Seven, the 4700 you and then this one is paired. This configuration with sixteen gigabytes of ddr4 ram. It has 512 gigabytes of SSD storage and a battery capacity, which is 48 watt hours. The screen is sixteen point. One inches it's an IPS. It is 16 by 9 aspect ratio full HD covered with an anti glare coating. So this video I'm gon na have a look at what we get inside the box. The contents a little bit over the design feedback about the keyboard a little bit about the screen. Thermal isn't, even fair nose and some benchmarks for you, so you can get an idea. Roughly of is this one there you should consider. Should you put it on your list of possible laptops to buy or one to skip, let's find out? Okay, so the unboxing part here is nothing exciting at all it's in this brown box. That gear bears put brown tape over it. Okay and that's, probably just to hide the fact that it's an expensive, well relatively expensive, laptop that I have here so just pulled it out and have a look at what we've got so they have included a power adapter here for me now. Why do I need as well you see why? Because this power supply look at how small it is super small type c to type see, obviously – and you see there to prom style so that just pops down so that's, why? I need the adapter, of course, unless you're in the u.

s., then you can use that particular plug there, as well with it out any problems, so they give us a Type C cable to charge it, and this one is well insulated. It is very long as well and just like the ones they use in their other laptops and there's this right here, okay, so it is a reading book little guide here, of course, this is all in Chinese. You can see all in Chinese with us. At least the padding of the box is quite good. It'S got all those polystyrene white padding around it quite thick and it's in a little plastic sleeve at the laptop. So looking at the lid here, this is very nice. The finish of it, it is painted with that matte gray finish. It does pick up some smudges and fingerprints, so you wear that read me designed by Xiaomi right here so great. We don't have a massive huge readme logo here, backlit very bright or a big flaming dragon or monkey, or something like that. No, it is nice and simplistic this design, it looks good, which is one thing I like about it now. I wanted to point out too, with my experience with the may not, but pro made out of the exact same alloy they've used here that it is very soft, it's quite easy to scratch. Now you won't scratch it with your fingers or anything like that. But if something rubs up against it, it will definitely leave a mark.

So you've got to be very careful this one and I recommend using a case so for you, one handed lid openers, that this is a must otherwise it's a deal breaker. If you can't do this, you can open it up. There see with just one hand, no problems alright, and that presents us, then, with a very tidy looking machine and yes, it does have a designers inspired. You could say by MacBooks. Definitely just like the mean up a pro very similar keyboard, no spacing this is actually a fantastic keyboard to type on. It is very good nice feedback from these keys and the treble is good. It is decent and what I do like about it is. It is also a rival keyboard I've had this similar keyboard in the mid, not pro for a good year or so, and then a lot of typing on them, and it never had a single issue with any miss keystrokes or anything like that, and so far with My testing, it is perfect, so power button with status LEDs right here and we have caps lock with status, LED no backlighting. Okay, that is just one of the marketing moves there from Xiaomi, so they would say: okay, you want backlit keyboard. You want a backlit keyboard. You must have it not. This model get the pro model. That is what they are doing here same as SD card reader slot, not here on the pro model, so very good keyboard palm wrist is made out of metal and the touch pad is rather large.

It is very good, it has a nice smooth finish to it. It feels like it well, I don't think it's actually glass. It could be, but almost like a glass like finish there and again, just like me not like pros very good supports Windows 10, just as a precision driver there as well, and of course we do have our horizon 7 4000 series sticker here right down the bottom. Just to let the world know that this is the rising 7 model. So what do we got for ports? So we don't have a lot on the right side. Here. We'Ve got a USB 2 port, and this is basically for plugging in a mouse really and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support. Now the thickness. This is about 18 millimeters, and if you include the rubber feet, it brings it up to then about 21.5. On the left, you will find our power in here, so this is power delivery. This is where we charge it. This is USB 3.1 gen2. It does support display out up to 4k 60 Hertz, I have tested status, LED HTMI 2.0, a port. We do have a USB 3.1 and this type C port here. This does not accept power delivery. Okay, so if you plug in the charger I've tested it, you will not FRA the motherboard. Nothing will happen, it's only USB 3 data. Out of this one. Now we can run three displays in total, then including, of course, the display that comes with the net laptop, so one here, one here, unfortunately not one here, so we have all these t4 Torx screws, just like the me notebook pro here.

