. We have the 15 inch version here that we’ll be reviewing today, and this intro is actually being shot on the webcam right there and we are outdoors and yeah pretty cool right. So a lot of people have been asking me: is it birthday? Should i buy this and to be honest, that’s for you to decide, however, i’m gon na cover the top five things that annoy me about this laptop. If any of those aren’t deal breakers, then the next part of the video are the three groups of people that i think would really love. This laptop let’s talk about all this in detail, but first a message from our sponsor: actually no sponsor. Today we have our stickers here in original and holographic. These are three dollars each and we accept paypal and venmo just make sure you include your full name and address for our friends overseas. This costs an extra dollar so four dollars or if you want all three original holographic sticker and the magnet five dollars for all three or six dollars for overseas funny part, is when people have fancy cameras, they have these nice shiny laptops. Now this is what your laptop’s gon na look like. This is the mystic blue, color and you’re gon na have fingerprints all over it, no matter how hard you try here on the bottom as well, so pretty much anywhere you handle the laptop. You will leave fingerprints on it guaranteed, so the number one most annoying thing for me happens to be in onenote, which is one of my favorite applications to use here.

If i want to write a text using tablet mode, i can type that in. However, once i go ahead and switch to handwriting mode using my s pen, if i tap anywhere on the screen, it wants to resize the background, or it also wants to move the cursor and also my handwriting pad. So now, if i write something here, it ends up over here, and this is not where i wanted it to be. I wanted to continue writing text over here. So, for me this has been really annoying, especially for one note, which is fine, because i normally don’t use s pen for one note, it’s enough to just drive me crazy of such poor implementation on this particular app, which is meant for note. Taking and writing the weird thing is, i don’t have that issue on the whiteboard app. So if i write something there’s, nothing here on my palm anywhere else, so no issues with whiteboard, and that is a very specific example with one note and it’s just enough to drive you bonkers on how something that’s supposed to be easy, just to write type notes On, if you happen to be in tablet mode, while you see it it’s very frustrating all right, let’s just get out of that number two. The wobbling i’ve covered this in my previous video, the combination of the thinness of the display, and the hinge basically makes this wiggle a lot more than it should.

So if you tap anywhere on the screen, vibrate just a little bit more and we’re just lightly tapping and for me that’s not such a big deal, but i know that can definitely be a deal breaker for some of you out there. Next up is pricing i’m. Not gon na lie. This is an expensive laptop for the maxed out one terabyte we’re spending 1 500. Now this laptop configuration the one that i’m using today cost 1299 and i’m, not gon na lie there’s a lot of cheaper options out there. Here are two laptops that have the same identical specs: the intel inspiron 1080 full hd. This has a better display, i’ll put a screenshot on here so it’s easier to see it has the same 512 gigabyte, ssd, eight gigabytes of ram windows, 10 home you’re, going to be paying 400 more for this device, and the one thing i did want to show You is how you can get this laptop for cheaper, because you should not be paying the full price for this laptop, especially if you’re a student here in the us. If you’re a student or a teacher go into samsung and log in, i used to be a teacher, so i still have my.adu account now. The pricing here is a lot different. So for the 512 gigabyte model it now cost 10′ dollars, and if you want the 16 gigabyte model, it is 300 cheaper at 1999 and the cool part is, if you tap continue.

It still includes 150 instant credit for your galaxy, so you can get your galaxy buds or you can skip the add, ons and redeem this later, and here is the checkout screen. I had one saved in the cart one terabyte mystic bronze 11.99, and i have a five percent off samsung code if you’ve never used a referral code before, and that gives you an additional five percent for samsung next up is the audio for this device. I’M gon na play two clips and you’ll hear the difference in the audio when it’s playing back audio it’s, not as loud using certain files. So this is the intro we recorded earlier. Really, this laptop is not perfect. I’M gon na go over the five things. This laptop is not broken, and our audio here is at 100, so this should be way louder, and this was used using the webcam. When i export this file to edit, i didn’t have to change the audio. It was perfect it’s, just the playback of this file. In this laptop now we did a screen record playing octopath, traveler and i’m just going to play a quick audio and you’ll notice, it’s a lot louder and vibrant and, as you just heard, it’s definitely a lot louder than the other clip. Now, if i play this intro on my other laptop, this is a awesome premium laptop but it’s not for everyone. I can’t really pinpoint why certain files are really sound.

