I was a little skeptical about getting a refurbished product, but I did my research and I decided to give it a go. I have the unboxing here, so you can see what you can expect. One of the difference that youre gon na find between a new iPad and a refurbished one, is that the new one is going to have the picture of the iPad in front and the refurbished one is just going to be a white box that says Apple refurbished. This iPad came in 2020 and it come in a variety of colors space, gray, silver sky, blue rose, gold and green with 64 or 256 gigabytes of storage and with a connectivity of Wi, Fi or Wi Fi Plus Cellular. The model that I got was the 256 gigabytes with Wi Fi Im going to be using this iPad to edit my videos and to do my thumbnails, a product is called refurbish when it has been used and returned by the owner. Normally this product has been tested for functionality and added any defects. The difference between a refurbished and an used product is that the refurbished product has been tested to make sure it works. It has been gone through a thorough cleaning and then resolved, and then I use product may or may not be defective in case of Apple products. When you buy a refurbished product, they still come with one year warranty. They completely replace the battery and the outer shell of the product to get access to the Apple refurbished storage.

You just go to Google and type Apple refurbish if youre in Canada just type Apple refurbished, Canada and then youre gon na find a list of all the products that they have listed. It goes from iPhones to iPad, ads, MacBooks, iMacs, Etc. You can filter whatever you want, for example, for the current iPad Im using I go to the filter on the left and then press iPad, Air and look for the model and the specifications I want. If I want a different finish, either silver space, gray and storage and connectivity Music, if you go to the website, you can see that, for example, for refurbished iPad, Air with 64 gigabytes of storage and Wi Fi connectivity goes for 589, whereas a new one goes from Five 689. Another one is an iPad Air 4 with y5 and 256 gigabytes of storage for Generation as well goes for 759, instead of 889 for a brand new one. The only moment I wouldnt buy a refurbished product is, if theres a better deal somewhere else. If you go to Best Buy, for example, and they have a better deal, then I will go for that better deal. So far, Ive been having this tablet for almost a month, and I havent had any complaints. The battery is working perfectly and its working like new theres, no scratches it looks amazing. I also got it with the pen. Although the pen is not refurbished, I I dont think they have those type of accessories refurbished, but its working, great and yeah.

So far. No complaints, also one more thing – is that these products are covered by Apples. 15 days return policy. So even if you dont like it or if you change your mind, you can always return it. Im planning to use iMovie in it and probably DaVinci Resolve to also edit the videos, but keep in mind that, if youre, using, if youre getting a an iPad Air, fourth generation and youre planning to use DaVinci Resolve, you may not be able to take full advantage Of the software for me and my videos, I think that its gon na be enough. I havent tried it yet so far I have been editing with iMovie, but you take full advantage of the software if you have, for example, on iPad Air five generation, any iPad with the M1 chip Ive been doing so great with this iPad that I decided to Buy a Macbook Pro, I got the 14 inch M1 MacBook Pro thats going to be another video, though make sure you watch it. If you ever wonder what would it be to buy a refurbished product, I will completely recommend it. The fact that it comes with a one year, warranty was one of the things that made me give this iPad a try, and I havent had any complaints.