In fact, this design is just so similar, like I've, probably said about three times already in this video. So here we do have an office license thing, but I don't know whether this is actually going to work outside of China. Okay, you can try it. You can test it out and DTS on there as well down with firing speakers. This is where the intake is for the cool air that has expelled out just above the keyboard area now down here right down here at the very front of it, you'll find our two microphones so drill array, microphones here, but of course there is no webcam with This particular model and that's a positive Vanek on alot of people, don't actually use webcams or want them for privacy reasons and so it's, not even there. The hard ways you don't have to bother about that. So, in order to get this read off and take a look at the internals, you must remove this foot right here. Okay, these rubber feet. They prop it up and this one you just need to pry it off like that. Just use your fingernails, you finger there and you should be able to get it off. Okay, giving us access, then, to our final Torx screw. The lid came off a little bit easier than I expected. I started on this side and it just popped off and I worked my fingers around under the back and then lifted it out.

So you can see here. We'Ll just got a single thermal. Copper transfer heat pipe this right here, and this is where I'll rise in 7 is the 4700. You other models have their 4500, you which aren't quite as powerful as this particular one. Here. The good news is right here: we do have yes, an upgradable wireless card and it does actually have the dual antennas most of the time would that chipset I've actually seen it before in mini pcs or just the single antenna. So this is good news. That means you can put Intel's a see. The ax should, I say, 200 Wi Fi six card in that – and here is how is this D right here and under this shielding? So this is just some shielding there to stop any interferences things with our RAM. You will find it is a coarse soldered onto the motherboard, not upgradeable, now there's a bit of space in here. Look at this gap right here and on this side, big gap as well the battery capacity 46 watt hours, but I think surely they could have put at least 50 in here – maybe a little bit more as well, but this free space, but God even around here. This is all free space, all of us right here – it's just some plastic reinforcing, so the internals look very good excellent, build quality, I've tested all the screws and they're assembly line is doing a good job because they are all tucked up correctly, they're, all good.

A lot of assembly lines in China and they just don't talk things up very good, and it tends to loosen off and they've, also used like a little tiny bit of like thread, locking solution on those screws as well to stop them coming loose from vibrations. When you're walking around and using this and putting in a backpack and things as well here's all two downwards firing speakers as well there so all up it looks good the internals, a shame. We cannot upgrade the RAM that would have been perfect if they had given us sodium slots in here. So we could buy the 8 gigabyte model and just add another 8 gigabytes later on and also use faster RAM with better timings would have been perfect there. So, first into our bias – and sadly this is what I expected. It would be very locked down to us there's, nothing. We can change, we can't dedicate more RAM to the integrated graphics, so you can't give it the Vega 8, just a little bit more than half a gigabyte of RAM. You want to give it one or two it's not possible here, which is a little a little disappointing there I'd say so boot order and things. If you wanted to boot to a Linux, pin drive security power settings in there, so you can wake it up with the keyboard. You just be challenged level, so you can charge your mobile phone if you want from one of their ports there, and that is it.

So take a look at these bezels. These bezels are very slim and they are plastic. They are met black bezels there, so they're not going to reflect or be irritating, but it does look very good, very nice. The way they've stretched the screen out and basically a 15.6 inch laptop with a now 16 inch screen. So when you get it naturally it's all going to be in Chinese here, the operating system so I'm going to change it over. To do this, you just need to go into our system, so Windows system go through right, click, the Start menu and then you need to find in here use Google Translate to find actually the setting. You need bring this up with Windows, so it gives us all. The information it just states the RAM everything else and you need to click here on like upgrade windows, so you're gon na see this little key logo. There again use a translator and once you do this, it will ask you for your CD key. So this is just one option. Ok, you can do this various different ways. What I'm gon na do here is use my own Windows 10 Pro key, and that means I retain the factory partition, which is great for doing a factory reset for resale value, for example, and I don't have to miss around with any drivers and anything like that. So this is gon na be a straight upgrade. Then I install the English language pack.

You can, however, do it the other way, which is do a complete clean windows, 10 install and the CD key that's. Actually, the license that's in the BIOS will pull through. As long as you install Windows, 10 home. You should be ok, not Windows, 10 Pro. That is so. I don't put my CD care now upgrade to English and then we'll jump back in and take a look at a few things now. I haven't had time to break out yet my spider 5 Pro and Misha the color gamut of the screen, so the Adobe RGB srgb values in the NTSC will be in the full final review. I have measured the maximum brightness okay. Maximum brightness is about 219. It so I was actually hoping for more so it's an anti glare panel. It is sixteen by nine ratio, so it's 1080p and it's, not sixteen by 10. A lot of people thought it was sixteen by 10, but that means that would have been 1920 by 1200, which it is not okay, with this particular one, no maximum brightness. Here we go that is actually right here. This is 200 nits on the battery. It just lets me get 200 Nets of brightness. You need to plug it into the AC into power if you want to get that almost 300 nets so far, it actually looks like a really nice screen. I do like it, but I want to see those Adobe RGB levels and NTSC and srgb is, as per the claim they set 100 so I'm expecting my meter to get at least 98 on 99.

