We are revisiting a very old friend of mine, actually, the first e ink device that I have reviewed on my deep guy before my deep guide was even a thing. So this is basically how this whole journey started. I purchased pre ordered the remarkable one purchased it, and when I got it, I noticed that there was no reviews, no satisfying information uh available online. So I decided to do my own take on the device – and here we are today, so I thought that this device that holds a very, very special place in my heart, um that it deserves to have a second look today in 2023, which is almost five and A half years since its launch and Ive had it for five and a half half years so today were going to take a second look at the remarkable one. But before we do check out the remarkable one and if you do like the work that I do. Please do like and subscribe to the channel because it does really help out the channel grow and expand further. Also, if you do want to help the work that my deep guide is doing, then you can check out the mydeepguide.com shop and check out the my daily organizer 2023 thats available, which is a hyperlinked PDF document that should satisfy most of your personal or professional needs. For your yearly quarterly monthly weekly daily needs in the description, you will find the link to the mdo playlist that you can check out and see.

If mdo is something that interests you or not, and now onwards, to the remarkable one. Alright, so Im gon na try and keep this video short and sweet, but I still do want to cover most of the categories that I Do cover for all of the current devices, with all the measurements done actually now now my remarkable one is still being used, But its using a beta account a separate account that I have and I get the beta software on it. So I do test it out when I do get it. Ive used this device for several years until a remarkable 2 came out so at least around three years. It got good use and after that it became the beta testing machine and it still works perfectly fine. So the first thing to cover, as they normally cover in these reviews, is basically the design and the build quality. And I like the overall design, the old plastic design and the aluminum back. I think that it looked really good back then, and I think that it still looks quite good. The biggest thing are these buttons on the bottom, which the main problem with these buttons is that theres no way to flip around the orientation of the OS. If the OS allowed to flip the orientation, then the buttons would never be a problem and would actually be a cool thing, because I like using the buttons for previous and next page and the home button.

But unfortunately the remarkable os does not allow that. So they are stuck at the bottom and as such they are a problem when you are writing, because you will accidentally press them on the back. The whole side is actually a rubber foot and a rubber foot here to prevent any kind of sliding and slip ring. So when you have it set on the surface, it moves nowhere even after five years, its really really straight, and you can feel that when youre actually holding it on the surface of the table, no corners are rocking. Nothing like that. Ive never had any faults with this. It had actually multiple spills on it which worried me because of the buttons, but nothing ever happened. It fell a couple of times, never on a hard surface of a concrete or something always on the carpet bit but never happened. Anything to it, it held things being set on the screen or anything like that screen. Never cracked, I dont, have any lines on the screen or anything like that. So build quality is good and the design is quite quite good. Even after five and a half years now, the specifications of remarkable one are gon na show its age and boy, oh boy, even when it came out back in September 2017, its specifications were dated so now in 2023, having a single core one, gigahertz CPU with 512 Megabytes of ram, so half a gigabyte of RAM and the same amount of storage is remarkable too so eight gigabytes.

But realistically you get to use about six and a half gigabytes of that storage. The ad doesnt impress so, and that actually shows in your daily use remarkable one is a slow device, its slow to navigate around its slow to turn pages and things like that. Its not slow to write but the operations that depend on the actual CPU and depend on the system memory. They definitely show their age and remarkable one is actually slow. So as the battery goes, it has the same 3000 milliamp battery as the remarkable too, and because its an all plastic device, then it weighs at only 350 grams, which is quite a nice type of a balance for this type of a device. So, overall, in 2023, the specifications of remarkable one will not impress anyone for certain specific use. Like light document reading and a lot of writing the remarkable one is able to actually extract the maximum out of the specifications and components it has to offer. You actually competitive results, as you will see a little bit later on now this screen, so it has a 10.3 inch, 227 PPI screen monochromatic. So on paper, the same thing as remarkable too. However, it is a bit of an older generation panel and there are a couple of things to remember about the remarkable one screen. When I do my uh e ink screen brightness test, which basically means measuring out the brightness of a white pixel of an e ink screen on a device, the remarkable one is consistently the darkest one that you can actually find.

Thats not a collado screen, which means its not a color screen, because those are completely other category of Darkness. The screen surface is fantastic. Its a lot rougher than the remarkable one and the screen surface is actually plastic. Its not glass like on the remarkable too. That combination, it gives you excellent excellent screen reflectivity, which is really really nice, but also the surface itself is a bit softer when youre writing on it, because you dont have that hardness of glass resisting your Force when youre, actually writing on the surface of a device. You have plastic, that is absorbing your force a bit, and that makes it a bit more comfortable and feel a bit more paper like the screen. Surface resistance is also a lot higher than the one that we see on the remarkable two. Some people may prefer that some people may not thats up to your own personal preferences but thats, where the writing feel uh falls into the category of this screen on the remarkable one overall image quality is nothing too impressive. The the contrast Is Not Great. The sharpness is not that great couple with that Darkness its not that great and also its a very slow screen, coupled with slow performance of these things. So I think the key word here is slow, so dont expect anything not slow, alright, so the battery life, as I mentioned, remarkable one – comes with the same 3000 milliamp capacity battery as the remarkable 2 does, and originally I have not performed the detailed test that I Performed for all the other devices now simply because, as I said, markable one was the first device I ever reviewed.

