This video is for you. Basically, i got this remarkable 2 tablet for christmas and the moment i got it. I ran upstairs and i filmed an in the moment, unboxing video, to give you my authentic reaction. I open it up. I set it up. I show you the packaging. I test it out for the first time to see how it feels and, if there’s any lag, etc. Um. This is again just kind of a first reaction, i’ve been using it for the past two days since then, and i really like it a lot um, but there are some things i wish it had and some things i wish it didn’t have i’m gon na use. It for a few more days before i create kind of an edited, follow up to this video, but for now just enjoy this unboxing video. It will give you a sense of you know what you can get into in your first moments with a remarkable 2 tablet, and this is a pretty cool device and thank you kendra for the christmas present. You guys enjoy this video all right. So here we are. I have the remarkable two tablet: the highest end version. I have a marker plus pen and a nice polymer weave book folio to keep my remarkable closed up and safe and protected from the elements. This is basically all i wanted for christmas, whatever mariah carey may say. I didn’t want you. I wanted the remarkable 2.

, so let’s open it up um. I actually haven’t used the remarkable 2 at all, so this is an unboxing we’ll, see kind of what it comes with and then i’m excited to actually really give it a try and see how smoothly it flows see how much it is like a notebook. I absolutely love writing things down: freehand um. The reason why i’m excited about the remarkable is it takes your free handwriting and then you can digitize it. So you can send it as an email or just store your files, a lot easier, because you keep them all organized because you have that digital advantage there, but it’s supposed to feel like free hand, and it also basically has nothing, but you know no distractions, so It has nothing, but i think you have some email on there, but i don’t think you really use your inbox but i’m really not sure so, let’s tear here as it says, and here we are boom better paper, better thinking, it’s, a very nice design box. You got to say that wow it’s, very apple. You know, even though it’s not apple it’s kind of you’re going for that. That design feel welcome to the better thinking community, a growing movement of people committed to finding focus in a distracted world, love that now that you have it in your hands, we hope it’s another step towards deeper thinking, learning and being in the moment. The blank page awakes awaits the remarkable team, but i love it.

I love their ethos. Um. You know i’m really rooting for this product to be awesome, to be completely honest, it’s. All i ask for for christmas um. Basically, the moment they announced the remarkable 2 is coming out: i’ve never used a remarkable one, but let’s see to get started turn on the device by pressing the button. The marker attaches magnetically charge your tablet with the usb cable long press to edit or share a folder file or page okay on the top there. I guess uh swipe right to go back to the previous page, swipe left to go to the next page. Swiping left on the last page of your notebook will add a new page. Alright, that makes sense and then get the full remarkable experience, connect to the remarkable cloud and get access to your notes and documents on your phone and laptop automatic syncing across devices access. All your files on the go, convert, handwritten notes into type text manage notes, files and ebooks across your devices share your work by email, more features on the way you have to sign up and create an account. You know i’ve got accounts with like every tech company, so why not add in remarkable um all right this i’m not going to read because it’s, probably just stuff boring stuff. Here we are now with the actual tablet itself. I don’t know if i need to charge it before using it. It wasn’t super clear in that getting started guide, but not a big deal either way.

Hopefully i can turn it on here in this unboxing. If not we’ll come back there, we go okay, first off it’s really light, and it feels good in your hand, um we design remarkable to not get in your brain’s way to help. You think i love thinking. So this is awesome. All right hold the power button to get started. You know i’m, not gon na. Do that yet that’s, just kind of like the screen uh that’s sitting there i wan na i wan na open up this pencil first so that i can instantly have them pair. If that needs to happen, so this is the marker plus uh for remarkable two apparently it’s, the higher end i didn’t buy this. This is a christmas gift, so there’s a built in eraser it’s designed to deliver paper like friction and you don’t need to charge or set this up. I think it just works right away here: let’s open it up again great design, um. You know you got ta, you got ta give it to them. Oh wow, look at this. Oh! This is the usb case for the marker. The remarkable tablet didn’t come with a marker. This is actually the usb charging case. Um for the tablet. I did buy the remarkable two separate so that’s, i guess a bit of a downside but wow look at that here’s, the marker, this included, i believe, nine marker tips. So i got the marker tips up here.

The marker right here um. This is really great stuff. So here’s just multiple more tips that i can insert here into the top it’s, probably a little hard to see essentially there’s a small tip there. I would imagine i can pull that tip out and then add in a new tip. I will just store those for later i’m, not sure how often you need to replace your marker tips i’ll look into that later boom. Okay, i think it doesn’t mean like. I need to turn this on charge it or anything. So this here is just a case. You know for protection to keep it from the elements to keep everything snapping into magnetically i’m, not going to open that here, because you kind of get the gist. You know you just put this tablet inside there and then it’s a little bit more durable, so let’s just move right into the tablet. There we go and it is turning on remarkable is starting. I like that. I can already tell that this is incredibly easy on the eyes. It definitely doesn’t have that screen aspect to it that uh, an ipad or a computer screen or tv does and that’s that’s. The main reason why i wanted this. I just look at screen. So much all day, uh it’s nice to step away it’s a whole different, feel our eyes get a break express yourself right, sketch or scribble blow. Oh wow yeah. This is great.

