This is appalling back with legacy of this code. I hope you’re doing good. So today we have a treasure chest. We’Ll just do this before we are going to see the 4.5 here anniversary which, in my opinion, is going to be trash, show anyways let’s see what we have here today. So first off we are seeing a diamond rebate here. So if you are planning on recharging, you will get three xd diamonds and i believe it is gon na be on the first day of the treasure gone will only and then, if we go to the item hunt to see, if there is any tokens here like I said in my video before uh there’s gon na, be, i think no talking. So there is no tokens here and the items hunt. Everything is old, so i won’t recommend purchasing anything single recharge uh. We have the that mod, which you can go and get activate augment amplify, and then we are seeing the dark by yoko. So nothing really that exciting here, which is gon na, be that tempting but anyways let’s go and check out the trashy convoluted discount shop. As always is a bad day and treasure quest, it is for the vision, wing and then 53 is the red herrick spirit. 42 is the uh four star meta fragment 30 is mirrored root. 20. Some at least back 12 is holy relics there, and this is gon na, be the last capsule uh luna shop for the uh this month here, phase three – and this is gon na – be last capsule as well.

So from the lunar shop you can go and grab the pesos or the divine fire, whatever you need, and then we have the spending rebate here, which is for the five star metamorph here. It goes all the way up to the uh 100k consumed there and now let’s go and check out the main event, which is the capsule touring machine event, and it is for the two meta mobs here. I love the knight and shiny gummy, as i was expecting that we will get a 2x a metamorph event, but i was not expecting it to be the all. I was expecting it to be uh, shinigami and ashura, but the uh they are weird, sometimes so. Anyways 125 times for the ali’s packs. Someone already activated this. The first activation i saw 250 is the nice scale, mata moved it then it’s shinigami and then is the i love the night and the last capsule was so damn terrible. Trash i’m still like broke from it. So no idea how bad this is gon na be, but i do i believe the developers will be trying to break the place uh during this uh right here. So uh everyone is gon na be like broke before the 4.5. Here anniversary went but anyways from the shop uh, you can purchase the shinigami, fragments 50 quantity and then you can purchase the out of the 950 quantity and then you can produce the underwater garage and the internal 150 quantity as well and yeah.

That is what we have here and then we have the one shop really expensive uh. If you need some fragments, you can go and grab those but it’s, really expensive and not recommended by me, and then i won’t recommend anything else here on this uh shop. So when it comes to the metamorph uh al is gon na, be the best metamorph here uh dealing insane amount of damage, and as for the drop rate, i have no idea that one just went live, so you guys can. Let me know in the comment section uh down below how good the uh drop rate is i’m. Seeing some fragment drops here, uh really a lot more fragments than what we were seeing on the uh last uh capsule event, but it could be some lucky people getting the fragments right now. So you guys, let me know if you’re spending and how much it’s gon na cost you for two uh, madam of there and i’m gon na sign off i’ll, see you guys later with something else till then have fun and, as always, take care guys. Music is Music don’t.