This time it is the mini tablet of the brand Xencelabs Took me a bit to record this video, because at first the company and I agreed on another model, which is A little bit bigger and I feel it is much more professional but well maybe this is what some of you are interested in, So starting with the packaging. Everything in this company feels quite premium Everything very well packaged protected, in addition to very good materials and impressive quality Professional in general in the box. Apart of the tablet and the pencils that I will show you a few extra accessories that are always appreciated. At least I love receiving these extra accessories. In this case, it is a protective bag to store the tablet, because it looks very focused on portability and being able to put it on a backpack to take it wherever you want. Next, we have a glove, the typical glove with only two fingers aaaaaand. What else The extra pencil This company for now is limited only to these models without a screen. I dont know if that will change in the future, but for now it is like that and, as I mentioned before in other videos, I prefer this type of tablet much more than the others with screens, because you have a better posture when drawing you are not Killing your back or arm so I prefer this type of tablet much more and it is very cool that this company for now focuses only on this type of model.

So they can further explore the designs and improve the product based on what already exist and not try to copy other brands, as it usually happens. In their store. Apart from this small model, we have two slightly larger models: one black and one white. That is a little more fancy so to speak. On the tablet. Itself is quite minimalist and effective in terms of construction, materials, plastic and aluminum in the base feels very solid. You dont feel like the typical cracking that you have with other slightly cheaper tablets, and it is very noticeable that the thought behind it is for portability due to the size, the materials, the bag that it comes with, etc. It has a size of 24 X, 18. Centimeters and the work area is 17 x, 96, quite small.. It has three quick access buttons on the top, although They are very easy to configure, I never used them. They are a bit awkwardly placed up there. hard to reach. I always ended up using a keyboard for speed.. It has an USB C port to connect it to the pc, obviously, and a button to turn it on for the wireless mode.. My main problem with this product is its very small size and it makes it very difficult for me to use it for long work sessions, but it can also be, I dont know, maybe thats exactly what youre looking for. Maybe you dont have the space on the desk or you work on something that requires very little manipulation.

So this may be what you need exaclty.. I still think. Well, I will comment on it later, but I think that a better option would be its larger sister. It is ideal in this type of product, especially if you do a lot of pen tablet dependant work. The ideal is that you have relative tablet, space or closer to the size of the monitor you use, for example, the medium size of wacom. It goes great for me, my 27 monitors, I think so, thats the size …. So despite its size, the price, I think, is a little high. I mean it is high in relation to the size, the construction, materials and everything else that we will see later. But yes for the small size that it has, I think it is a little high and the alternative that we have the Wacom from the professional line. That also has a small version, its almost its only a 20 difference. This one costs 219 for the Wacom 240. So thats a tough decision but well. As usual. You have to uninstall the drivers of any other tablet that were using and go to the product page download the driver install it on your computer. In this case, you do not have to choose the model because its the same driver for all the models, Everything is intuitive and fast. The tablet can be handled very well, and the overall experience is very fast. Without any hiccups, You do not have to restart or anything.

. The driver is one of the positive points that I see in this product. It is one of the most solid that I have seen in a long time. Just install the thing and ready to configure and use you dont have to do almost anything, just configure it for your own use, configure the quick, acces buttons. The typical thing, if you have several monitors, especify the work area and things like that., One small customization aspect that I really liked is that you can choose the color, that the tablet shines and you can pick it from the driver as well as the intensity of The brightness and its a small fun little detail., As I mentioned it, comes with two pencils. One is much thicker than the other, the typical one that you usually find in other similar products and a thinner one. So the thick one has three buttons and the thin one has the two buttons.. The thinner one reminds me a lot to the Apple pencil and the other is more like the typical tablet pen. The only thing, the only difference that I find here is that it has three buttons that are very easy to configure. You can put it wherever you want there, the eraser on the top.. Well, these pencils dont have a battery as it is. Almost none of them have a battery lately, but I always like to mention it because it is a doubt that always pops up in the comments.

A curious thing about these pencils is that they are completely interchangeable at any time. You can switch the pencil and thats it. You dont have to configure anything or touch any button, both work perfectly, which is a very cool thing about these pencils. You already have two pencils. It is from the beginning. In case you lose one. You have the other at your disposal or if you want to try the two experiences, because they are very different. For example, I have very large hands and I feel that the big pencil works much better. But maybe it is not your case and you prefer. The small one or, if you are very used to working on the ipad with the Apple Pencil small one, is going to be much easier for you to adapt.. So I tested the tablet Doing this little quick study from a Crimson Peak frame and, to be honest, Im very happy that I didnt have to touch any of the drivers. All of them worked from the beginning, for example, I dont like to be comparing it always with Wacom but its the brand and, for example, every time they change the drivers. It is a pain for the users because to then you have to go into the photoshop folders to change a thousand things so that everything works again and everythig is a drama here. You just have to connect, install the driver, open, photoshop and everything worked perfectly.. The pressure feels very good again comparing, but with Wacom.

I always feel that some brushes, I have to modify the pressure. Almost always. I have to put more pressure on some brushes or I have to apply a lot of pressure and my hand ends up hurting. Here. Everything works in a more stable way. I dont know how to say it. I felt it much more natural.. I didnt think at all that I had to change the pressure just work, and that was it. I think that the drivers are very well thought out and although the company is quite new and only has a few models, perhaps that helps but for now everything is great in that aspect.. I also tried a little bit of ZBrush all works perfectly as well. Since you have this third button, maybe you can take advantage of it more in this type of program, but that just my personal opinion, you can use it in whatever you want. and well see. If I can bring the larger sister also here in the channel and let you know my thoutghs about her, because I think it looks very good if the drivers work this well, I think I could make the switch without a problem from wacom at once and avoid All the problems with drivers and compatibilities, and all that stuff. As always very happy to see that other brands join the competition in this market and with such a solid product. Although with its flaws, I would not use this tablet because of its small size.

But I see a lot of people using it because of what I mentioned before space problems problem that they dont use it that much. But you still need a fairly professional option.. I hope they stay in this line of tablets and they dont start making other types of products like screens, because that always makes everything more complicated and more …. I dont know I feel that every time a company of these gets into these types of products, They branch out too much and no longer have focus and there are usually more compatibility, problems etc. but well see what happens.