A little bit muffled in general, i don’t have a problem with youtube or listening to music it’s. Just certain files that really make it seem washed out in terms of the audio quality. Hopefully i was able to show this to you guys with these quick video clips so number five. The last most annoying thing about this is there’s a constant notification, constant strong word. Um persistent so twice an hour for the laptop asking to pair with my phone and weirdly enough. It hasn’t shown up at all, while i’m recording this video. What will happen is i get a notification request for pairing and i did take a bunch of screenshots anytime. It happened and here’s an example screenshot where it would ask me to pair my device when the device was already paired and when i would tap on the notification, it would say, connection failed and this would happen about twice an hour since i’ve been recording this video. None of that has happened all right, so i just covered the top five things that annoy me about the samsung galaxy book pro 360.. But the weird thing is, i actually really like this laptop so hopefully in the last part of this video i’m able to convey that to you. In my case, i sold my dell xps 17 and i’ll be using this, as my daily driver it’s been a while since i’ve had this much fun in the laptop, basically flipping it writing notes, taking it all over the house, whereas my previous device just sat there, Like a desktop replacement and this part of the video again is using the selfie camera and this time we’re indoors, so it’s a little bit different, so you’ll notice a little bit of the difference in the quality of the webcam.

It tends to work better outdoors for pictures and videos better than indoors, and one of the comments i got, which makes sense the webcam itself, the hardware isn’t great, but the software is pretty good it’s, more optimized for outdoor usage versus indoor usage. So, for the last part of this video we’re gon na go over specs performance and go into more detail of of the laptop’s performance, but before that i think there are three groups of people that would really love this device. First, if you’ve ever enjoyed using a samsung galaxy note, this laptop puts the note right into the laptop. You have your s pen, you have your air command and this is similar to the recent s21 ultra with the s pen. So you have everything you need from samsung note things like smart select, screen, write, which i use way too many times a day live message, pen up and more, and you don’t need samsung apps to use the s pen. You can also just use the s pen to write or navigate the screen as well. Next up you’re. Looking for a really light, two in one laptop here are the dimensions of this device. I’Ve, never really moved. My laptop that, much before i used to have a dell xps 17, which weighed twice as much and it would just stay here as a desktop replacement, but now i am here i’m in the living room. I take this to the bedroom and i’m, always using the laptop way more than i thought i would.

It is very light it’s a little bit over three pounds so for me, it’s easy to hold with one hand and it’s also very thin. I wish the s pen had a more secure place than this little tiny, magnet here at this location, but it’s better than nothing. I guess the third group of people who’d want this. Is you want something different in a premium laptop? If you want something durable and premium check out, the dell xps get a macbook if you’re open to getting mac os. However, if you want something different you’re going to want to check out this galaxy book pro 360., the one we have here has a 15.6 inch super amoled, 1920×1080 full hd display and, to be honest, it looks great. We are currently indoors and i only have the brightness at about 50 and you can also use this outdoors. Some reviewers said you couldn’t use it, but from my testing i thought that was fine. The only thing you’ll have to fight outdoors is the glare of the device which we don’t have so much here indoors, but you can still see a little bit of the reflection here on the bottom with the latest intel i7 and the model we have here has Eight gigabytes of ram for what i use it for it’s great. We did a screen recording using the xbox companion, application and here’s the clip of octopath traveler, no stuttering at all, and i know it’s not a high graphic intensive game.

But considering it’s able to do this i’m very Music. I also did some video editing just to test it out. Downloaded adobe premiere elements, and i was able to edit the intro without any stuttering whatsoever. We’Ll say that my videos are in 1080p, not in 4k or higher resolution. So, if you need to edit in higher resolution, you might something that’s made for video editing versus a ultra portable two in one laptop, we haven’t covered the ports. Yet this has a headphone jack, usbc microsd on the other side here, another usbc and a thunderbolt 4 port. The cool thing is with the 65 watt charger you can use any of these to charge the device. I normally end up using the right one and for performance and portability on the go i’m able to unlock my laptop before i complete a sentence. Experience with this laptop has been really great. I spent 80 of my time on desktop mode and i’m, normally just typing. Writing out articles replying to your youtube comments and the typing experience is great now i i do like typing on here and i do love the inclusion on the 10 key, because on my last laptop the 17 inch dell xps 17. I did not have one so for me just a combination of everything: it’s, not perfect, all the software isn’t 100. I showed you guys the top five things i hate about it, but overall i guess i don’t want a boring laptop anymore.

I wanted something on the go: light portable touch screen, responsive and yeah, all of the above with an s pen, even with all of the bugs, alright guys. This is our samsung. Oh wait! Let me write this nicely, as this will be the thumbnail all right, guys. That’S our review of the samsung galaxy book pro 360.. Now i hope i was able to convey how awesome this is because it really is, and it’s just made the laptop more fun again. Alright, if you guys have any questions, leave us a comment down below.