0.1, and it does work as you can see, on the video w10 elite here, but there's a couple of things. The screen is inverted, so when you start it up, the screen is going to be the wrong way around. You can see. I'Ve got the webcam right here at the bottom, so that's a little annoying, obviously there's going to be probably a way to be able to fix it just to invert the display but I'm not going to go into that I'm, not going to spend too much time On this now there is Play Store, you can go along to what's called the Play activator and if you run there it will come up and ask you if you want to store Play Store, you do that and you reboot and then Play Store is working. So touch works, Wireless works because it's using the Intel, chipset and not real tick and the sound is not working. So the sound the display, the display brightness, cannot be controlled, other things here, otherwise, Internet's working everything else seems to be working. I can't run Geekbench 3 for some reason it will go to load and then crash on me. I probably cuz it doesn't like being run, maybe as a as a window to app. It probably ought to run in full screen. So what I did is and didn't still n22 benchmark. Six point: two point: zero, just have a quick look at it and see the schools.

I could get so 76000, actually isn't a bad school that's like roughly around the performance of a snapdragons 65. This Neve Dragon 650 and yeah the sittings – everything else I can see so it might be worthwhile to hopefully someone's going to come up and get better driver support for this figure out how to fix the sound fix the display and then invert it, of course, as Well, so we'll have a fully dual boot kind of system there, because when you do power and on once you've installed remix to the harder it will come up with a dual boot menu. So it's a running like a proper dual boot, but I needed the keyboard plugged in I've got my wireless keyboard plugged in to actually select other windows or remix it wouldn't work. The volume up and down will change the selector of the operating system, but it won't. Actually let me the power button then confirm that choice. The couldn't do that. So you need a keyboard for that, but I mean if you're gon na have the type cover plug done. It shouldn't be too bad there so I'm not going to go into too much detail. Show you match it all here you can see android 6.0.1 and yeah. It is fluid the touchscreen, it is accurate, that's, the good thing there and you can, for example, I'll just quickly installed clash of clans as well. You can run that in the window.

You can run the browser in the background. Install Chrome do a little bit of multitasking stuff that you can't really do on any other Android tablets. So you see that's in a tiny little screen there. If you simply click that maximize icon, it'll launch again application now on full screen, so you could yeah! You check on your facebook plans, your clan see how things are going but I'm having no sound. There is a little bit annoying. There is a workaround that I have heard of people doing and that is using a USB sound card plug one in you can get those USB sound cards with the 3.5 millimeter jack on the end, maybe plug that in and then you get sound. But then to me is a bit of a hassle really doing that and yeah that the performance of that seems quite good, really smooth and things like that. So not really that bad, so that is remix OS visions free for PC running here on the video w10 elite. If you want to see more videos on this particular tablet, well, it's fully laminated screen atom x5 then check out the playlist. There do have more of those and there will be a review coming up shortly to of this particular model.