This is the remarkable two on the left, and this is the tab. Ultra on the right were just going to take a casual look at both of these guys to see how they both kind of Stack up against each other. Now, to give you guys some info, this is a e note and thats it. This is a full blown tablet with an e paper screen, meaning you have Google Play, you have Android 11. You have an SD card slot. You have onboard audio, you have two different colors of glow light. You have microphone, you have gyroscope accelerometer. Basically, everything a tablet has because it is a tablet now. The downside about that in comparison to this is that we cant show anything on this. Compared to this, we cant show videos we cant show games, we cant show X mode. We cant show any sort of contrast alterations because the ultra just has more features and is basically more feature packed and bells and whistles packed in every single way compared to the remarkable. So all we can really show is the note taking experience which were going to focus on now with the remarkable. It is a rather slow and sluggish experience because they dont really prioritize processor and RAM and anything like that and its really old. The remarkable two, although has a heavy advertisement campaign behind its back, is actually pretty devoid of anything. It just has note taking and thats it. You can do some eBooks and you can do some PDFs with very very surface level features but thats.

Essentially it all. You have is note taking when the remarkable 2 came out. It was remarkable, it was kind of the go to. They were showing you that this is the true e note and it feels like paper, although it it doesnt 4K and 8K advertisements aside. This does not feel like pen on paper at all. Neither does this that would be reserved for the plastic screens like the mimus, the remarkable one, the king, Jim frino, the movie scribe the quadrino, the Sony. Those will have true paper like experiences this doesnt, so that little guy on the video who has a British accent that says the first e reader that feels like paper. It doesnt it just feels like youre writing on glass same with the Onyx. In fact, this one is even more glass like its very slippery. Now the tips on both of these and this one that were using, which is an eye reader pen, are exactly the same theyre all made by iReader. So the tips for the remarkable two, the Onyx pen, 2, Pro the iReader X pen, SE its all the same exact same thing. The only difference is the weight in your hand, so thats, neither here nor there on the remarkable. You have a couple pens here. You can choose from your pens. If you tap right there, you get seven or eight pens there and you get different line thicknesses and three colors. You also get the Eraser, you get a isolating Zone and you have a back and then down here.

You can click. Some more so you have go to page. We can go back right there and you have a couple layers and then you have export or send you can do screen, share, send by email, convert text and send, and you can do the one down here, which is the final page, which is add new page Notebook settings and switch to landscape mode. The Onyx will take us 15 years to go through because it has every single thing. The remarkable has but 10 times more, so theres a lot to go over on this. You have layers all the same, so lets just compare kind of one by one. So if we go to layers here, lets see how many layers we can add on both of these, including the template layer, which has a layer what it would acts as a layer. Basically, so if we add layers you get six layers total and on here, you get six layers, so thats all good thats, all well and the same in terms of pens. If we go down to shape nope over here pens, so the Onyx allows you to customize pens. So when you go on the remarkable you can choose a pen and thats it. If I choose pencil, I have pencil, but on the Onyx you can go over here and actually customize each pen, so I can do highlighter on this one with a thick bleed and out of the 12 odd colors we have.

Actually we have more. We have 16 colors, whereas the remarkable has three: you can choose a gray highlighter. I want paint brush with a mid range and a dark gray. I want the ballpoint pen to be super thick with a super dark gray. I want the pencil to be light with. Maybe a light gray and finally I want the marker to be mid range with a red like that and you can toggle between these pens seamlessly. So I can go highlighter. I can go pencil, I can go like this to marker and you can switch between them as you see fit, thats, a very, very instant experience, and only one other manufacturer does that, and that would be the Fujitsu quadrino that allows you to do two pens and Thats, really the maximum. If you go over here to the Eraser, you can erase everything you can erase all layers and wipe everything away. You can do really the same thing on here. If you click here, you can click on erase all and everything vanishes. However, on the remarkable it only erases all on the layer, doesnt erase all layers, so Onyx has that little extra thing there, whereas the remarkable does not. If you go to line thicknesses, you can choose your thicknesses and it does have pressure sensitivity as well. So thats, really nice. The remarkable has something that the Onyx does not, and that is this dusting. If you tilt your pen, it actually recognizes the Tilt and changes the thickness and pressure sensitivity parameters to allow you to do this.

Dusting and thats really cool. No other manufacturer does that, but thats really all the remarkable has going for it. In fact, you need even to use this unit. You have to pay a monthly fee on your credit card, which recently has been kind of altered back and forth, left and right. The prices have been changed, the tiers have been changed all that. So, if we go here now were going to go to a new page. So lets open up a new page on our book here, because we want a secondary page and were going to draw something. Just in the middle here so Im just going to draw this Scribble and Ill go here and Im going to box it with an area like that, once more now, Ive boxed it. I can move that around. I can expand it. I can copy it. I can cut it, I can paste it on a new page. Thats. Really, cool Onyx has the same kind of feature. You can go like that. Go to the lasso tool, wrap it around and you get more options here. You can actually change the overall dimensions and you get a lot more things up here. You get tag undo redo, you can change the colors of it, you can cut copy paste and you can go here and flip vertically flip horizontally. So this is more of like a paint experience where you get additional features to actually change everything, so thats, really nice.

