This is napoleon back, but let’s see if there’s good, i hope you’re doing good. So today, as expected, we have a treasure convol in game and before we go and check that out, uh let’s take a quick look at what else we have here in game. So, first off we have a diamond. We bet here. If you don’t have enough diamonds, you can go and recharge and go for capsule, because it is for the gold amount and s for the single charge. Here uh we have oregon wings here with santa claus things you can go and please i activate really good, and then we are seeing the health chair get by for 4k uh. You can actually go and do that and get demand from capsule, and then we are seeing a shooter, the six time metamorph and then at the end you have the mount watches, and that is everything we have from the single charge. Nothing else is uh there. So let’s go and check out the discount shop, as always nothing new, so skip it and the quest is for the gold mod and you can go and get the ganesha as well. I would only recommend you guys getting ganesha from this quest if you are gon na do it, but i have no idea how much it is gon na be recharged, but this is the only quest where you can get the ganesha right now from doing a quest And 53 is the uh here experience red one and 42 is the uh four star meta watchers, then miracles, some holy relics there for heroic spirit, and then we have the alice blessing.

Pax 420 and spending rebate goes all the way up to 100k diamonds, and you can get some watches as well, so not but awesome, okay, uh ludi, and then we have the luna shop here, the lunar shop. I would recommend you guys getting the divine fire here for the gold mountains. This is for the gold, mod and now let’s go and check out the main event. This is for the gold mount. As expected, we have a gold mount with two red uh monster. All right so 125 times, ali’s packs 250 is a mystic here there and 375 is puff, puff a really really good amount. If you can activate it, it has a really good 20. In my opinion, and then the last is the chroma go. The gold uh mod it’s a pokemon, but it does have like a really a good talent that makes this month really good and from the shop new king purchase the fragments as well. It goes 1500 by fragments, but you can do that and i won’t recommend purchasing anything here from the shop and as for the uh drop rate, uh people been saying. That is not that good for the month, but i don’t know since i’m, seeing like 50 here then there. So i don’t know if it’s bad or not you guys can. Let me know in the comment section down below how much it costed you. If you’re spending for it – and it is going to help others as well now let’s just take a quick look at how good the amount is.

I’M gon na use. My own rating here that i did for the months so yeah let’s, go and do that all right. So this is the chart that i did for this month. There is a whole video where i rated the mouse and talked about it, how good they are, but anyways. The first skill here enemies lose 2.5 percent hp per second within 80 range. It is a drain skill, so i gave it a legendary rating there, which is a very decent and the second skill enemies below 17 percent hp dies immediately, trying to escape from the area. This is a skill which i gave mystic, and this is a skill that is going to make us go for this month, because it is going to be really really good in pvp. It can be a skyfall or the ground pvp. It is going to be really really good and the tur skin that got everything up. Epic, increased damage, reduction by 20 person for two seconds, uh it’s, a decent skill. I got a rating of epic, then the force killed reduced movement, speed of enemies by 20 person for six seconds. Coulomb is 15 second again, epic scale, nothing too big and then the fifth skill recovered 25 percent of loss, hp of you and the allies. It is a really good skill, got a legendary rating and then the six skill reduced attack, speed of enemies by 50 percent for three seconds got everything off epic, not gon.

Na help. You too much in any pvp scenario and the last kill increase the total damage of allies within 80 range by 20 percent. That is a total damage, so it got a rating of legendary and as for the divinity, when attack crystallized, shell all over the body and become immune to all that for three seconds, the cooldown is 45 seconds, but it is a really really good skill. You can save your life, especially in skype, for on this trigger on the right time and yeah that’s my rating 23. The only good skills that is gon na make us spend on this mod is the mystic and the legendary those are really good skill. In my opinion, but anyways i’m gon na sign up, you guys can let me know how much it goes to you in the comment section down below i’ll be reading and replying to your comments and best of luck out there guys when you are gon na spring. It and i’m gon na go and you guys take care, see you later. Oh some good matches. I will be putting together so yeah let’s. Go wish me. Luck and let’s see how it goes. Probably so first match here: it’s gon na be easy. I think it’s gon na be smooth. I don’t think so. A lot of plays are really high and i’m still not close to 4k around 3.8, something oh, this guy is still alive. He can’t ever die today.

I was reading comments. All right, let’s go back. This is a bit harder to control two counts here: uh, yes, because i did not play the fellowship uh for like uh five days, i don’t i don’t purchase any times here. I just stack them up for the last day, so that way most of the higher vr players are already in the higher tier.