It might launch in India as Mi Notebook 14 Pro.. As this laptop has been launched in China. It might come with some rebranding when it launches in India. Design. Without the windows sticker below it looks exactly like the Macbook AirPro., In fact kudos to Xiaomi for coming up with something like this. As its built really well. Its a full unibody, aluminium chassis, amp, it looks beautiful. Build quality amp, the branding is really good. It looks subtle, amp premium. When you put more branding, it looks bad, but this looks premium amp. The design is really good.. I hope the Indian Mi Notebook 14 Pro is somewhat the same. I would love that. Variants. There are 2 variantsRyzen, 5 amp Ryzen 7 amp. If you dont want Ryzen, you can opt for Intel based processors, too. Ports, But theres one thing better than the Macbooks that this laptop has a lot of ports. You get HDMI a thunderbolt port, a USB Type C amp, a USB Type. A. On the right side, you get a 3.5mm jack amp, a USB port., So there isnt anything missing in ports.. The rubber grips below are raised accordingly for a better airflow amp for keeping the machine cool. Theres a grill below for air flow like the Macbooks amp. There are speaker grills on the sides. Weight. It isnt the lightest that Ive held, but it should be about 1.5kgs. Lets test it., Its 1.4kgs, which is good. If youre enjoying the video then do LIKE amp SUBSCRIBE, The inner part is very familiar amp.

The touchpad is quite big.. I like that.. This variant is the Ryzen 7. And you also get a fingerprint sensor which is good. Its a good sized keyboard. Amp. The distance between the keys are also decent amp. It feels quite tactile.. I love it Display. Its resolution is more than FHD that goes up to 2 2.5K. So its a high resolution, IPS LCD screen., The bezels, are slim4.3mm. The upper bezel is slim too amp. The chin is, of average size with Redmi branding. Theres, a webcam amp 2 microphones in the upper bezel amp its a nice 14 screen.. The brightness is pretty decent amp. It gets quite bright., Its quite perfect for indoors. Even 60 70 brightness would be enough. For outdoors. You can push up to 100 if required. It has a 88 screen to body ratio. With the small bezels. Talking about colours. It has 100 sRGB support. Amp the colours look fairly natural. Specifications. This one is on Ryzen, 7, 5700U amp. The other is on Ryzen 5. Both of them have 16GB RAM. For storage. You get a 512GB SSD. Amp has an integrated AMD, Radeon graphics, card. Battery. It has 56Whr battery amp. The charger looks like a smartphone charger with a Type C. Cable. Xiaomi claims that it can run up to 11.5 hours, but youll definitely get up to 10 hours after moderate usage.. It supports fast charging, amp charges, 0 50 battery in 35 minutes amp 0 100 battery.

In less than an hour.. It runs on Windows, 10 amp. You might get Windows 11 out of the box after 6. Months., The ones who have Windows 10 will get a free upgrade. So dont have to worry about the OS.. You also get a MIUI software, where you can connect your Xiaomi phone amp. Do a lot of things.. In fact, every brand is launching such apps so that the laptop amp smartphone integration is easier. Connectivity. It has WiFi 6, along with Bluetooth, 5.1. Multimedia, Having a good 2K display. The viewing experience is fun amp immersive.. The audio is loud, amp decent. Overall, if you buy it for multimedia consumption, you wont be disappointed. Pricing. The Ryzen 5 variant costs for about 4499 Yuanapprox Rs, 48, 50K amp. The Ryzen 7 is for 4999 Yuanapprox Rs 54 55K And for that price Ill definitely recommend it. Remember it’s not meant for video content creation, But for other things like multimediaregular useeditingphotoshop, amp, other lightweight softwares., Its a very good package for about Rs 50K.. If it launches in India with the same specifications, Ill recommend it. So lets wait for it..