You also get Zoom you get insert as well, so you can insert pictures so I can go over here, insert the little Android guy plump it on the page, go to back pick my pen and start editing the Android guy like that, so thats, really nice. You cant do any of that on remarkable because you cant add anything into the actual, the actual canvas it wont. Let you do any of that. So theres really no way to do anything like that, but we both do have text conversion which were going to show you right now so lets grab a pen and write my name on both of these. So we got that and well grab a fine liner exact same on both of these so on the remarkable you have to go down to here always forget where it is, and then you have to convert to text and send then what its going to ask you Is what is your subscription plan and if you click on connect, you actually have to purchase a plan in order to convert the text. So you you have to use your credit card monthly, get build monthly in order to convert the text, so were really not able to do that in the Here and Now, whereas on the Onyx, we can go down here to Ai and once you click on it. In about two seconds, it converts it so thats a pretty Stark difference. Now you do have a bunch of different ways.

You can do things here. You can do original, which has it exactly where you wrote it in the way that you wrote it and you can bold, italicize underline, Etc. You can go back here to Ai and you can do Reflow and its going to actually Reflow it to the top left corner, in which case you can choose the fonts. You can choose the line, spacing the type of way you wrote it, whether its American keyboard Etc, and you can continue typing over here. You can go like that and you can just kind of right away, write the Knight away. You can even go like this and actually write with the pen a p and then a p will throw up there. So its theres tons of different ways. You can kind of continue your scripting and continue your kind of dictation with that. Another thing that the Onyx has is canvas. You can actually stretch the canvas, for example, if I wanted a 1×2 stacked on top and I draw something here. I can actually move the canvas down and say whats down here again: oh yeah thats right and then, if I dont like it, I can move it back and I can actually add to the canvas in any direction we wish up and down left and right or Even custom, three by three, four by four Etc, so thats really cool. You also have a variety of shapes, so you have pentagon, you have a trapezoid, you have square or rectangle, you have a hexagon, Etc.

Now, when you choose something, you can also choose the thickness and the type of which it actually lines up. So if I go like this and I do a line thats going to be an isosceles or whatever triangle with a bunch of dots, but if Im doing Drafting – and I say well – I want my red square to be a little bit thicker with a different type Of line – and I can do that – so really does save you the time of grabbing this and you know doing little dots yourself so being being there for you, even though you dont necessarily need it is invaluable, because the amount of settings here, the 16 colors and And seven different lines and all these shapes and arrows and everything I mean its its really jam, packed with everything youre gon na need also on the Onyx when youre done drawing something you click share and simply youre able to just share it with any app. So you can share it with Kindle or Whatsapp or Gmail, or Outlook or Facebook, Messenger or or line, or basically anything, and you just simply share it and it goes directly to it. You can share this and send it to your phone immediately and that will show up on there. The remarkable cant do any of that, because it doesnt have any apps or any other sharing methods. So when it comes down to it, I would say that its its not even close at this point and this isnt about obviously Onyx – is a hyper tablet, but its the fact that remarkable has had its time in the Sun and its its over.

It honestly is over and we love remarkable. We compare it to remarkable. We use remarkables where we have a connection with remarkable its its a great unit, but its its 15 minutes of fame is completely gone. Theres. Just nothing remarkable can do anymore. This isnt a bash at remarkable. This is real. This is real. The only thing remarkable has is that tilt and the fact that this feels better than the Onyx. Is it a paper like feel no, not by a long shot? Neither is the Onyx oh Im on the Arrow there. This is good. The writing experience on this is good. The writing experience on this is better but thats where it ends. Theres no glow light, theres, no speed modes, theres, nothing you can do, and this even looks and performs in every conceivable measurable metric better than the remarkable, its bigger its kind of flat and cumbersome. This is more Compact and tight and its just a better thing, and this isnt a advertisement for Onyx, were not paid by anyone in the industry. Out of the ‘ Brands we deal with, we do not do paid reviews here at goodyreader. This is simply a realistic. Look between something that does everything and everything remarkable can do and more with Google play videos the Eating Center with X mode, glow lights, onboard audio contrast, controls Ultra fast, refresh HD mode, whereas the remarkable cant do anything. So we just want to make it apparent to you guys that its not even about buying the Onyx next tab, its just dont, buy the remarkable anymore devices like an old memes by boyu, an old remarkable one or two a super note.

Those are devices that just they dont matter anymore, because they simply dont do anything and a lot of you guys are asking us. Why do you keep saying that? Because we have to drive the point home people buy this and then they say? Oh, I didnt know this existed or I didnt know big me with goodie reader existed, I didnt know High read existed, I didnt know: quaderno existed theyre missing out by buying something theyre trapped with that they have to pay monthly on or that has no customer service Or that has no support, or they dont even come with a pen on the remarkable you have to buy a pen separately, theres, just no real Merit to a remarkable anymore compared to not even the tab, but everything else that is available in the e reader ether. So I hope this opened your guyss eyes to what a device like an onyx can do compared to something thats, just kind of long in the tooth and just a little bit dead in the water like a remarkable two for