So I had no idea what what I would need to actually do, but I repeated the same test of flipping Pages for reading capabilities like flipping a page every 20 seconds for an hour getting a battery consumption average. And then I wrote for one hour consistently and took the battery consumption average to get how much time you can get out of the remarkable one when reading continuously and writing continuously when continuously reading, it was pending around nine percent of battery life per hour, which totals To around an estimate of around 11.11 hours per charge of continuous reading time, so not excellent and its also slow to charge because its old it doesnt support fast charging and its a micro USB, not a USBC. As for the writing performance of the right battery thats, of course much more CPU intensive process, so the consumption is a lot more. Its actually doubled, so remarkable one spends around 18 of battery life of when youre writing per hour. Now thats continuous writing right. So that totals at around 5.55 hours of continuous writing per charge. That will get you through a day for sure, even like a super busy day. It will get you through that because were talking about continuous writing, but it is a far far reach from what we get from the competitors today. So in general this would be considered mediocre, lower mediocre category of battery life, so something that you can definitely live with, but you will need to charge it more frequently than you would some of these modern, more modern devices.

Reader capabilities are exactly the same as on the remarkable two. Why? Because both devices run exactly the same operating system, with the exact same set of features and functionalities, so theres absolutely zero differences between the two. The only functional difference that you have between these two is, of course remarkable. One has physical buttons remarkable to doesnt, and the second thing is that the remarkable one does not have support for pens with an eraser, so even remarkable 2 pen will not work as an eraser on the remarkable one. In fact, no pen will work with the rear. Eraser or a button eraser on the remarkable ones, thats something to definitely keep in mind, but other than that everything exactly the same as what you would get on a remarkable 2, with the added difference that it is slower. So it is definitely quite a bit noticeable slower than what you would get with a remarkable two. That being said, its not unusably slow, its just five and a half years old has the One Core has half a gig of RAM. So, of course, it will be slower to process certain types of documents and books now, as far as writing capabilities and writing experience. Well, Ive already mentioned that the writing feel is a way more akin to a writing on a real piece of paper, and it is somewhat more comfortable thanks to that plastic surface of the screen that allows absorption of the pressure that we have when we write on A Surface as opposed to Glass surface on the remarkable two, now writing capabilities again, the same thing like with the reading capabilities, exactly the same like on a remarkable two.

So, yes, you have everything exactly the same conversion to handwriting conversion layers! Writing text! All of the same stuff right works exactly the same because you, it is the same software platform in here as well. So what about the writing? Latency? Because that is the big selling point of the remarkable 2 and for the longest time it was the fastest one. With the writing latency of around 23.79 milliseconds, and it has been surpassed only after two years being the reigning Champion now with the Kindle scribe and the tab Ultra. So in all of that story, where does remarkable one fall? Well, when it came out it was at around 50 milliseconds, then it had a series of updates and during the season or os2 version, it actually bumped up its rating latency up to 43 milliseconds, which was really really good and pretty nice. Since the update 0.3, I noticed that it was actually even faster, so I redid the thats the test with the current beta version that I have here is OS 3.1 beta, but its the same field that I had with the OS version or 0.3 and now the Writing latency has been improved on the remarkable one, even further upping it all the way to ‘.59 milliseconds so now its smidge under, but still under 14 milliseconds of writing latency on a five and a half year old device. That is truly impressive and it feels – and it writes really really good so.

Overall, writing experience on the remarkable is actually really really good and comfortable for the most part and for the people who prefer that type of higher resistance paper, like type of writing, feel I personally, I love when I write on it, how it feels, but for an Extended writing session. That type of feel is not what I prefer. I prefer a little bit more glidy type of a surface because then my arm is not getting as tired, but if you do prefer the other thing and thats your preference, then by all means this one has a far more authentic paper. Like experience, writing experience than the remarkable two definitely a point worth keeping in mind as far as the extras go well, its got nothing literally. It aint got nothing its as limited as the remarkable two is with the added limitation, one more limitation that you cant use. Either spacers on pens and it does not have a magnet, so you would have to use one of those notebook clip ons sticky, clip on things with the rubber to actually kind of keep it on the side and all things like that. So it is an older device, fairly fairly Limited in what else you could do with this device and finally lets talk about the value. Well, this is the thing that should make or break your decision. Should you get remarkable one versus remarkable two? Well, it really depends what youre looking for, if you want the best – and you want all of that.

Well, remarkable 2 is not no longer the best that there are. There are other things that are actually the best, but if you consider that remarkable 2 is the best, then this is not it. This is. This is remarkable. One makes sense. Another thing that you have to consider is that the only way that you can actually get the remarkable one is a second hand, one which means that getting one thats actually supported with warranty, thats, no longer a thing, so you cant have a warranty on it either. But all of that means that you can get it for a considerably lower price and if you do shop around and you dont just go for eBay, you know these things. I think that you can easily get it for under two hundred dollars and if you can get it for around lets, say 180 or 160 dollars with a pen and everything, then the value of remarkable one, even in 2023. If what youre looking for is just a great writer with some light reading, which is exactly the same, youre gon na, have with a remarkable tool for a heck of a lot more money, then this suddenly becomes an exceptionally good value. I hope you liked the video and, if you did please like And subscribe and ding the notification Bell in the description below to get notified when new videos come out on my deep guide. Also, please leave out a comment and let me know uh, what do you think? Do you still own a remarkable one? Have you owned a remarkable one? Are you interested in owning a remarkable one or and what your questions might be also post any questions that you have in relation to this kind of topic so that I can collect them and I will address them in upcoming question and answers videos.

Thank you.