Tell me what you are interested to see in the remarkable three but the software 3.0. I think points us out points out what might be coming in remarkable free itself: new software for a new device. Maybe new device quarter four this year, maybe 20 23 – maybe an announcement at the end of quarter two. They did an amazing job of hyping up remarkable two through pre orders. There was a chat about it. The whole time expect a lot of hype on YouTube as well, and some of bodies in advance for probably contributing to that it could be big, isnt yeah. I think the the update is really is going in the right direction, so I hesitate to say finally but really Im thinking about early reviews of the remarkable and it was well its lacking some basic features, and there are some basic features that its just missing cant Hear me it could be big, but it isnt yet so what Im wondering is? Can it be real time handwriting, okay, so at the minute, its quite Snappy, its quite quick and does it work offline? Somebody asked well Im currently, I believe, yeah Im, currently offline Ill. Just double check that just do that now. I think that it wont work therefore offline. It is, however, pretty accurate and I found yeah it does need to be online heres one I made earlier just to write handwriting recognition test. You see, I was a little bit more uh neat that time and there we go handwriting recognition test with the full stop in the right place and his remarkable free update this page of writing here, and I think there are about three Corrections in this.

So not a hundred percent but pretty close, and it does handle my italics, which I write on it does handle that pretty well. It also is using now that you can add notes in the desktop app, and I think that theyre really going to bring adding notes onto mobile as well, and I think that could really make the difference with remarkable free to make it everyones go to everyones destination. Are really aspirational really your second brain platform Im going to talk about that later on as well. I think if they update the hardware, could there be real time handwriting, because real time handwriting has come into this super note devices as well, so a bit more processing could actually be real time handwriting there will they give us Bluetooth for a keyboard or maybe well? Actually build an onboard mic that could definitely happen. Will they maybe give us a microphone to do text from voice? Maybe speakers to let you use voice notes actually on the device I think lights on the device? Maybe it might might any of you be interested in that might sell the device from from that, I dont think that theyll do some of those things, because I think one of the aims theyll do on remarkable 3 will be to try and make it even thinner. Okay, they will definitely go for that worlds. Finished tablet. Unremarkable too. I dont see why theyd want to drop that it could become the destination.

I said for a second brain platform. If they get the cross app cross device functionality right, I can see it becoming a real go to for knowledge professionals. So its you know its got really accurate text recognition, some of the most accurate in the business, its good its good to see its got a good built on keyboard as on screen keyboard, so making those Corrections. Should you need theres a little typing tool in here which actually is already moving and you can make the corrections here or you can type in if you wish to, but are they going to give us Bluetooth for a keyboard? An actual you know, keyboard mechanical keyboard or something on the side to actually use as well. That would be really really good. What they need, though, is they need to have full editable notebooks in all apps on all devices theres. One thing you need, if youre running a second brain system is you need to be able to capture anywhere, and most of my capturing of my thoughts happens really on my phone. So it needs to be able to go into the remarkable system, and that could be brilliant. That could be actually, if youre, going to your remarkable Cloud, which is just fine. The remarkable desktop app is just fine as well. If it could go in there and be available on all apps, then you you could be. It could be an excellent PKM, personal Knowledge Management System.

It could be if, if they really want people to pay for their connect, then they need to connect to be a service which people actually want to use for all of their Knowledge Management and right now, lots of people want to use remarkable to do handwriting and They talk about converting it to text and then importing it into notion, um or any other preferred PKM, so remarkable needs to try and make the remarkable connect platform a destination for personal Knowledge Management. The remarkable free could be this hub for thinking and you can still capture from any device. You can still work on it any browser. You know it needs to have a web app that you can log into and write into, so that you can access all of those thoughts and all of that second brain stuff, and maybe even if they add more powerful features, maybe actually things like AI to actually Organize your thoughts, and certainly they need to look at why people love notion why people love all of these note taking apps so that their whole Cloud platform can have those same features, and to do that, you need remarkable freeze specs to be up to the task. So itll need more RAM. It will need more storage, itll need better craft, graphics and more IO to be that kind of tool. Okay, more input and output, so thats my thoughts on remarkable threes. You know, I know, I know they are talking and they want their remarkable device to last for a long time and not be replaced every single year, but were already sort of three four years into this device.

Now its probably time in their cycles – and I think therell be an announcement this year for a new remarkable, I certainly dont think that they would have called it remarkable. Three 3.0 software now 3.1 is already hot and its healed.