I i thought actually remarkable was based in norway, but it seems that they manufacture in hong kong and they send it to you by a dhl. Once you place an order, so the behind story was, i actually approached remarkable asking whether i could review their products for free sample and so on, and they said. Thank you very much. We’Re going to send you one when we have a spare and the time has passed and it’s actually getting old, so i just use my own money expense to get one. So the reason behind it is, i used to own an ipad mini, and this is probably seven or eight years old, and this has aged horribly because, as we know, any apple products once it reach certain time it doesn’t update anymore, it aged horribly, it’s, really slow. So i don’t use it at all, so there’s no point getting an apple pen which needs to be charged. I don’t know how regularly it is, but also the screen sensitivity and all these sort of things battery consumption wise. I think this is a very good approach and i never owned such device and i think it’d be quite interesting to see, because i always scribble notes here and there and it’s very difficult to find where i put those notes. So i think this is going to be a really good way going forward, so let’s get into the unboxing. So here it goes. Okay, so let’s open up brilliant.

What we have is the remarkable marker plus, which is the expensive option. I think this is just under 100 british pounds, and here we have the better paper, better thinking remarkable two on the front. It says better paper remarkable paper tablet on the bottom. It says remarkable two. This is where you tier, which i’ll do soon, but before we get into that, it says here the take notes, read review documents and with unparalleled paper field design and help you focus and that’s how it looks and all the blah blah blah blah blah, brilliant and The moment of truth, slides out like that and nice, so we’ve got some cars, quick, start guide manuals and etc, and uh we’ve got something here, which i presume is the charging cable usbs let’s have a look that’s usb um c and um as it is quite Expensive product, we got a really good quality. The flatten uh cable that doesn’t uh seem to go bust for a long period of time compared to the standard one. It says remarkable on it the main thing which is covered in paper oops. Oh, did i make any boo boo here, not really it’s. Just a paper it’s quite well stuck in some way, but i think you could just slide it out anyway and um. It says here: power hold the power button to get started, but we before we get into that it’s extremely thin. I don’t know whether you can see that it’s just so thin i’m afraid i might actually break it, but it is quite firm as well anyhow um.

So that’s the actual remarkable, so okay there’s all these papers, it ruins the quality of the package, not happy with that. But anyhow, if you open it up, we got the pen, which is a very good weight and um we got. This is the more expensive one which is the rubber tip. Okay, so uh this one. It comes along with something ah that’s, very good, so you get spare sort of tip end of the pen as well all right so before we get into the whole thing. So this magnetically joins here, and i understand that in here this corner. This is for the actual cover, and this is the usbc where you put in okay – and this is the main um power button, so i’m gon na press that because that’s what it says so let’s see what happens. Ah, this is remarkable, very cool while we’re installing it. I just want to give you a like comparison. The screen itself it’s pretty much the same, feel to my kinder here, but obviously it’s bigger, but anyhow let’s just get this one express yourself right or scratch or scribble below. Okay, so let’s, say hi continue. Your screen is unique. Canvas display creates a two people. Experience display refresh itself give it a try to see for yourself, okay, so i’ll refresh. Did you see that this is a screen refresh like okay let’s get you set up start setup? Okay, so i need to set up my wi fi all right.

It says success. So let’s continue set up your cloud. Um no let’s. Do this skip okay skip. Am i left handed or right handed i’m right handed continue, you did it fresh okay. So this is the menu uh. Here you can filter your files, brilliant, and these are the menus. So notebooks pdfs ebooks favorites menu context is so you can actually press next screen touch as well, so this is screen sensitive as screen type, sensitive and also settings and getting to our clothes let’s get screening. Okay, so let’s create open, start experimenting on the favorites quick sheet, navigating you could actually swipe left to go to next page or swipe right and swipe down top to bottom and share by emails. You can send by emails, convert text in send and also live view as well and layers. You can actually have different layers, that’s pretty cool. Actually i don’t know whether you could actually convert that into autocad and so on, but document settings okay and blah blah blah. So this is a pen let’s actually draw oh that’s, really nice a happy face with some hairs on it and some okay, some nose and some okay, so that’s pretty cool. So you can have different layers. You can actually rub it as well. So let’s try to rub it: oh wow, okay, so you could somehow it’s rubbing it. I don’t know whether you can see that it’s really fainting and then disappears. I don’t know what sort of effect this is.

Anyhow, you can actually choose some of the areas. I guess so you can choose that okay and then you can zoom in now. The other thing i wanted to find out was whether you can zoom in and zoom out by using your fingers, which i thought is possible with the new update, but i can’t work. It out here at the moment now this is quite interesting. Actually so on the pen. You could actually choose ballpoint pen, fine, liner marker pencil, mechanical pencil paint, brush highlighter, calligraph pen and also the thin medium thick of the stroke, eraser as well, and so on. Okay, so that’s pretty interesting, so let’s try the ballpoint pen and then let’s try the fine liner. You know what i actually can’t. Oh now i can see the difference pencil so let’s see. Oh, i like the pencil like you could go thin like that. But if you go spread that’s how it looks: uh mechanical pencil, okay, this is my favorite. Indeed, i like that. What does it actually spread? No, it doesn’t that’s good. The pencil does um paint brush yeah. That is, that does feel like a paint brush. I like that and highlighter yeah and lastly, the calligraphy pen. Oh, this is very nice. I like that this is very artistic way, so it’s like yeah that’s beautiful this is my favorite i’m gon na play around with this line. Indeed, right so in general, there’s the account connect to remarkable cloud: it’s version 2.

1.1.45. So if you go to wi fi it’s actually connected to my brexit means, brexit um battery show battery or to sleep is on storage wise. It only has 6.41 gigabytes and i only only use 0.36, the security uh. You could put the postcode on passcode on sorry and language. Let’S, look at the language keyboard language. Is there any korean? No, there is no korean here. Oh, this is all just european based language isn’t. It that’s a bit of a shame and also accessibility left right, font, size, normal and large, and help you could actually ask questions and so on now, on the bottom hand, you’ve got the battery life, wi fi connection and the cloud and um yeah you can keep Adding notes and when you go to the menu again, which is you get notebooks pdfs ebooks, so i guess you can work around with the pdfs you download and i need to download that as well. So, basically, on the bottom right corner says that update installed, restart device and so on. So this is the version software and i think what has happened is now you can zoom in and out so let’s say. If i were to draw in a square like that, and then there you go so you can zoom in zoom out it’s a bit slow, but it does the job so let’s see if this is three zero: five one and um. If i were to zoom in and put a nib there, and then this is 300 that’s pretty good actually, but the thickness of the pen remains, which is bit annoying.

Actually, i was hoping it to get thinner, but let’s see if i could get it thin and 3, 210 or let’s say this is 360 and minus whatever it is, and this is 240 and etc. Okay, so i hope this video gives you an impression on how it looks on the package itself and how it’s unboxed and how it looks inside and so on. But what i really want to explore is to see how architecturally friendly it is, in other words, let’s, say forward to download a pdf uh floor plan of a pdf and then whether i could put measurements when i’m on site – and i don’t think anyone actually has Explored that point of view and i’m pretty sure this is this should be designed for architectural purpose as well. So let me explore that for a certain period of time and i’ll come back to you, but in the meantime, if you have any queries regards to any of the functions or anything you want me to find out, please do comment below and once i discover that Comment: i’ll try to come back to you as soon as poss. So thank you very much for watching this video. This is ljp tech.