If located to many, I even come to one the nation’s largest consumer electronics exhibition thats goes online when CES 2021, another Samsung Galaxy S21 nor webinars and online exhibitions that are published online. The trend held March for a live broadcast. All you need to prepare are camera equipment, technicians and video editors, In particular, cameras and equipment for video, editing and production are directly related to the quality of the broadcast. So you can’t roughly choose Besides. There are so many types of equipment. First, how is the video being broadcast Multiple monitors for output to be checked The control panel that makes the camera video and microphone sound in a seamlessly pleasing format such as a switcher used when you need to switch between video and video, etc. Even if you think About it for a moment, you don’t need one or two shoot edit and the thought to broadcast. So where did the progression of dizzy? I’M sure there’s no problem with real time broadcasting, but there’s, probably a lot of worries about places that haven’t been taught in real time. A product that will solve these problems was released last year of this famous Taiwanese companies with would put the KVM switch released. Last ten ‘UC9040 stream live pro. Products are integrated, broadcast equipment with most all of the features for the internet, live broadcast, It’s small, so it’s easy to carry from the first component. When you open the box, it consists of the UC9040 Stream Live Pro body 1.

Usb C to C cable and 1 USB A to C cable., The USB C to C cable can be connected to the iPad and the device body From the main body. It is very convenient. Experts are enough for broadcast, but if people look a bit done only buttons – Oh No, This is it On the front. There are buttons for video and audio settings and video switching. On the back. There are inputs for receiving video and sound inputs, outputs for outputting, mixed video and power and other input devices.. If you look at the side as well, it consists of a USB C type and a 3.5mm audio port. Are you trying to install and use the product? I was a little embarrassed because there were no control panels for real time. Video management., The Aten UC9040 Stream Live Pro, has a product that you must use with it.. It is an Apple iPad. Aten is an iPad only app that allows you to use it with this product. Instead, you should have an iPad, 5th generation or higher Using the control panel with an iPad and the control panel with an iPad. It may be a little awkward, but there is definitely a good point.. It is a great control panel application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. TEN ON AIR PRO’. This free app provides setup functions for video and audio and live streaming.. It provides an intuitive interface that allows you to view functions such as video and audio input, output, video monitoring, video conversion control and more Video and audio, And it is convenient to use the point consisting of the top tab as a general setting.

The UC9040 Stream Live Pro has professional specifications to match the product name. It broadcasts in real time, such as 4 HDMI inputs and 2 audio inputs and 8 scene presets.. It has no shortcomings, but even if it has great specs and performance if it’s a live broadcast user for the first time, isn’t it complicated With this idea can be sufficiently large buttons and jacks may be frightening to you, but haebomyeon actually using intuitive. I can say that usability is convenient if let’s you and a real time speech to the online home first one front. Camera You’ll also need a camera that emphasizes the part you’re describing and, of course, you’ll also need a microphone If you’re, not alone but appear on a different panel. You’Ll also need another camera In this case, you’ll need a video input device like each camera or PC. You can connect the video input on the rear of the product and finally connect the microphone to the audio input and when the connection is complete, you can set the camera video and audio in the app.. In addition, this exclusive app for Aten can use media stored on the iPad. You can add the richness of the video.. You can configure the input video scene as you want and set up to eight. Here you can ask quotIf. The type of video you want is different for each instructor. What should I do if I need more than eightquot? In this case, You can create a new project and set the desired video in various ways.

. The 8 video scenes shown at the bottom of the video tab can be created and saved through the input. Video Click the gear icon at the bottom right of each video to display a small PIP in the screen. There I can just create a desired scene. The PBP ability to split the screen in both and four HDMI sources and iPad media sources and to take advantage of the text, and I make very rich in each scene app within 8 video footage and You can select the next scene through the scene number buttons On the top of the device., The video scene that is currently broadcasting is displayed in red and the video being prepared for the next scene is displayed in green. The red light is displayed press 3 when the next image, as a switch, that is 3 times, can activate a green light. Then you can preview the preview part 3 on the app. There are two ways to change the image: first, pressing the quotCutquot button slip way to instantly switch the scene. Second it’s a gentle way to pass the scene through the T bar when There are also 8 screen transition effects called DVE. So you can change the scene to the style you want. At this time. You can adjust the transition time when switching by pressing the cut button In the Settings and General tab, the transition time is between 0.3 seconds and 3 seconds.. It is also very interesting to be able to adjust the video conversion speed.

For reference. There is an AFV button under the HDMI button on the left side of the top.. When this button is activated as Audio Follows, VideoAFV the video is switched as well as the audio transmitted from the video.. So if the audio needs to be fixed, please refer to this section. Specific audio settings are also available. Can edit the input audio by tapping the audio tab in the app You can easily adjust the 4 HDMI sounds and 2 microphone inputs. Another aspect may be in order to check the sound output There’s. Also, an audio book is also a 3.5mm audio jack. On the side was able to connect earphones or headphones you’ve created an image. I need to do a broadcast platform and setting it. According to the points in this ten, UC9040 stream live Pro I’d like to share, have his name on YouTube and twitch to the live. Broadcast I’d use a broadcast program such as OBS studios each platform, products broadcasting programs without having to use simultaneously two platforms. It was impressive that it enables real time broadcasting on the device.. After connecting the device and the LAN line, you can enter the broadcasting, URL and stream key of the platform to be broadcast in the settings, ‘Stream’ menu. To adjust the quality of the broadcast. Video click, the streaming resolution in the output tab. And you can set the quality. If you are ready to broadcast in real time press the Go Live button on the top and the broadcast will be broadcast on two platforms at the same time, If the broadcast middle, If you want to pause to do, I owe you press only the pause button specific to the live broadcast product, so many places that you can take advantage of services of religious organizations real time.

Lessons are conducted online interview, product promotion, how much more one of the media in the function of this product I’d like to owe the product the consumer is 1985000 won going as well as could be cheaper compared to professional broadcast equipment, but equipped matter. How many features a casual feel very s overwhelming when viewed in the size and portability may stand this amount? I could be a burden but, Considering the contrary, look up, features and great app specific real time broadcasting said: audio mixer, switcher capture boards, video splitters to the end product finish and luxurious feel is unfortunate that some plugged look lately at the 4K era. As 8K video emerges, I feel that FHD resolution is a bit disappointing. Of course, 4K loop out is possible as a capture board, but I thought that it would be better if the encoded video was also 4K. Finally, no, why do you only need an iPad.? Fortunately, as a result of checking with ATEN, we are developing an Android tablet. Galaxy Tab compatible app following the iPad. Please refer to this part. How was the ATEN UC9040 Stream Live Pro you met today. If you have any questions, please write in the comments below.. I ll answer as much as possible.