That was so so much like. I just did that on paper. You even hear it listen. Oh, this is amazing. Your screen is unique. The canvas display creates a true paper experience every now and then your display will refresh itself get it. Give it a try and see for yourself, so i guess you got to refresh it. Did you see that that’s, what a screen refresh looks like it’s completely normal and keeps your display looking clean and sharp now let’s get set up, so i guess they’re just explaining that in my um flash for, like a brief millisecond from time to time, to refresh The screen so let’s see all right this isn’t. It starts it up when i’m touching the button too it’s just working like seamlessly um. Let me i’m at my parents house, so i got to connect to the wi fi success. You’Re now connected the wi fi continue set up remarkable cloud. The cloud service lets you sync files between devices desktop pack up. All your files show photos by email number here. I will set that up because that’s kind of the point you do your handwritten notes and you get those notes uh on your phone in your email, okay, i got ta go get the phone now all right, so we got connected to wi fi and it basically Has you prompt for an account right away? Um, i did one so that you can sync all your notes between your devices and send out an email um again, not a lot of distractions on the device, but you do kind of want to be able to digitize your handwritten notes.

So you do have to do that from either your desktop or your phone. You go to and even that site is just very clean. Um kind of has the black and white paper feel so i’m going to set up an account here, real quick i’m. Not going to show that on camera all right, so it gives me this one time code once i get it tap next and you’ll see like a keyboard popped up down here at the bottom, which is a pretty familiar user interface, um, it’s, super responsive and great. Now, i’m curious: if your finger works, your finger does work. If you don’t, have your marker, that’s good could lose the mark of all this connecting but boom. The marker magnetically sticks right there, which is really nice okay, so it seems i got ta download an app on my desktop and on my phone to really manage the content. I’M gon na do that later, because i’m excited to just draw english united states. Is the language i want it in? Are you right or left handed i’m right handed? Please restart your device. All right, remarkable is restarting all right. So now, i’m in i’ve, officially logged in it comes at about 43 charge. Quick sheets would be one page. It seems you can add a new folder, a new notebook or a new quick sheet. There’S a menu up here – i’m – just exploring this for the first time.

So it seems, like you, can filter out stay organized by pdfs ebooks. So you no longer need you know. Your kindle per se, because you could just read on this um, you know different functionality, but i guess if i was traveling i’d only take this to include the note taking functionality pdf. So i can send that also read those if they have work documents, you can favorite things. You can list things and you can have your various notebooks i’m going to do a new quick sheet, because i don’t know what that is all right here. We are it’s not hitting my palm, so i got my palm on the oh wow. This is literally perfect, i’m feeling no lag um or no misreads and palms hitting it um. This feels natural, so i’m, just in here in the pen tool. If you click on it, you have all these different types of pens um. I guess it starts with a mechanical pencil. Let’S try the ballpoint okay. So it gives you 10 strokes, but i didn’t know how to change it. Oh okay, here’s all the pen strokes, so let’s try the ball point. This is it just feels different. It doesn’t look all that different here’s, a cursive, oh boy, um let’s, see! If you can, okay, there doesn’t seem to be the classic apple, zoom and zoom out, but you can change all this brush. There’S like there is actually a different feel on each one, almost it’s like the way the ink responds to you um check out new mark.

I like the way these things look graphics. This is gon na, be awesome for signing documents, maybe making some graphics and videos ball. Point here’s, stroke, thickness, gray, hello white. What did the white look like? So here i guess white. You know let’s see it’s a racing part of that head there. Maybe you can do a different black background, um black medium thickness, then medium thick, not too much of a difference but stupid medium here, eraser erase by using your marker directly and change your thickness in your tool. Setting okay, i believe, when i have this, it has built in eraser i’m, not sure exactly how that works circle. The area you want to erase it if you want to do the erase selection erase all erase the page. So it seems like there’s layers to this too. Oh wow, look at that spun it over with this remarkable two marker plus – and i am erasing – see how it kind of goes gray to show you what you got let’s see if i can then undo. Oh, you still see slight outlines of it almost like you erased on real paper i’m assuming that’s on purpose. I do see some very faint, um kind of artifacts things that are left there, but i think that’s, because if you remember earlier in this video, it said it’s going to show you how a remarkable screen will refresh from time to time to keep it fresh.

So i’m, assuming that’s what will happen here? Uh select, you can just add different things to move them. I can move that over around cool there’s. The zoom in zoom out um, see how far you can zoom in here. So it seems that’s the max. But then i could really go into detail there, zoom out all right so that’s where i was about. You know on the normal page, i’m still going out here it seems that’s the main zoom out let’s do zoom selection, oh, and it went right into my selection. So we’re at 500 percent now here’s undo, so you can undo things redo layers nice, you can add layers layers are great, particularly if you’re a photoshop user or an illustrator user, because then the layer you can do this go over that and then decide you don’t Want to see that layer or you want to delete that layer, so you can keep things on different layers which helps you stay more organized. I just clicked on template. This is amazing, seems like there’s, checklists dots, storyboards i’ll, use that all the time for making videos to storyboard one storyboard, four storyboard margins lines crazy perspective, things: um i’d. Imagine you can probably download templates somewhere too even more creative ones, piano sheet, music, guitar, chords, guitar, tablature grids, life cycle, such organizations, here’s kind of planner templates and here’s, just basically normal lines, that’s great, so i’m wondering now. I click on this notebook page two of two for notebook settings set to landscape view, so i could spin it if i wanted to i’m sure yeah.

What happened is the toolbar when i set it to landscape viewing over here let’s get back out of that set to portrait view back to portrait view, add a new page page overview of this notebook. These are the quick sheets that’s the one blank that’s, the one i’m messing with, so you can have all sorts of notebooks. It seems like and then keep things organized there going to add a layer and then make that layer change the template to say checklist. I’M. Curious, if that makes everything a checklist, i do wish kind of it had that tension pinch out, but that’s fine i’m going to change the template back to blank all right. So this is a good little quick test, um it’s, incredibly smooth and responsive. I think so far i am super pumped in just this 10 minutes of playing with it. I will go play with it over the next couple days and update this video with a review after i am more of an expert on the tablet.