War today been getting a lot of questions on this leica book of p10, so we’re gon na take the light book versus uh the remarkable two today so let’s get into it. Okay, as you know, my name is jb glossinger and we do all kinds of videos here. Almost every single day, uh we’re doing a new book series speed. Reading we got you covered with a lot of different things, and one of our big things is tech, and a lot of people like to know about these different devices. I have them all. I have them come in. In fact, like book was nice enough to send this to me, i am not doing this review or this tablet war they’re not seeing this, but i did get this device uh sent to me. I, the remarkable two i actually paid for actually paid for the books that i have in my end, uh and actually the super note a5, so let’s get into it today and talk about which one should you buy, and specifically this like book, a p10 that just Came out or the remarkable two let’s talk about both of them: okay, so before we get into that, i think there is an important discussion that needs to be made. This is a reader okay, i think that’s really important, meaning it puts it in a class with my kobo and kindle and those things. So if you look at this as a reader, primarily, i think it’s going to help you in this discussion because i’m going to have some things to talk about within it.

So the first thing i want to talk about is the weight, so let’s bring in a scale, and this is really interesting. So if you look at the scale here, we’re going to bring this in here and we’re going to put this on the scale. Okay, you’re gon na see the remarkable two weighs 1.64 ounces. I don’t know if you can see that now, yeah 1.64. You can see that there, okay, so pretty heavy, pretty weighty. Then we come over to the like book p10 that weighs a whopping 1.86 ounces. So that’s pretty heavy specifically when we’re looking at a reader let’s go with the supernote a5 and let’s, see where we’re at with the super note a5, that is 1.37 ounces and then, if you’re, looking at just reading, let’s look at the note 3 small. This is a small device, obviously, but i want to show you that’s, not even a pound and then we’ve got obviously my favorite reader, which is really critical, which is the kobo and that’s coming in at you know: 6.8 ounces. So one of the things that you’re getting from this device is a little bit of heft 1.86 ounces. So it is a little bit heavy and there have been some complaints about that that it is. It is a heavy device. But again we are going to look at this as a reader. Let me line both of these up as a reader and that’s the thing so the remarkable two.

What would you do with this, or what are you going to do with it? Well, they just had a new update come out and i think by far it is still the leader, even though i use a paper every day, every every day in a note taking device. Okay. Now again, this is a big issue on the channel. Just for note taking, i use it for my youtube videos. I use it for note taking, and i love the remarkable two for that, but that’s all you’re going to get from this you’re going to get a very basic reading option you can read on it. It works, you can put pdfs and you can put books, but you can’t put your kindle on it. You can’t put your kobo on it and so all of a sudden you’ve got a handicapped device. Now with that being said, it’s awesome. I love this device. Okay, but if you want to do more, then we are now looking at what are the books device, the super note device or the like book device. The difference that you have with this like book is price. Okay, so you’re gon na pay less for this device and i think that’s, one of the things that people are looking for is well. What do i get for it? So here is the the case it comes in which is decent um. I do like the operating system if we open it up here.

Let me go ahead and get the focus adjusted. So that looks a little better and i can’t think you can see it just a little bit there let’s get it a little bit better focus assist there. We go that’s a little bit better and you can see it. It works. Well, i mean it’s it’s it’s nice it’s, a clean form factor um when you come to the home page again, you’re gon na see that you have the ability to add apps to it through the through the store. So you’ve got your kobo and your kindle here, which really makes it nice and you can pull this up and it says refresh so refresh and then you can see you’ve got a nice reader here it works real well as a reader. Again, i think one of the things that’s cool is you – do have a very simplistic design. You can do night light, you can do it bed, you can customize your lighting again, you’re not going to get that with the remarkable 2.. You are not going to get any of this functionality. You are going to get writing with the remarkable 2 and a little bit of reading, but you’re not going to get any lighting or anything else. When it comes to that, we’ve got to look at the books. Devices which i think is really the competitor for this – is a books device but but we’re looking at pricing right, so you’re getting a a little bit better price and then you can turn off.

Obviously the lighting so we’re going to put it on day. We don’t want to. We don’t want to kill you with the lighting, um and we’re, going to come back to it and see that you can put a couple different apps on here. The kindle app works real well again, and i i do like the setup or the layout of the device, i think it’s great um, for what it what it does as far as a reader and that’s. What it’s in its title, too, that it is a reader. So as we come in here, and we look at our our library on uh amazon, you can kind of see this now. The case is, is a you have to buy the case in the in the stylus separately, and you can see. I already got something on the case right. You see that there, where these cases are a little bit better, that it’s just like that felt case, that’s a problem. If you get a little bit of something on there, uh it’s a little bit of a stain there, but again you’re it’s, not the highest quality device. That’S. The problem you’re sacrificing a little bit with the money, but it works as a reader here’s. An amazon book let’s see it is pinch of zoom work. No, but i think this is within the app, so you got to work within the app it has its own reader and we’ll go back to that, and this is where it would be like the remarkable, where you’re going to be utilizing its its software as a Reader, so if we come in here, let’s come home, oh i got to go over it’s already there and you come into the library now you’re you’re, you know you’re working with their reader, which actually works pretty good.

