3 plus Ive had a couple days to mess around with this and its definitely turning out to be one of my favorite. Smaller handhelds on the market right now, so first things first yeah. Personally, I do think it was a bit early to release the three plus version. When only two months ago the three came out. A lot of people picked up the three and, to tell you the truth, I mean for what it is its still a great little handheld and if youre into this arm based handheld scene. You know this is exactly how it goes. Two months from now were gon na get something even better than the three plus and really, if you just want to wait a little while until you can get something that emulates or plays all of the stuff you want, I would definitely go ahead and do that Or use the Android phone you have in your pocket, along with an attachable controller or even an Xbox or a PS4 controller. But if youre looking for something right now thats not going to completely break the bank, then the three plus might be a great option for you. So with the three plus, we do get a couple new color variants. Now you can get all of the other colors that we saw with the three, but weve also got this Atomic purple or clear purple, and they also offer a clear blue version. Now, obviously, I chose this Atomic purple version and it is a bit darker than original real Atomic purple from Nintendo, but I think they did a pretty good job here.

So, if youre not familiar with these retroite devices, basically, what we have here is an Android powered gaming handheld. We can run native Android games, emulation cloud gaming and streaming on it. This one just happens to have a 4.7 inch. Ips display and weve got our built in controls here, taking a look around the device over here. On the right hand, side weve got our home button. Moving over to the left hand, side weve got our volume rocker, so volume up and down along the bottom. Here. Weve got dual stereo speakers: a Micro SD card slot, USB type c for charging and syncing the device and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and up top weve got our start and select button, which is a little funky. I mean you can definitely get used to it. Its been a bit odd having it up here, but theres not much more room on the face of the unit to add. These weve also got a micro, HDMI port and our power button. Now, when it comes to the triggers here, these are not analog theyre either. Just going to be on or off, but we do have our shoulder buttons and triggers along the top, and when you compare this d pad to other devices on the market, this does seem a bit smaller, but it actually works out quite well. Well, take a look at the performance in a little bit with the fighting game, but uh one thing that a lot of people might not like are the analog sticks.

Now, personally, I dont mind these switch style. Analog sticks. We do have L3 and R3 here. So we can press down on them and they work fine for what they are, but a lot of people just dont like the switch style. They want a full size. But again this is a very small and thin device and really theres not much going on around the back here. But since weve got that clear version we can actually see inside of the unit a lot of the view here is taken up by the battery. But I still think its pretty cool to have a transparent, handheld and really when you compare the overall visual difference between this, the three plus versus the original Three theres, no difference at all. But what makes this one much better are the internal specs, because with this weve got a more powerful CPU. This is actually using the unisoc tiger. T618 weve got eight cores here, two cortex a75 course. A two gigahertz and weve also got six a55 cores at two gigahertz for the GPU. We have the Mali g52 mc2 up to 850 megahertz and the CPU might sound familiar to some people, because weve seen a lot of tablets, release with it. In fact, Samsungs new tab A8 uses the tiger t618 when it comes to Ram weve got four gigabytes of LP ddr4x Ram, 128 gigabytes of storage, and this is using emmc. 5.1 storage. Weve also got AC Wi Fi built in so we can pick up that five gigahertz Network and it works great for streaming and cloud gaming.

A 4.7 inch IPS display at 1334 by 750. It is 60 hertz, with up to 450 nits of brightness weve also got a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and its running Android 11.. Now the very first thing I wanted to take a look at was just the performance difference in synthetic benchmarks versus the retroid pocket. 3, because this is offering much more power on the CPU and GPU side of things. First up weve got geekbench 5 on the left. Weve got the three plus on the right. Weve got the three not much of a difference here. When you compare the single core score, but uh multi, we get a really nice boost on the new three plus were coming in at 1442 on the three plus and 723 on the original Three moving over to a GPU Benchmark. This is 3D marked slingshot and yeah. This is where were going to see a major jump in performance on the original Three for slingshot, we got a 707 on the new 3 plus 2247 and finally, I ran the n22 Benchmark and, as you can see on the three its actually telling me that this Might be cheating because that score is above normal, but on the three plus total score here: 231 681 on the original Three, even though its saying were cheat and we got a 160 845. And if we take a look at these individual scores, I mean obviously the three plus has beaten out the original Three in all of these areas that the benchmark test.

A lot of us expected this. We were supposed to get more power and we definitely did. But now its time to dive into the operating system then were going to move over to some native Android gaming and wrap it up with some emulation on the new retroid pocket 3 plus alright. So here it is, this is running Android 11., its been really Snappy. So far and setup is really easy, so there is kind of a little walk through process and you can opt to download a bunch of emulators and apps. If you want to – or you can keep it really Bare Bones, but remember we do have Google Play pre installed, so we can go ahead and download all of our favorite emulators and Android games right here now. The launcher here might not be impressing anybody, but you could always install a third party launcher, and this works out really well, but theyve also got their own front. End built in the retroid front. End Im not exactly sure what theyre calling it, but it makes it really easy to set up all of your favorite retro games. We can go with the Dark theme or the light theme and itll automatically download metadata and artwork. For us. We can customize the ROM directories or we can have retroid set it up for us, but yeah I mean Ive actually really enjoyed this very simple, not much customization that we can do, but it works well and really when it comes down to it.

Best thing here is, I mean we can get in and start playing our favorite retro games really easily and again weve got access to Google Play Or you could sideload your favorite front end. If you want to its really up to you, weve got a ton to choose from nowadays. First thing I wanted to test out was a little bit of native Android gaming and weve got Minecraft. I mean its definitely going to run really well on this device, but another thing I wanted to show you were a couple built in software features that we have with the retroid pocket 3. Plus we swipe over. From the right hand, side weve actually got a bunch to choose from on screen FPS counter. We can clear the ram out here, and one of my favorites is the on screen key mapper, and this does come in handy for games that dont natively support controllers like ginch and npac, or even games like Call of Duty mobile. That only support first party controllers, like Xbox and PlayStation controllers. With this we can map the built in controls to on screen touch points and therefore, basically use the built in controls with any game. For instance, here we have Call of Duty mobile now this does work with controllers on Android, but it has to be certain controllers, like the Xbox One controller or a PS4 controller. Third party controllers, just dont work out, but Ive set this up with the on screen.

Key mapper and we can use these built in controls, no problem at all and by the way, yeah Call of Duty mobile actually runs pretty well on. This Ive got the FPS up in the top left hand Corner every once in a while. We get a dip down from 60, but its really playable and another game. This on screen, key mapper comes in really handy for is genjen impact uh. Unfortunately, we just dont have controller support on Android with this game, no matter what controller youre using, but with this we can set this up its totally customizable. We can also go through and change the sensitivity and when it comes to ginshin impact performance on this device, it actually runs pretty decently at 30 or 25 FPS, but we have to go to the lowest settings here now from the menu we can set. This even as low as 25 FPS, which is probably what you really want to do. So we dont get those major dips but uh. You know it does try its hardest to run this at a constant 30.. Oh yeah, before we move over to emulation, I did want to test out some cloud gaming and game streaming now. Weve got Wi Fi 5 built in here with the retroid pocket 3 plus. So we can pick up that five gigahertz Network Ive got some Xbox cloud. Gaming, going with Game Pass right now, Forza Horizon 5., and as long as you have a decent internet connection, you can actually have a great time with cloud gaming on this.

If you want to use GeForce now, it also works just as well, but I got ta say when it comes to playing PC games on a device like this. I personally like to stream from my own PC, either using Moonlight or my favorite steam link. So with steam link here I can actually do 120 FPS, and this really comes down to your internet connection in the house. Your router speed and everything like that, but just on this initial Network test were at 100 megabits and Ive actually been able to set this up to beautiful quality and 120 FPS. Now this is going to be streaming from my own PC in the house. So if your PC can handle whatever game you want to play, you could definitely stream it to the retroid pocket 3 plus heres Spider Man Miles Morales streaming from my own gaming, PC Ive, set it to 720p because really thats the resolution of the screen we have Here its a little over 720 but Ive got this at very high settings and we are running it at 120, FPS on that PC and streaming it right over to the pocket – and this is actually one of my favorite use case scenarios with the pocket 3 or The three plus here Ive had a really great time with the three and streaming, but you know really when it comes down to it. These are marketed as Retro Gaming devices, so lets test out some emulation.

Foreign first up weve got some Dreamcast using redream uh. This runs really well were actually upscale to 1920 by 1440. We dont need to go this High. We could save some power and battery life by just taking it down one step, but I wanted to see if it would handle it and yeah. I mean even Crazy. Taxi 2 here is running at full speed and while were here with Dreamcast, I figured we could give this d pad a test with uh Marvel vs Capcom 2, so its definitely not the best d pad in the world, but yeah I mean it does work with These fighting games, I usually have no issues whatsoever pulling off these special moves now. One thing Id love to see in kind of a next revision would be just a little bit of a larger d pad, but yeah. It works great now its time to move over to some PSP emulation, and you know if this device wasnt anything else. Its a great PSP emulation device – I mean this could replace a PSP no problem at all. It offers excellent performance and right now were at 4X resolution. No other hacks on uh Weve even got filtering set to x16 Vulcan back in and Ive got Jack and Daxter running here at full speed. This originally ran at 30 FPS on the PSP. You could use a hack to unlock it to 60 and it would still handle it just fine at 4X resolution and of course there are easier to emulate games and in those cases we can actually go up even higher, but uh next up weve got Tekken 6, Which I consider a mid range game, didnt change.

Any of the settings here were still at 4X resolution using that Vulcan back in were at full speed. Now, like I said, I consider this a mid range game and we can even go up to 4X with this one but theres one more. We need to test and of course, thats going to be God of War, either chains of Olympus or Ghost of Sparta and with these harder to emulate games. We do have to take the resolution down, but we dont have to go all the way down were actually at 2x right now and its handling this game. Like a champ, I mean you know, if you do any kind of PSP emulation on these lower end arm. Handhelds, you know how hard this one can be to run so seeing it running at 2x. Resolution on the retroid pocket 3 plus is really awesome and sort of impressive when you consider these handhelds. But what was even more impressive was the GameCube emulation, so Im gon na go ahead and say it. I wouldnt pick this up specifically for GameCube emulation, but there are games that are going to run at full speed Im using the Dolphin mmjr2 Emulator and were at 0.5 x resolution. So were not quite there, even at Native, but uh weve got sunshine here with the Vulcan back in running great now. This originally ran at 30 FPS, but this doesnt mean that every GameCube game is going to run at full speed, because when I went over to automotolisto, which is a harder one to run, it fell right on its face.

I also tested f, zero kind of the same thing here, but uh, even even Mario Kart runs great using mmjr2 again were only at 0.5 x resolution, so were a little under native, but given the smaller screen it still looks pretty decent. If I had to put a number on it, Id say about 30 of the GameCube Library would be playable on this device and it kind of drops down with the Wii library, because I really didnt have great luck with this. Even something like Sonic, Colors didnt run. Well, but there are Wii games we can emulate on the retroid pocket 3 plus. I was actually really impressed going into this. I didnt expect to get this kind of performance out of it and I want to say it again. I wouldnt pick this up specifically for GameCube and Wii emulation, but just know if you do have your hands on one. There are games we can play, and the final thing I wanted to test here was some PS2 emulation using ethers X2 heres Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex. Definitely an easy one to emulate were at 1X res Vulcan back in and were in safe mode. So once you start this emulator up, we can go to unsafe, which is going to give us a lot of hacks and uh cycle. Skips so well have some frame skipping going on, but with these first three games I tested, I didnt have to go to unsafe mode at all and were at 1X res.

They look great on this little screen here and a lot of the easier to emulate. Ps2 games are going to be fully playable, but uh kind of just like GameCube and Wii youre, going to run across those harder to emulate games that just dont work very well on this device and right now, heres Gran Turismo 4 were at 0.5 resolution Vulcan back In and were in unsafe mode, so its not going to hit that 60fps Mark weve got a lot of cycle skipping going on uh. It is using a lot of hacks in the background to try to get this to run a bit smoother. But as soon as we come around one of these core Corners here, youll see it just kind of dip on down now uh. One thing I do want to mention about this game is its not a super hard one to emulate. Even the Snapdragon 720 can do this at 1X with no problem at all, but we are working with a low range chip and a game like God of War 2, will need a lot of those cycle skips going on and some people might be totally fine. With this I mean they might not mind playing it like this, but personally I would kind of stay away from it. Just because I hate frame, Skip and, of course, going through and spending time on, each one of these games and finding the perfect settings, you could always come up with better performance, but it will take time so overall, Im really digging the retroid pocket 3 plus its.

Not the most powerful device on the market. If you wanted something with a bit more power, I would go with the Odin Pro, but this is coming in at 150 and its readily available. I mean they usually ship out within a couple days. Another one you could go with if you want to spend a lot more money is the Logitech G Cloud. It does offer better emulation performance or you could just go all out and do a steam deck at 3.99, but at that 150 dollar price tag. I really do think that this is a great little device and in this video we didnt see really any low end. Emulation, if you wanted to do some N64, some NES, some SNES, even Nintendo DS its going to run it just fine. I wanted to go with those harder to emulate systems and yeah I mean Dreamcast, PSP, Sega Saturn, even Id say around 30 of the GameCube library is going to be playable on this plus, like you saw in the video weve, even got some PS2 emulation out of The way on this device Ive still got a little testing that I need to do keep an eye on my community section. My battery life test will be up in the next day, or so I actually wanted to cycle through this a few times just to find out exactly how much battery life were getting out of it. But right now its looking around five hours of Total straight gameplay and thats, not bad at all for a device like this so yeah.

If youre interested in learning more, maybe picking one of these up, I will leave a couple links in the description and, if theres anything else, you want to see running on this.