Today were going to lookat the recent 3.0 update for the reMarkable 2.. The update includes the following: features. Anupdate to handwriting recognition searchingtext in a notebook, continuous pages gestures, typed text with handwritten notes, notetaking using the desktop app and landscaperotation.. First, the reMarkable Im using is two versions behind so Ill have to update it to version 2.15. Before I can install version 3. SoIll do that now. Now for the version 3 update., Once the software has been installed, youll be able to read the release. Notes. Per the notes, the major changes being rolledout include improved notebook pages and writing experience, new gestures and enhanced optionsfor sharing and converting handwritten notes.. The notes start off by explaining continuous pages.. Then it moves on to type text enhancements. and then explains saving and converting handwriting to text., Followed by rotating to landscape, mode. and finally, the other improvements, such as new gestures for undo and redo.. Before going into handwriting recognitionwell, take a look at how it functioned. In version 2, first before comparing the improvements in version 3. For this example, Ive written a few sentences to see how wellthe writing is recognized and formatted.. As you can see, there are just minor errors in theconversion. To compare Ill pull up the written notes. So we can see the differences. It lookslike. The software conversion gets confused when dealing with numbers that look like letters.. In our example, the number one was sometimes converted to a lowercase I.

Now lets see howwell. It works in version 3.. For this example, Ive copied the handwriting used previously and pastedit under the version 3 section. This time around. The software didnt do a good job convertingthe written notes., Although section 3 is a copy and paste from section 2, the conversionmissed, an entire sentence and some letters. On the positive side. It formats the text better than version 2.. When your handwriting isnt, converted correctly, you do have the ability to edit the text.. This can be done by doubletapping on the text and using the keyboard., While in the previous version converted handwriting could only be sent and shared with others. The major update now allows thetext to become a page in the notebook.. However, the implementation is not the best., For example, if additional handwritten text is converted, it doesnt amend the page, but instead creates another new page.. In my opinion, it creates a cluttered notebook.Hopefully. The functionality will improve over time. With the addition of convertedhandwriting becoming a page in the notebook you have. The ability to search the text. Howeverit should be noted that the search only occurs in the notebook., Its not a system wide search.. Next. Well, look at continuous pages. To access the expanded canvas swipe up with two fingers. Toreveal more of the page.. You can continue to use gestures, to view more of the page by using twofinger pinch to zoom in and out., When youre in a notebook or PDF.

You have the ability to rotate the document to landscape view.. The new option will now appear in the notebook menu. If youve subscribed to connectyoull have the ability to edit and enter typed text using the reMarkabledesktop app.. Once a notebook has been selected open. The document to begin. When entering thenotebook for the first time after updating the desktop app to version 3 youll, be presentedwith a walkthrough of the new features.. Now that the notebook is open, select where you wantto start typing by clicking in the desired area., A text menu will appear that allows you todetermine the font or bullets you wish to use.. Once the note is synced with your device, thetyped text will appear in the note.. The update has some promising features. However, the implementation seems to be lacking, ina few areas., For example. The gestures sometimes will not register correctly making the device feel unresponsive.. Second, the way reMarkable implemented handwriting conversion into the notebook doesnt provide an efficient way to organize your notes. Allthat said the reMarkable is an excellent device.. I just wish some of the software features were more stable and not as buggy., And finally it would be great if text search wasnt restricted to a notebook, but instead work system, wide. Searchingfor text in all your notebooks.. Well that wraps up our video.. If you have anythoughts or questions, please leave a message in the comments.. Thank you for watching.Dont forget to click like and subscribe.. This has been RTE.