What is the difference between android 5.1 and android 5.1 remix OS? Well, here is the qu UVI 10 plus, and then is the chewy H I 12. Now the HOA 12 is at the moment running android 5.1, and this is running remix 2. So straight away, you can see some differences here with the way the launch is set up. So you have this standard basically standard Android here on the chewy aho 12, which you've got your apps drawer. There you've got your back button home and recent apps, so recent apps on them is handled very differently because recent apps on remix, you can see along the bottom there. Now you can hide this taskbar remix is basically a very tweaked version of Android. They'Ve got to changed a lot of things and made it to give you more of a desktop experience on Android, so you can also run things in windows side by side on apps that support it. Now not every single app will allow you to do that, but a lot of them will, and so you can, for example, run. This is the speed test and if you go down from the top, you can simply just click the little icon there to run that in what's, basically like a mobile phone, an 8 inch, so I say: that's, probably more, like a 5.5 inch mobile screen, there you're Able to do that with various application, so all the stock applications that remix installs you're able to just run them in different windows there.

So you can do multitasking a lot better than what you can on standard. Android is multitasking of that you'll be running an application here. So if I launch crime, you'll have Chrome open there and you want to go and swap then you've still got to go back into the recent apps go back here into YouTube. Now YouTube's going to load up, whereas here you can simply just tap and swap between them and it's, relatively quick at doing that so that's one of the key differences. The other thing is there's, almost like a Start, menu see it up there. So you can see right here now. I'Ve got applications that I can also sort from the date they were installed. The usage, the ones I use the most will be listed right at the top. That is quite handy too, and the settings so it's very different there's, a lot of differences there now I'm, only touching to see, if has other things like the tasks back here controlling the screen. Brightness is all handled similar to a style that you would see on Windows with the keyboard, the volume as well. Turning on Bluetooth and quick access there to memory cleanup, so you can go along there and clean up on the memory so really, which one is better. Well, it's, personal preference: if you want something that's more like perhaps your older tablet or something that you're running and familiar with on your mobile phone, perhaps it's running Android you've got a Nexus tablet.

Then then, this kind of setup is probably ideal for you and then, if you want something that's, a little bit more focused, definitely aim towards multitasking giving you quite a kind of Windows feel to it. I wouldn't say it's like Windows, it's more of a feel to it the way it's designed and laid out there. So those are just very quickly the key differences between remix there's, so many other things as well that I could go into, but that would make the video a little bit too long and I don't want to drag it out so much. So those are the key differences to think upon that. If you're thinking about getting a remix tablet, then it's also a nice change. I found as well it's good to try out something new. Thank you for watching this short video here and hopefully we'll see you back in the channel and if you're interested in both of these tablets here check out the playlists there for the chewy ho 12 and the chewy VI 10 plus.