All right, I swapped over now to screen capture just to give you a better look at these kind of things, make it a little bit clearer for us all. Now I've got the default scaling here in Windows, which is a hundred and twenty five percent and yeah the search bars ugly. You can see it right there, so what am I being benchmarking? Well, a lot of things, but this is just an initial first look: okay, the SSD definite weakness. This is, you know, set of three the Samsung, so it's, not exactly what I want in a 2020 laptop. It should be a me MVM II. Sorry it should be PCIe SSD, so I hope we can upgrade it. I will test it out confirm if I can I'll give this laptop an upgrade and possibly post a video to of that, what about free space and how they partitioned and that drive. So we've got two partitions one for day two one for Windows. A lot of manufacturers are doing this. So if you do happen to do it, factory reset your data could still be there there's a way to do it without actually wiping both drives, while both partitions it's, a single drive, of course and let's have a look quickly to in the device manager. So yes, the CPU is listed of course, eight times it's, eight cores, and here we have a weakness. So the realtek card, which i've shown you with the internals we can upgrade – and I highly recommend upgrading this later on – you can get the Intel.

The wireless AC 92 64 about eight US dollars off Aliexpress, and it also has bluetooth, five and it's double triple the speed of this particular card and that's. Really, all that I can show you and here that self interest really nothing else there at all. So what about tea? A few of the other benchmarks and things that I have been running a testing out so first up, why am I'm? Actually repeating all of this, I was not happy with the first results. I did the testing about what three four hours ago and I didn't get the result. I wanted, and I think it's down to I don't want. I don't know what it was. It could have been throttling possibly a little bit or this so holding function and pressing K, we've got silent mode, balanced mode and turbo. I may have been imbalanced, so everything I've tested. Now the benchmarks are in the top performance mode on AC. So on the power, the original power supply, the original cable nothing's going on in the background. Okay. So this is the maximum absolutely possible scores. I can show you so Geekbench five OpenCL score Geekbench five score here for our single core and multi core scores, so very good that multi core score that's good. This is the original first benchmark that had me going hang on what's going on. Alright, it was just too low now it could be down to the RAM I'll get onto that in just a second that there's still a little bit lower than expected.

I think, but it's very good performance here, don't get me wrong. This is good performance and especially when you look at Cinebench r15. Sorry, r20. Okay, release 20 over 3000 points. Excellent. That is good, very, very good here, okay, and what about the fair noise? So the fan noise has been very, very good. It comes on when it's needed and then it goes off and it disappears and you can't even hear it and that's even on power. Some of the me notebooks that I reviewed the fan would be on all the time. Frustrating annoying, but it's not actually happening here. So let's talk a little bit about the new AMD horizon 7 here. So yes, a couple of things, I want to point out because I thought that maximum turbo was supposed to be four point, one gigahertz according to AMD, but this gets up to four point. Two. Now I'm, not complaining if it's higher, that's great, so seven nanometers, eight cores and there and it's not sixteen traits it's a next model up for that. So you'll see that we do have under the graphics here, dedicated half a gigabyte to the Radeon graphics, seven cause. Okay and it does have a much higher clock than the previous generation, so expecting some good performance. I will show you gaming in the review, okay and under the speed here so let's, actually sorry the memory timings. This is where I thought our memory frequency would be higher.

Here I saw on the spec sheet, was at 3.2 gigahertz and even higher, and so and in those timings. Those timings look a lot weaker. That I'm used to a lot lighter timings there I'm, seeing tighter time is I'm seeing CL 15 with some of the RAM I've got right here. Hyper X, Ram, okay, it's expensive Ram, but we can upgrade the RAM either with us of course. So nothing else really of interest here at all with the CPU, so overall good performance it's – just not I don't know not quite as what I expected. Maybe I was expecting too much from from the height, but it is don't get me wrong here, very, very powerful. This is still a beast of a laptop, and that brings me to the last thing, which is for me the most concerning and I've got to point it out the thermals. I know a lot of reviewers, often just never look at the thermals. Why on earth is it getting up to 93 degrees, okay, yeah that's because I'm on the turbo mode yeah? Maybe, but it still should not be happening either. I think it's getting a little too hot, bear in mind I'm, only stressing the CPU so far. So if I test a demanding triple a title, so if I test out later on the full review, GTA 5, stressing both CPU and GPU what's going to happen, we're going to run into thermal throttling, so so far no thermal throttling.

