Only that I will make a review about it. If you didnt check out the video guys, please go check it out. I will let the link on the description. If you like this video, please, like the video and subscribe to the channel, so Ive been using the tablet for a month. I had specifically some applications for video streaming and for some classes that Im taking and University the last 10 days. I had an issue with a tablet. I will start with the positive things that the tablet has and the negatives I will let them in the end. So please stick to the whole video to see everything Im about to say about the tablet. Ive been using it for a month. I am satisfied, I can say really satisfied of the performance of the tablet. It has a great display, I think its the perfect size. 10.3 inches its great for streaming media browsing the web. Okay, one disadvantage of the is minor disadvantage because Im coming from a phone that has a 120 shares display. The tablet has 60 hertz, but its not that big of a deal. It feels a bit laggy, but but its not its, actually very good, its really bright, the display. It was one of the things that impressed me from the beginning for the processor I cant say much because I am not really a Chevy user. I dont play games or I dont use very Chevy applications. The 4 gigabyte RAM its quite enough for the use that I did.

I dont think I need more for me its good. It has really smooth performance for everyday tasks and I guess for light gaming, but Im not playing games. The speakers are really good for watching videos on YouTube, Netflix its perfect, the the quality, its a Porsche, also Dolby Atmos, as you can see here, you can enable it and disable it. Okay now lets talk about uh the battery life. The battery life Im impressed. I dont know what to say: I mean Im watching an NBA game. The NBA games normally last around two hours. Okay, the battery dropped like 15, which is nothing like you can see. I dont know many NBA games with one battery charge. Lets talk about the cameras a bit I didnt use them. That much I mean who uses cameras on a tablet right. The front camera looks a bit better. I guess anyways thats from the front camera – quite nice, quite nice – that from the back camera this is nice. Also, the back camera, the front camera is 5 megapixels and the back camera is 8 megapixels its not a very heavy tablet, its 4465 grams, which its quite handy, you can move it around like take it in the bed and watch movies or whatever you want. I really loved the display watching Netflix and the speakers, the its the perfect combination for me. Take the tablet. Stay in bed watch my movies, my series, its really fun to use it and not have your phone like see everything smaller right, I mean look at it.

Its really beautiful foreign – I think I have I have to mention – also that on tweets you can see 1080p 60., its really good. I I like to watch streams through this tablet. Youtube also supports 1080 60 maximum. It doesnt support 2K resolution now lets go to the stylus part. If youre a student, you will love this tablet. The combination with the 10 – its amazing trust me – you dont – need to spend more money on the tablet, with a pen, its perfect, its good to that its absolutely smooth to use this pen very smooth experience. I never had tablet with a pen – and this is my first apples with a band and I think its the perfect fit for every student for someone that needs to write something all the time take notes. So here we are in the one node application. I think this application is from Microsoft, Im, not sure it has a lot of potential. Okay, let me show you what Im talking about. Okay lets start writing like hello. I am Orient illusion and Im reviewing. I think you took an idea how the pen performs I bought this separately in the videos of the unboxing overall, very satisfied from the pen and guess what I didnt charge it since I bought it. I didnt charge it yet. The battery is really good. What else? What else also you can draw if youre a good drawer there are lots of applications to start or learn how to draw the pen its also good for this, and let me show you a small example of it.

The feeling is its absolutely absolutely perfect. If you are a drawer or someone who likes to the paint, I dont know Im not big fan of it. I mostly use the pen for taking notes if you watch my YouTube channel Im, also a fan of Xbox games and I have an I own. An Xbox and textbook supports uh remote streaming games from your Xbox to the tablet. I can show you this also, since I tried it and you can see how it performs we have to connect my Xbox controller to the tablet. We enable Bluetooth expert and go to the Xbox application the remote play on this device. Okay, okay, now Im connected to my Xbox, I can control my Xbox through the application of Xbox to this tablet. You need to have good internet, which I dont have to have perfect quality, but, as you can see, the tablet supports really good and really fast. Lets see a game like e football 23.. If I had better internet, we would see faster response with games, seeing a small example of it, foreign laggy because of the internet, but you get a point without this ability. Also you play games great and now the part that disappointed me good overall, but what the catch of the budget price and the good quality, I guess its the software guys its a big issue. What happens here, Lenovo makes some updates, like all the like. All the companies do right, software updates.

So what happens just look also by yourselves. There is an update. This update, 46 megabytes. Now the tablet keeps downloading it and it cannot install it thats, a big issue. When I bought the tablet the updates were normally being installed. I had zero issues. I was reading reviews from other people saying that they have problems with installing uh software, and I said maybe its just them, but its like 10 days. Now that this update keeps downloading and it cannot install itself. I dont know why I searched the whole literate. They were saying, wipe wipe cash from factory settings the battery drain and fully charged it, and then try download it again and it will be installed. Nothing works. I had to follow the last advice, the reset to factory settings, so I did it and the problem is still here. The tablet cannot install the software update. You will see it by yourselves, okay, look now it goes this or then it will go fast until here and after well look and after it will show you an error, look failed to do it and it keeps repeating this thing again and again and again and Again, so if you are in the market for a tablet guys, if you want to have your mind free about software updates and all of these things consider buying something else, not this tablet, why you have a problem like this, they can fix it. I see lots of people complaining about it and maybe some people want to rethink about buying a Lenovo tablet to be fair.

I didnt communicate with a company yet, but I promise you guys that I will and if Ill find a solution, I will make a short video. Tell you how how it fixed if the problem will be fixed. Okay, that was the video thanks for watching guys and subscribe to. The channel would be nice like the video, if you liked it comment below. Let me know if you want to talk a bit more about the tablet or say something else that was my my user experience after one month right, I cannot say much, but the problem that I faced was this one. Only this one overall Im satisfied, but the software update its an issue like the video subscribe to the channel.