This is russ for much game. Core ive got another mini pc to review today. This ones called the b link gti 11. and, if youve watched any of my other mini pc videos, you know that i really like to review these and a lot of that has to do with putting as much power and potential as possible in a tiny little Box like this, and this one has the potential to be the best. Yet it has an 11th generation, i5 cpu known as tiger lake and its the 1135 g7 and its probably the beefiest of the mini pcs that ive reviewed so far and has some pretty neat features such as a dual fan setup, as well as wi fi 6. Triple 4k monitor support and apparently its made out of high end car paint heres a quick look at the specs, like i mentioned before its running a tiger lake processor, and it comes in two different models: eight gigs and 16 gigs of ram. It also has an onboard iris, xc, gpu and three different ways to store data. You have two m.2 slots as well as one sata port as well now, in terms of price, the top of the line version is going for 700 on amazon right now, but theyre also featuring a 50 coupon as well. So, at the end of the day, im considering this to be about a 650 computer altogether, so lets do all the things i love to do with these mini pc reviews.

Well, unbox. It well compare it to some butter and then well also play some pc games and emulators on it too, and of course, ill also give some thoughts about whether or not i think its worth it so without any further delay lets jump into it. Music, okay inside were gon na get an instruction manual. It doesnt have a lot of information, just really the i o so lets see what else is inside. We have one power adapter its a little bit chunky. We also have a vesa mount if you want to hook it up to a monitor, as well as two hdmi cables, a short one. If youre going to use the visa mount as well as a regular one, one handy feature: is it has this little rubber tab at the bottom? It allows you to pull the bottom compartment off after youve unscrewed it. They also tell you which keys to push in order to get to the bios or the boot menu, so lets. Take a look at the other sides. Well start with the top. Now this has a glossy finish to it and also has a fingerprint sensor on the bottom right, which i really liked, but i do think that the top is a little bit too glossy its quite a fingerprint magnet on the front. You have a power button, a clear cmos button, two usb 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and a usb c port, which can also be used for a display.

Lets take a look at the back, so on the top. Here we have our exhaust vent and then our power outlet, we have double 2.5 gigabit, ethernet connections, hdmi and displayport out usb 3.0 ports and also usb 2.0 ports as well, and then on each side of the device. We have our intake grates for the fan and both sides are labeled with this gi5. I think that was a little bit unnecessary, but it is what it is now. The ac adapter itself is a little bit chunky, but lets do a size comparison with some other things and at first glance this looks to be about two and two thirds sticks of kerrygold butter. If i had to put a number to it, i would say its about 20 ounces of butter altogether, but if youre looking for a more reasonable size, comparison its about the size of an xbox controller. So now lets take a look at the insides and see what we have to work with. This is held in by four phillips head screws, and all you have to do is pull that little rubber tab to kind of loosen things up and then pull it off from the left side, and here are the internals. They look nice and clean right up front. You can see that it has an m.2 nvme slot, as well as the second one below it, and then it can also hold two sticks of ram. Now one of the nice things that blink has been doing lately is been using name brand ram as well as storage, and so this is 16 gigabytes of dual channel 3200 ram.

And on top of that, the nvme storage looks to be made by kingston its an a2000 whatever. That means, but it is 500 gigs and it looks like this board was made over the summer on july 23rd. So, in addition to that second m.2 slot, you also have space for a two and a half inch hard drive, which you could just slot in right here and the mini pc also includes screws. If you wanted to screw this in. But i found that when you slide the hard drive in it stays in pretty securely without the screws. Okay, lets put this thing back together and actually hook it up. So this is what it looks like here on my desk, its pretty dang small. I would say this is quite a bit smaller than a mac mini. It has lights at the top in the front, and this is what it looks like in the dark. Now let me show off that fingerprint sensor, because i thought this thing was pretty neat ive. Never used a computer that had it before. Basically, all you have to do is just hold your finger down and itll log you into windows. You have to set this up much like you would with a phone, but after that, its really easy. So, moving on to the desktop here, you can see that ive already installed a bunch of games which well test out here in a minute, and i also added some of the high end emulators and roms as well.

Altogether, i ended up filling about half the hard drive up, so taking a look at the properties here, you can see that it is indeed running that i5 processor, which has a base clock of 2.4 gigahertz, also has 16 gigs of ram and its running windows. 10. Pro now, if you run a pc health check, you can see here that it is eligible for windows, 11. and thats, a good sign, because i think this pc would last for several years to come. So i think, in terms of everyday computing, this is going to have no problems at all, but lets check out video playback, so ive reset the resolution here to 4k unscaled and then i started up a 4k video at 60 frames per second and, as you can See from the stats here at the top left its doing a really good job, its dropping about 19 20 frames out of thousands. So i think when it comes to everyday tasks like browsing and shopping and taxes and watching videos, this is going to perform really well. So when it comes to gaming, one of the biggest factors is tdp for many pcs. So if you go into the bio section by pressing the delete button, when the device boots up, you can go into the power and performance section and then cpu power management. And from here we can go and configure the tdp, which will affect the overall power performance of the device itself and by default its clocked at 28 watts.