But I don't like that temperature. I think it could just be down to a poor fan profile. Perhaps it just doesn't ramp up quick enough and it spikes at this temperature, so I'll be monitoring this more and I'll report back in my full review. Alright, so I really do like what I'm seeing so far with this particular laptop performance wise. It is very good considering when you factor end it. This sells for about 600 in what 20 or 30 US dollars this spec in China. But of course, once we have the resellers, they add their cuts and everything else it turns out to when you import one to be a lot more expensive, but their price it's going to keep dropping down. I'Ve already seen that the 16 gigabyte, the 4500 you model is selling now for about 600 euros, so that's another option. Of course the screen I do need to measure it. It is looking very good, though their maximum brightness, okay, getting close to 300 net so dearly. I would like to see a little more, but not bad. It is nice, though the Bissell's very, very nice anti glare, so you don't have that problem of afflictions everywhere, like you get with the amino of a pro which has a cause, a glass covered glossy screen. Speaking of the main upper pro, this is similar it's, almost exactly the same as it well in ways. They'Ve just changed. The chip sets the screen.

The keyboard is very, very similar, but it's not backlit dual stage backlit here backlighting gone not in this particular model. No SD card reader as well. So really you can see how Xiaomi have done this they're segregated them, because they, they probably going to say, hey if you want the better keyboard, you want the larger battery, the better, possibly battery life, and you want an SD card. Reader, you want a webcam, get the pro model, get the pro model that's, what they're doing there. You can clearly see it so it's very light. I mean one point: seven, six kilos very good and abouts what 18 millimeters? If you count the rubber feet, then it's about 21, which is still again very, very good charmese typical, build quality, excellent, and if you want to know how far the screen goes back, that's it it's about there. Okay, which is normal the same as the me and notebook pro date from Xiaomi, so areas of weakness. Well, the SATA 3 Drive okay. I would have loved to have seen nvme, but for this price point no we're not gon na get it but I'll see if it does actually support. Envy Mei just went out, and there later on, I'll probably do an upgrade video and of course it does have a weak wireless card, but thankfully we can upgrade it. So I highly recommend get yourself the ax, 2200, sorry from Intel or the 92 60 from Intel.

As well for Gigabit wireless AC and you really double triple those speeds, so what this particular card has and it's got bluetooth 5 incorporated into it and the other weakness. Well, it looks like the battery size is going to be it's going to be average. Better life estimates. This estimates. Okay, I have full figures in the final review, looking around seven to eight hours, just gauging on my current use at the moment, but that could really fluctuate in theory and I'll update you on that too. As well other speakers I haven't included a sample that'll be in the review, though it's it's good, and what about the fan? Noise fan? Noise is good as well, so far, it's, not bad, but thermals. We hit 93 degrees now that's kind of getting up there. If it's in the mid eighties, it wouldn't really be a problem but hitting 93, and I haven't even started to gain yet as well. So if you push both the integrated graphics and, of course, that CPU at the both at the same time, I'm a little concerned about those thermals now it could be just a simple fan profile issue that it spikes up real high under sudden loads. And the fan is too slow to respond to that. Then, once that once the RPM creeps up, then the thermals drop down and will be a sustained, much lower temperature than that 93. So I hope so but I'm gon na closely monitor that so I'll be back with better life charge times screen stats gaming more on it.

But I need at least a good week before I can publish and title something a review because they really need to know all those ends and outs, because it could be a couple other things. But I hope I did answer all your questions. If you're, considering this particular model here and with those early benchmarks, now the benchmarks came out a little bit: okay, a little bit slower than I expected with some benchmarks there. I guess like a lot of us. Maybe I just was assuming a little bit too much, but it is actually very good, consider and factor in the price how light it is and it's a laptop that's. Some really good performance we're getting out of this one. So far, so I hope to see you back in that final review with this particular model and do check out my other AMD videos. I got those many PCs which are very good value for money. One of them is only 255 euros. It offers a lot with Vega, 8, graphics, of course, and it has a good one too.