If replacing it makes any difference to my calling performance. I'Ve built my current computer in 2010 and have never bothered to change the thermal paste. I'Ve been intending on getting a new computer for the last couple of years, but may have fallen into the but there's. This one awesome thing coming in a few months: strap I'm! Not doing any epic looking and the temperature of the CPU has never been an issue, so I never really made it a priority and that's a result never got around to it. It doesn't even make a difference anyway, before swapping the thermal paste. I'Ve recorded the CPU temperatures of my Intel i7 950 at idle and full load using aida64 during idle. The temperatures overall for colors set between 37 to 41 degrees Celsius, while at full load. All cores set between 57 to 62 degrees Celsius, so let's get in there and disassemble this thing. The CPU cooler is a cooler master v10, which does a good job at collecting dust. I'Ve cleaned it out a few times over the years, but never fully removed it. Let'S remove that cooler and see how the thermal paste is held up up to seven years now I haven't looked at a whole lot of thermal paste, but from what I can tell this looks just fine, nothing too exciting. Now, after wiping the old paste away, I apply some new arctic silver thermal paste. Unfortunately, I have no idea what type of paste I used seven years ago, so it could be possible, but any difference is simply due to the paste being better than whatever I used previously after putting it all back together, I ran the same tests and got very Similar results at idle or for CPU cores, set between 37 to 42 degrees Celsius mark so just one degree higher at maximum at full load.

The temperatures range from 56 to 64 degrees Celsius overall cause, so the minimum was one degree cooler, while the maximum being slightly hotter than before. Realistically, all of this is within margin of error ranges I'm, not actually convinced to the changing the seven year old paste made a real practical difference. Although I don't personally have any noticeable issues you might want to look at replacing if they will paste a little. More often than every seven years, especially if you notice any temperature issues over time. However, in my limited experience, it doesn't seem that you really need to my paste is held up fine. After all this time, it works basically the same as the new paste. So how often do you guys replace your thermal paste if at all, and why I'd be interested you do with yours, leave a like on the video. If you found the information useful – or I guess a dislike, if you were upset that the seven year old thermal paste wasn't as disgusting as I thought it might be after all this time, thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.