But, as you can see here, i set the power limit to 35 watts. Instead, now, according to the documentation, it can go up to 64 watts, but i think thats going to be a little bit too high. I think 35 is a happy medium. So were going to do a quick stress test here. First and as you can see its defaulted to 28 watts, but as we turn on the torture test here, youll see itll bump up to 35 watts altogether. And so i let this run for a few minutes to see what kind of temperatures we would get and after about three or four minutes, it got to a range of about mid to low 80s. So i think thats pretty good when it comes to temperature. So, at the end of the day, i think 35 watts is appropriate for this device, its not going to be too hot, and its also going to give you a little bit of a boost in performance which ill show you here later in the video and part Of this is the fact that eta prime did a video on this device a couple days ago, and he also kept it at 35 watts and that dudes way smarter than me so lets just stick with 35 watts. Alright, so i ended up using two different controllers. I use the xbox series controller here from forza 5 for most of my first person, shooters and racing games and then for retro emulation as well as ps2 games.

I ended up using the 8bitdo xbox controller, mostly because this control configuration is more appropriate for those style of games, so lets get started with pc games. First were going to start with some of the lower end games and then work our way up. Well, start with celeste so just to establish a baseline here, im going to run everything at 1080p and then my goal frame rate is going to be 60 frames per second now. This device is more than capable of doing 4k, but i think when it comes to 4k gaming, its not going to do so great. So i think 1080p is a good middle ground and, as expected, these lower end games run really well at 1080p. But many of these games can run on phones or handheld devices, which gives you an indication of how much performance they require, but all the same, when it comes to some of these lower end driving games, platformers or beat em ups youre gon na have no problem. Moving over to 3d games, heres minecraft windows edition and its running at a solid 60 frames per second as well. So, if youre looking for a pc that can run, you know kid style games like roblox and minecraft. This will be fine moving it up. A bit here is halo reach, and this one is also staying at a stable, 60 frames per second, and this is running at performance settings which is kind of the low end for the master chief collection, but either way it ran really well and looked pretty good.

Too, now im terrible at playing first person, shooter games with a mouse and keyboard, but i decided to try counter strike just because and the frame rate on this is pretty fine. Although the controls were a little bit jerky, but that might have been my mouse and keyboard, which are both bluetooth either way, i can comfortably say that you probably are not going to want to do competitive shooting on this mini pc. But lets take a moment here and just acknowledge the fact that this is my very first kill in counter strike ever now. I never really play this game, but all the same, its pretty cool. Now. The last pc game i want to show off here is street fighter 5. I was surprised at how beefy this game was all together, but if you configure the settings to medium graphics settings, it actually runs at a stable 60 frames per second on certain stages. I would get some slowdown down to maybe 55 frames per second, but overall it was a relatively smooth experience. Now, of course, this pc is not gon na be able to play every game under the sun, for example, i installed halo infinite, but when i actually tried to play it, it gave me a big. No, no. It basically said that i have to have my own independent gpu, which this pc obviously doesnt, have so thats about it when it comes to pc gaming. So now lets move over to my bread and butter lets.

Do some game emulation well start with nintendo, gamecube and across the board? I could play nearly every game at 1080p with no problems. Now 18 wheeler ran at a max frame rate of 30 frames per second, but all the others that i show here ran at 60 frames and, as you can see, they run really well and given the fact that these games are running so smoothly at 1080p, you Might be able to bump it up one more spec as well, either way for 1080p gameplay on the gamecube. This is going to run it no problem. Even some of the tougher games to emulate, like f zero gx, had no problems. The only one that required some down scaling was star wars, rogue squadron this one i had to bump down to 720p, but, as you can see, it still looks really good and plays really smoothly at 720p. So, overall, i would say gamecubes a big win so now lets move over to playstation 2.. First thing here is, i assumed i was gon na have to do 720p, but it turns out that 1080p runs really well too, so, well, start off with simpsons hit and run, and the reason why im showing this one is because in my last video i showed Off simpsons road rage and said, hit and run on accident, so i learned a little bit about simpsons driving game lore and this one is basically like grand theft auto, whereas the other one kind of feels like crazy taxi.

