back almost instantly, no real buffering either thanks again to the fairly up to date, even though entry level, but a current generation chipset paired with wi fi, six, i think, is doing really well plus again the fast ssd and everything is coming together. Quite nicely, so we can see here that, as we are playing this back, there are a few drop frames. I see four that have been dropped uh, while we were kind of navigating along there, but nothing is visible to the eye and i have to say this is faring much better compared to some of the other really entry level mini pcs that weve seen previously like. I said running on the n3450 much more common that would have had a lot more drop frames and you would need to wait typically longer, especially if youre trying to play back clips in 4k resolution on this its just very fast and seamless.

I can scrub between parts of the video and everything is still just loading along here. Just fine so now lets do a quick demo of loading back a document if youre trying to use this for work. This is a pretty complex sample spreadsheet, with a lot of cells here stretching almost a thousand lines with plenty of different pivots and filters, and you can see that everything is still loading along here, just fine so when it comes to doing some processing, whether its an Office excel powerpoint, if youre a student, if youre a even a mobile professional. This really shouldnt be an issue and really the same thing can be said when it comes to editing and taking a look at documents such as powerpoints, you can edit create these share and present really without any lag or problems at all doing a bit of light Coding, whether its jupiter notebook its also completely feasible, if youre just getting started with python, and it should also be just fine when it comes to just again these basic tasks, whether for school, whether its for work. If youre trying to do a little bit of photo editing through adobe thats, also going to be completely fine on here as well. However, if youre getting into the realm of video editing, i would say thats where things get a little more tricky granted. We are talking about still relatively current gen specs but, like i said, still, is an entry level chipset at the end of the day and using intels integrated graphics, you can technically do a little bit of editing and splicing of certain videos, especially if theyre at full Hd resolution in my testing about a five minute, video took around eight to nine minutes to export similar to gaming thats, an area where you would ideally want a more powerful gpu, so something ryzen power, typically or just a more expensive model in general.

Compared to this one, which is all about portability, so more about simple office and web browsing as well as video streaming is gon na be its forte. Some of these lighter more mobile centric games. Among us. This will certainly load here just fine, but if youre trying to play back some of these titles natively, especially getting into some of the triple a style games, you would ideally want something with more powerful internals. You can definitely play these at lower graphic settings, but in that case i would definitely recommend a cloud streaming service, such as xcloud or stadius. As long as you are connected to the internet and a display youre just ready to go, but of course those services will cost you a little bit of money depending on if its worth it to you, but it will allow you to unlock more powerful gaming with Older games, especially some of the more retro emulators that will, of course, will load without any issues castle defender style game, any of really the microsoft store games. That will definitely work really without any issues. In fact, fast frame rates, everything is still responsive, but thats really expected. I would say, for a unit like this, which again is all about that portability and heres. A final example of crossfire, which will still also be all right if youre playing things along. So just keep your expectations in line and dont expect this to be kind of natively.

The most powerful gaming pc and, i think, youll be just fine here again performance being a little bit better than some of the truly budget bottom of the line mini pcs. That weve seen previously so thats more thats it as far as our hands on review of this ding din, s3 mini pc and overall, a pretty fast experience for just simple web browsing, no issues there office document editing no issues there either as well as streaming back.