Now this is where your you would compare. The remarkable so it doesn’t have the um. The remarkable doesn’t have the ability to put on your kobo books or your kindle books, but it’s a note taker where this you can put both of those on now let’s talk about the competition, then of what you would have with the remarkable and that would be Coming in here and putting in the note a note taker and as you can see, the form factors already are a little bit different right. So you’ve got the same kind of screen size it’s, just the form factors are different. This is definitely a thicker thicker device where the remarkable is very thin, but if we come into the the notes i’m going to tell you, this is kind of where it gets a little weird. Okay, let’s just open a note on the remarkable okay we’ll just go blank and and create okay. So a lot of people ask me questions about i’m. Just going to go to this note here. Um. Can you use different styluses on here? No, you can’t! This stylist takes a 4a battery. People have asked me that, and the nibs are it’s out there a little bit it’s it’s out there a little bit and it writes. Okay, i like the having the pencil and the eraser here on the side, and you can move it over to the other side. If you want, you also have the ability to change the the color and the the type of pencil you’re using and the line width and it it works.

I mean it works, pretty good um. It works pretty good. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the writing of it um there is a an uh template that you can get for it, so you can put like meeting minutes or different templates in here right now. I got it as paper. The interface of this thing is actually really good, so you could put your date up here, whatever 210 it’s, actually 3 or 4 10., and if we want to erase that we come over here in a race it works. So who is our speaker? Jb let’s? Go back to pin jb and you can put your notes. It’S got a nice scratchy feel to it. It’S. Okay, i mean it’s all right. Let’S go back. I don’t like that pen that much i’m going to go back to let’s go to a calligraphy pen. Take it a little bit down a little bit let’s, do it blue and just see now. Obviously this is black and white you’re not going to see that that’s would be. If you exported the note. This is the test, so it’s, okay, it’s got a nice feel to it. It’S a little scratchy, but it just doesn’t compare to is the test. I do got to tell you that from using the paper for a while now the remarkable 2 is a little glassy to me. Now it doesn’t feel like it used to. You is good. Is it i think the remarkable one, but it still feels pretty good, but this is doable like it is doable.

When you come to the onyx books products, they still make. You put the screen protector on these things, and i would say this is competitor for that. But you’re getting something for less price here and the screen protector’s already on. I think that’s the key with the light book here so again with the remarkable it works pretty good uh and if you wanted to pull up a pdf, you can uh that’s one of things or an e book. But the the thing is let’s see if we got one here uh to see if this is an e book yeah. So you can see we have an e book here, it’s nice. We now have pinch to zoom uh with the new update, so it works as a reader uh. The remarkable i still think is is one of the best devices. I like the paper as i’ve said, but in this form factor um. This currently still rocks. If you are a somebody that is more engineering minded and wants a bunch of functionality, all the books products, the node air, this product, which is their color note 3, which is cool, works real well and then the super note kind of fits in the middle. With all these, i don’t talk a lot about it, but the super note is a great little device and we’ll get more into the super note here soon. But if we’re looking for a reader with a note taking ability, the remarkable 2 is awesome, but you can’t put kindle on it and you can’t put kobo on it.

So you’re going to be limited to the books that you’re using. If you have a big library, if you have a lot of books that you already have, then the remarkable 2 is going to work for you. If not, then you’ve got the ability to take some notes. You’Re going to have to carry a 4a battery. I don’t know how long it lasts, i’m sure it’ll last a little while with it you’ve got a nice little packaging product here that really is about. I would say: 400 us by the time you get the case and everything with it right, because you got to pay 20 for the case and i think 30 for this and about 380 for the device. But then you have a reader and you have a reader that can take some notes on it, black and white, but does have the lighting on it. So at night you can see a little bit better it’s a cool little device. It’S it’s, not i wouldn’t, say it’s the perfect device, it’s, not perfect, but it’s a good device. By the way we got a scam call coming in see that’s where this technology technology you’re interrupting my video okay that’s off. But i think this is a good device. If you watch all my videos – and you know how i i i go through a lot of them um – i think this could be good for a student uh, it’s intuitive.

I think it’s a little bit more intuitive than the books devices kind of. Like the super note and the remarkable in that sense and it’s a good device, i actually like this device and i think it’s definitely usable. So what do you think down below? Do you have the like book? Let me know in the comments below what you think would you buy it over the remarkable 2 if you needed more of a reader, if you’re a note taker, i still love this remarkable 2 or the paper device and then going into multi use devices. This has a place and it’s inexpensive. If you have a reader, that’s great and then obviously the super note and the books devices they fit right in there, but the low lower price one is this device. If you can deal with that little bit of heftiness, i think it’s right there it’s a pretty good device and i’m going to use it. Some more. Please ask any questions that you have down below so that we can keep. You know getting better and figuring out what you need, but i like this and remember when i upload these videos almost every day. I stick around right away to answer early comments. So if you want leave some comments, this is a community more than a channel, but today’s tablet war. If you have to get a reader like book, i like it a little heavy, but it works.