They needed a new computer, they really just browse the web check. Facebook do some skyping, very basic things, and rather than getting a windows computer and have to deal with, maybe viruses and malware and all kinds of stuff decided to go with the chromebook for them. And even though the laptops there are some cheaper laptops with similar specs or a little lower specs, but cheaper overall, i went with a desktop because theyre used the desktop interface, the the screen, the keyboard, the mouse. So i wanted to keep them in that. Well, there are chromebooks that are desktops that i really do like now. Ive been a big fan of chromebooks for some time. For example, my daughter is homeschooled this year and we got her a chromebook so that she could access all of her video offer apps and more that she needed and its been working great. Its done everything she needs for video school work and, more all with a computer that was only about 200 bucks for a laptop pretty nice deal now were going to be reviewing this im going to show you some video of this actually working too. So you can see how the user interface all behaves now. One note here: ive recorded it using a special recorder for chromebooks, its an android app and the refresh rate was kind of low. The frames per second were very low, so it looks jerky in reality its not nearly as jerky its very smooth, very happy with it.

So please remember that the recording on it kind of the frame rate was kind of low. I dont know if it happened when i converted it into mp4 to use in this video or if it happened, when i was actually recording it not sure, but actually using chromebook is a lot smoother a lot better, but were gon na be breaking this down? Talking about the actual hardware here talking about chromebooks as a desktop overall and a whole lot more if youre new here, though, do me a big favor hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up. It really does help us because it lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here. Hopefully we can help. You make a purchasing decision about a chromebook. This is the acer version of a desktop laptop or more. Now, if you want to learn more about this particular model check out the show notes down below, i will put a link there, so you can find out everything you want to know about them. Any specs pricing and more always remember pricing changes dramatically when these things happen so always kind of in cautious about uh listing prices, because i hate to say yeah its this price. Then you check and theres a sale or there was a price hike and more so. Keep that in mind now, a few other things with specs on this lets kind of quickly take a look at now. This is a intel celeron processor um.

This is the 3867. U processor is a pretty decent processor for chromebooks, especially if youre not doing anything crazy, 1.8 gigahertz processor. Now they do make real quick. They do make like i3s i5s and more theres, much more powerful chromebooks out there, but for just web browsing. This is a very good one. Now the device itself is pretty nice. I will show off some of the other features here real soon with it it. This is the front of it. It has a nice power button, it does have a micro sd card. There are hundreds of gigs of internal ssd storage with it two usb 3 plugs on the front and a microphone headphone jack there. On the back. You have some ports. There is a lock here, like a laptop lock. So if youre worried about losing your device, you can lock it right up here. There is usbc three usb 2s hdmi. This is an hdmi out ethernet option. There is wi fi five on this also and a power port. Now this power port is very much like a laptop power port. Its got the block with two cables come up both sides if you use the laptop type plug with the block on it, youre gon na be right at home. With this now, overall, im very very happy with this, like i said there are more powerful ones. You can get an i3 and i5 and all kinds of different options. You get more storage than 100 and some gigabytes of in here it really varies widely.

You can expand that with a micro sd card, if you so choose. Also the big down here is it. This comes with a mouse and keyboard, but no monitor theyre, assuming youre gon na bring your own monitor by your own. It is an hdmi, its hdmi out. So you can connect it to any monitor with hdmi. You can even connect it to a tv now its designed to lay like this there is. It does come with a stand that will mount it vertically, if you so choose just place this on the stand and youre good to go tiny little screw to screw it into the stand to make sure its really well. There is also this bracket for mounting on the back of tvs, displays and more so, if youre going to use this, for example, to be an information center on a tv, you can mount this right in the back of it, which is really nice now lets dive Into the video here now this is a chromebook, its the most modern os version of chromebook. It does receive updates and it comes with the android app store. Now, not all android apps are compatible, but all the big ones seem to be discord. Zoom skype all kinds of stuff, microsoft procs. So if you have a microsoft, 365 subscription microsoft office subscription, you can actually log in and use their mobile apps for word excel and a few other things it works pretty well.

Of course, there are also google docs for free with it. It is a google system, so you log in with your google account, and you got your google gmail apps photos. Everything in one place will also be able to pair with your cell phone. If you use android to get your text messages and more right in it now for school, my daughter, all of her school apps, are there zoom skype. All that stuff is on here very nice ill scroll through a little bit in this video show you some of the apps out there. Install them are very easy, with the big hundred some gigabytes in here in ssd. Really, i think, for most people, if youre, just maybe making some skype calls of family using facebook messenger. I use that on here too youre surfing facebook checking the web looking at the weather that kind of stuff. This is more than enough. Now, if you are a heavy video, editor and more chromebooks are probably not what you want. Pc gamers looking to play, call of duty – probably dont want to be on a chromebook, but i will say you can play a lot of android games on here. Ive done that and have enjoyed it overall. The actual power of this device is very good, very reliable and very smooth. Now. Is it a high end, apple computer, no, its a plastic basic, cheap computer, which is perfect. Now, when i had my old company, we ran it, we used googles at time.

I think it was called g suite now i think its workplace or something like that from google, which allows you manage company, shared um drives and emails and all kinds of stuff out there, and with that these are excellent, because you can, if youre a company you Can easily log in here and do pretty much everything you want to do without needing it. We did 90 of our work in our browsers and a little bit in microsoft office. Now, with this, you can do all that right here now, keep in mind again its a lower end system, its really meant for people who are just checking the web, maybe using some basic programs checking the bank accounts that kind of stuff um not really meant for High end pc gamers, though i will say using android app games, do work pretty well and i havent found any where i was unable to do it using the mouse and keyboard as a user interface. So keep that in mind now, if you have a monitor out there, that doesnt take hdmi, you can buy an adapter. There are a lot of usb to hdmi, so i havent tested it out. Does that work with chromebooks leave me a comment? Let me know my recommendation is: if you want this, it does come with a decent mouse and a decent computer, not the great or a keyboard, not the greatest in the world, but get a screen that uses hdmi.

Most computer monitors now do include hdmi some older, cheaper ones. Dont, keep that in mind, but overall, very happy if you need a cheap, laptop or youre like me, and you got in laws that want a computer that needs something that you dont have to worry about them breaking. You can do this. You can use chrome, remote, desktop to still log into their computer and make changes for them and or if youre like me, and you have a kid that needs a basic computer for school to do word excel surf the web watch class videos. We even have um. We use a program called teaching textbooks which has her do her math and she watches lessons it. Does the quizzes right on her computer chromebooks? Do all that justin. We just installed the android app for it right here and logged in and were off to the races. So two huge thumbs up really do like it, for the prices is excellent. You can buy more powerful versions. There are a of this very one. There is an i3 version. There are other chrome products out there with i5, for example, and more. If you want something more for laptops, i actually use celerons. I really like them, because the battery performance is significantly better versus the i3 and i5. Maybe thats changed but mikes, but so far when i was testing them out, the ones with the cell celerons had much better battery life with it theres even other types of chromebook processors out there so two thumbs up.

I dont think youll be unhappy with this. If you set your expectations of surfing the web, checking your bank, maybe making a skype call, you know facebook messenger zoom is on here. T microsoft teams is on here you can install the microsoft teams app and more and pretty much anything you can do through a web browser. You can do through the chrome web browser theres, even other browsers, like firefox, available for downloading installing on it. So keep that all in mind all right, if you have any questions, leave me a comment. Once again, i will put a link to this down in the show notes. Hopefully this video helped. You make a purchasing decision if it did hit that subscribe. Button hit that thumbs up, let us know, help us out. Let youtube know you enjoy what we do here. Hopefully we can help.