530 stylus that I got bundled with it so stay tuned well get into it. All right lets talk about the features of this Pelican K8 surface keyboard. Well, first things: first, you get Bluetooth with a 35 day average battery life takes about 3.5 hours to charge, and you can still use it while its charging. This combo, with the 530 stylus, came with a USBC to USBC, shorter, cable and a longer USBC to USB a cable. It also came with three uh stylus pen tips, which is very useful, so uh, the USBC charging port uh is actually over here. On the left side, which is hidden out of the way when you um put it behind there, which is nice and uh, has backlit keys, which you can adjust with the function row right here, Function, One and uh intelligent wake to save battery. So, basically, when youre not using it, it will go into sleep mode that a Raphael stylist storage will accommodate the 520 520c or BT and 530, but it will not fit any of the um. Microsoft slim pens. So it is a circular stylus design there and as far as the typing experience very solid, just like a surface type cover has all the same function. Keys right here, youve got your volume up and down mute like I said that uh backlit button you have your display up and down print screen home and all that jazz. It also has Windows key a um right click and, like I said that function key so that you can use all those extra row.

F Keys. All right lets compare this to the regular surface type cover this one is for originally for the Pro X, but it still works with the Pro 8 and pro 9. and if youll notice, uh comparing the size of the touchpad the surface, one is just a little Bit bigger, but as far as the layout of all the keys and everything like that is pretty much exactly the same with just a little bit different uh um font, which is actually a little bit. Bolder which I like, because its easier to uh, find the keys, and obviously you have a Bluetooth, uh pairing button which will show up in your Bluetooth as uh the rhinocer K8. All right lets talk about a few things that you need to know when you are using this Pelican K8 surface keyboard. First, things first is the touchpad. The Springs in it are a little bit stronger than the regular surface type covers so youre going to need to get used to how strong it is, but you can also, instead of actually pressing, it is uh use the touch settings touch to press as well, so Thats, just one thing you need to know. The second thing is that the magnet magnets that are on the bottom right here of this strip are not as strong as the surface type cover. So if you were wanting to put this underneath its not going to stay so, but the magnets that are on the side here of the style of storage are strong enough to keep it there, while youre typing, which is not an issue as well on the back.

Here you will see it does have a raised section here for the stylus storage, which youll have to account for when you buy a case for it. So if you have like a sleeve that is really really snug, it may be a little bit harder to pull out of your bag or sleeve, but youll have to determine whether thats a deal breaker for you, its not for me its been no problem, uh, just Navigating that and lastly, there is no sensor in the top here because its Bluetooth to tell the surface to turn off the screen when you want to close it. So basically, youre going to need to get in the habit of pressing the power button and then closing the type cover. And then, when you want to open it, it will recognize that you uh opened it, but uh thats, just one of the other things. Youll need to consider all right just going to do a quick demo with the Raphael 530 stylus that came bundled with this uh Pelican K8 and uh been great for note taking, and it is great for art as well. You can see tablet pro on YouTube for his full review. Ill. Have a link in the description. Uh comes with a USBC Port right here on the side for charging. The top is used as an eraser, which is great, comes with those replaceable tips. If you do get the combo and as far as cons not having any at all, this is a great stylus, and all you need to do to turn it on is just hold down the button until the white light comes on, and you can just start writing Right there all right lets talk about price, so this is where the Renaissance Pelican K8 keyboard really really shines.

So for 75 dollars you can get the keyboard without a stylus or for around a hundred and ten dollars. You can get this combo with everything that Ive shown you with, which comes with the cables, the extra replacement tips and this Raphael 530 stylus. So if you were to buy both uh, the slim pen, 2 and the surface signature type cover that would cost you around 230 versus 110, so youre saving around 120 dollars. Now, if you were to buy them separately, um the surface signature keyboard is right now its on sale for 130, so versus 75, so youre saving. You know basically fifty dollars fifty five dollars, but normally theyre 179 and then the stylus, the slim pen, is either 95 or 130 uh, depending if, if its on sale and the Raphael 530 only costs ‘.99, so youre saving anywhere from UH 60 70 80 on the Stylus as well so its a great value proposition has some extra features with Bluetooth thrown in, and I think its a great deal all right. Final thoughts on this renacer Pelican, K8 surface keyboard. So basically Ive really enjoyed my time with it. Im going to continue to use this for either my Surface Pro 8 or Pro 9.. It also does work with the Pro X as well and uh, or the Surface Pro 5G, as the Pro X has now become and uh its great for. If you want to save some money, its great, if you want to use it as a Bluetooth keyboard where you dont have to uh, maybe you want to put your Surface Pro on the side of your main large, Monitor and still use the type cover as your Keyboard on your lap or on your table that will work just fine as well.

If youre a fan of the Raphael, um styluses, you can still use your 520 or the 530 here which do a great job at note. Taking and uh are great at art as well, so I hope youve enjoyed this product review and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments and Ill put the links on how to pick these up in the description as well as That tablet pro art review on the Raphael stylus.