I didnt really know that before because it is the first time i played these games, but this one seems to be really fun. Moving on the grand theft, auto games, all played really well heres, vice city and id say in general, playstation 2 was perfectly playable for the most part, and i would say about 90 percent of them did 1080p and a couple need to do 720p, which ill show Off here in a second, but you know, as i was playing around with the ps2 emulator, i did figure out one thing that does improve the video performance. If you go into the plug in settings and then enable the hardware hacks one of the options here. Is you can set a half pixel offset and thats going to fix some of that fuzziness and double picture that you often see in ps2 games, like god of war ii? As you can see here, it looks nice and clear now, unfortunately, both god of war games do not play at full speed at 1080p. As you can see here, it runs at an average of about 45 frames per second now. If we bump this down to 720p, it runs at full speed, no problem, so i also wanted to show off how emulation performance is going to look if you use that default setting of 28 watts tdp. So what i did is i reset the tdp to the defaults and, as you can see here, it runs pretty well, but not quite as good at 28 watts youre getting an average of about, say, 56 to 57 frames per second, its still perfectly playable.

But if you bump it up to 35 watts its going to be nice and smooth now my ps3 games, library is pretty slim, but i did want to show off a couple games just to give you an idea of how performance is going to look so heres. The prince of persia reboot on the ps3, i really loved this game back in the day and its obviously running into some graphics issues. Here you know the character is not supposed to look so fuzzy and bright like this, and also when you get into combat it. Does dip down to something like 23 frames per second now, this game is supposed to run at 30 frames per second, so obviously its not playing at full speed. That being said, if you try to play some of the easier to emulate games, things like ducktales remastered youll get 60 frames no problem. Overall, i would say that ps3 is going to be hit and miss on this mini pc. Its probably going to be your upper limit. Okay moving on lets go over to nintendo wii. U now, this is wind waker remastered its running at a solid 30 frames per second at the native 720p resolution. One quick thing i want to show you here is: if you install the graphics packs for wind, waker, thats, going to help with performance as well, and i also recommend that you set these two workarounds here at the bottom. The fps slowdown, as well as the integrated gpu fixes, but the main thing i wanted to show off here is the contrasty setting under the enhancements.

You can go through here and kind of pick. The saturation point that you like the best. Personally, i like the gamecube style so thats what im going to stick with either way? Wii? U seems to run really well, there may be an option here to upscale some games to 1080p, but honestly they look beautiful at native resolution anyway, Music and, of course, because this is the wii. U i did have to try out breath of the wild. Now i didnt make any sort of graphics enhancements other than to change the shadows to a low resolution just to help with gameplay, but, as you can see, overall were getting an average of say, 55 frames per second, given the fact that this game runs natively at 30 frames per second anything above 30 is gon na. Look really nice its not going to give you a solid 60, but all the same. This is a really nice way to play breath of the wild if you havent played it before, and the last high end system i wanted to test out here is nintendo switch now, unfortunately, using the opengl back end will not show any picture at all, and so Youre limited to just the vulcan back end and as you can see here, it creates a lot of graphical anomalies, but even the games that dont have any graphical issues like links awakening here, unfortunately do not play at full speed. I was getting an average of about 23 frames per second with this one.

Now this mini pc is fully capable of running linux, and so because of that, i want to try out my little badasera flash drive, which ive showed off in previous videos ill. Also, leave a link to this video in my description, if you havent seen it already, but basically i put the entire badaserif operating system and the games on this little flash drive which allows me to plug it into pcs and then boot it up from there. So lets do that real quick were gon na turn on the device here were gon na press f7 to bring up the boot menu and then im gon na set it to boot from the usb drive instead of the internal nvme, and just like that, my bodicera Image loads right up and now i have a working emulation front end, which also includes all the games and all the configurations that ive saved already, and so this is pretty neat. This means that you could plug in an external hard drive, or even just an internal sata drive or even an nvme slot and then put badasera on there and then boot from that anytime. You want to have a dedicated, retro gaming pc and, as you can see here, the emulation works really well too. This is final, fantasy 10 running on the ps2 at a 1080p resolution running at full speed now across the board. I actually think that ps2 will run better on the windows side because its going to be able to take advantage of directx.

So i would say that ps2 emulation is going to be better on the windows side, but everything else should play equally as well as it does on windows and so yeah. If you want to do retro gaming things like nintendo, 64, dreamcast, psp and even gamecube and wii – u, i think theyre all going to work really well on badasera, and so this opens up a world of possibilities. You could put this thing inside of an arcade cabinet and have some really high end emulation performance and, thanks to its small form, factor its not going to take up a lot of space inside your cabinet now. One point i do want to make is that the fans on this can get pretty loud under a heavy load and itll be especially noticeable. If you have this pc sitting on your desktop, either way im going to play this segment here and just allow it to run full volume, so yeah im really impressed with this mini pc from b link. It has nice, i o and good solid components and its also easy to upgrade the storage and ram after several days of testing. The only two downsides i had from it is the glossy top is just a bit of a fingerprint magnet and the fans do get pretty loud if youre working in a quiet, environment and sure its 650 dollars its pretty expensive, and you can definitely build a pc Thats more powerful for less, but i dont think youre going to be able to find anything.

This powerful in such a small and compact form factor either way. I think that, if youre low on space – and you wanted to use this as a retro gaming console either hooked up to your tv or inside of an arcade cabinet, this is going to be a really great choice. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe.