This wonderful beastie, now you’re, probably going you’ve covered this before what you’re doing well, that was the unboxing stroke. I’Ve just taken out the box: how does it feel to my fingers right there and then well? This is the bit of where i’ve actually played around with it for a bit now. Sadly, this does not work with this memory pack, this memory pack, this memory pack or even this memory back so i contacted retro fighters and they said: okay, you’ve got third party memory, packs i’m sort of summarizing the conversation i had with them. It’S not quote for quote um. Can you please try and do a reset now to do the reset while the card, while the dongle’s plugged in you hold down down a b and start for three seconds, wait for the flashing lights and then try again, so i did that didn’t work. Didn’T. Do anything so with a bit of conversation they said, could basically can you try giant getting your hands on the stock one, so i sort of put it to them more than they put it to me. So i found out that they’re called controller packs without the c, because that’s how nintendo decided to spell pack for some stupid reason. Anyway. The nus004, which i did because obviously third party things, can be annoying and you know stuff, they did say they had one of them or something like one of them, but you know to be sure: let’s go stock.

So fair enough. I bought one off of ebay. It came relatively quickly relatively quickly, even tried it plugged it in still didn’t work, so they went. Aha. Maybe there is a fault in the dongle we’ll send out you another one. I was like okay, then, so they sent out another one and i was expecting pretty much just a new dongle, but what they actually did was sent me the whole kitten kaboodle again so i’ve actually got two game pads to playing around with the other ones off Screen at the moment, so that leaves me with this. There may will be a dry solder or something like that in here. So at some point i will open this up and see if i can fix it, you know because dry solder points can be annoying. I understand enough from soldering from what i do when i don’t do an awful lot of soldering that sometimes your shoulder works and then a week later it doesn’t um and it turns out it’s because it’s a dry solder point. It it’s one of those weird things of like it’s enough just for a few girls electricity going through it and then for whatever reason in the realms of physics, it stops working. So so i don’t get confused. This is the new one. I put my memory pack back in again and this works that’s all good, so the memory works so let’s move on to the gamepad itself of actually being used.

Now, as i say, the gamepad, the the dongle worked, but for whatever reason, no matter what game i was playing and at first i was trying to play around with puzzle bubble. The reason why i try to play around with puzzle bubble is because it likes to know that there’s, a memory pack when it loads up it’ll, be a lot of green writing. Otherwise or if there’s a problem with it. They’Ll complain and say they need to fix it, so i’ve sort of used that as a tester game. The thing is, though, for the left and the right for the arrow and puzzle bubble, because obviously you’ve got to match up the balls and everything you’ve got your little shooty thing to get going. It was always pushing it to the right, and so i did the eight eddie down a b and start all at the same time. Press down, you know so a bit like this and with the dongle in and that actually fixed the problem and i’ve not had a problem since and i’ve you know charged it up, ran out of power started up again and everything like that and it works fine. So if you’re having some kind of drift problem, when you first get yours, i recommend again press down a b and start all the same time for about three seconds. Flashy lights will happen, and then you know you have to press start again to actually make it resync and when it does that it works.

At least it did for me now actually moving on to the use of the gamepad straight away, it’s light and it’s light, because you’re so used to or i’m so used to using game pads. Now that have two motors in them, you know that gives a bit of weight and that’s. The only reason why it’s light the um you know the design of it is that it could do with a little bit more weight in it because we are so used to it if we were so used to just basically empty game pads like this or empty Ish, you know what i mean: um you wouldn’t notice, but because we’re so used to weighted ones. So what i might do a later date is open it up and actually stick a couple of chunks of metal in on both sides. Just to give it a bit of heft, you know give it a bit of weight. I do wish that retro fighters had actually made it so that there was a little switch on here, a bit like the one that’s actually in this rumble pack and memory pack. If they had done that, you know on the underside or something across the top, maybe even a button, some clever button that sent a signal to the dongle while it was turned on don’t bother with the memory pack. I want to do some rumbling now. Maybe even just a button would be enough just to switch.

You could even add a third one in the middle there or you know up the top as if it was a sync button or something like with modern gamepads. Um. Stop messing around with the memory i want to play around with being rumble now and actually had some motors in here, so it did some rumbling. That would have been really nice sure it would have added extra cost, but it wouldn’t have been that much. I don’t think um and besides, i think customers would have bought it anyway, even if it was in there. So maybe they’ll do a version too. With that idea, i don’t know how to program that up, i don’t know the logistics behind it. I just think it’s a nice idea onto the actual using of the fire buttons, all of them um in some games, there’s a little bit of a delay but it’s, so small it’s not really worth talking about most of the games. You don’t even notice that there’s a bit of a lag, the lag that is there in some games and i’ve forgotten the names of which ones. It is because i have tested a fair few um and i was silly enough not to actually put some notes down. But the point is: is that the little bit of lag that is there it’s? So small it’s, really not worth talking about in the realms of within a few minutes you get used to this – is the time that you got press the button, um it’s just it’s fractional.

It really is so fractional to the point that it might even be just in my head versus it’s. Actually there it might just be a matter of opinion versus. So if the distance of pressing the fire button seemed just the same as what it is for the wide version of this gamepad so yeah, take that as you will, the d pad is a nice d pad it works just as well as the wired version. The the the stick, as i said it was it – did – have a bit of drift um when i first turned it on. As i said, pressing down a b and start fix that um, i don’t know if the drift is the real term for it, because it was just off it, wasn’t, as if it was slowly drifting across and getting worse and worse and worse, it was just it Wasn’T, when the stick was central like that, it was still pressing right, just ever so slightly, but it was there and off um and a quick reset fix that so maybe there’s some kind of clever computing in centralizing, the joystick of the sensors that it feels so. But the stick itself again feels fine. You know you played around with mario 64 running around and doing all the fun stuff you can do in that plays well enough for me at least, and then uh. What else can i talk about with this? The triggers and the shoulder buttons, the shoulder buttons to me feel that they could have done with a little bit more stiffness, not a lot just a little bit.

It does feel a little bit cheap. I have to say i mean you can even hear um. I think when you pull the fire button, the the smacking of plastic in this modern age – it’s, not it’s, not something you really want to hear. You know you want to feel that you’ve pressed the button, but you don’t want the smacking of plastic um. So if they felt a bit more like the triggers, do where you can tell that you’ve pressed the fire button, but there’s no smacking of plastic, but again that’s. Just my own silly opinion. I do think it needs a little bit more weight. It could do with the rumble. I don’t know how easy that would be for them to do, but that’s a version two, not this one, but as a whole, the the coloring, the plastic’s nice. I mean it matches up quite nicely um with my everdrive, which of course is based on this sort of transparent red of the n64. You can buy or could buy. Rather, i mean they’re out there second hand um yeah, i would actually say, go for it if you, if, if for a reason that you think that you’re going to be not sat near your n64 close enough to have a wire version, you know why is annoying To you get yourself one get yourself a wireless gamepad for the n64 from retro fighters, if you’re, not so fussed you’re, not so bothered um you’re happy enough with having the having a controller.

That’S wired by all means buy the brawler 64 wired version and use an extension, cable um, but at the same time you know we’ve all got. You know different reasons on why we want wireless. You know other halves: children, pets. All the above friends who’ve had a few too many whiskies. You know those sort of things um. You know these are the sort of things that you might want a wireless version, and this is good enough by all means it’s good enough. It’S not perfect, but let’s be honest.