So what is very attractive about this as the price of course, so that 617 euros? I bought this one here from trading chins in and its input of course, so it doesn't have English and Chinese. You need to either reinstall that yourself in English, the chinese CD key that's in there for windows 10 should pull through or upgrade it so i'm going to upgrade this one to windows. 10 pro that'll. Allow me, then, to install the language pack, but also keep the factory image there. The partitions so it's good for resale value by order to do a factory reset and everything intact right there. So it has 8 gigabytes of ram. It also has a dedicated graphics, so it's, the nvidia MX 250, which i haven't reviewed yet it's, basically an overclocked MX, 150 and Intel's Core i5. 80. 265. You so taking a look at the box here. It is quite plain their packaging for it, and this is quite cheesy. Look what this is always believed that something wonderful is about to happen, so that something wonderful is unboxing a laptop. So there we go well padded. There is this little Quick Start Guide in Chinese and a little test log here from the guys I bought this off. So they've already done a test of the screen, the keyboard, mouse and charging and things to make sure it works. So there's just an another box. Here in the case, which of course will have our charger now, it's, not type C, this is DC, and this is where they have cut costs compared to their me notebook pro.

Obviously, they don't want to compete with that particular model and it looks reasonable the size of the charger here and the rating of it is nineteen point. Five volts three point: three: three amps 65 watts in total. Now the power cable plug that we have on the depth ur itself is very easy, a source of replacement. So if you need a u.s. one EU one it's just that Mickey Mouse style plug now, I just wanted to confirm the way here, so they claimed 1.5 kilos. And yes, it is 1.5 kilos. This is actually a good weight. If you compare it especially to shammies me know, but pro, which is almost 2 kilos, the thickness of the read my book is 22 millimeters that's, counting the rubber feet on the bottom. Now I'll do this one handed test everyone likes. If you can open it up, one handed no, definitely not, and there is our touchpad and the keyboard, so it has a bit of a Macbook kind of look to it, doesn't it so taking a look at the key spacing here, it seems to be okay, the Trebles so far does first impressions seems alright. I press down really hard here is hardly any flex, so that is good there, but definitely a lot cheaper, the keyboard, the feel of it and the quality compared to the amino, but pro as expected. Now this palm rest is made out of that lightweight alloy and the touchpad.

Now this is not glass it's not covered with glass on the top of it has a smooth feel to it. We do have cookie Hardware left and right mouse buttons, and this will, of course, support Windows. Precision drivers you can see along the top here. We'Ve got plenty of shortcuts that you access via the function, key our arrow keys up and down. They are half sized and we do have a dedicated Print Screen button, insert delete page up and down home and end, of course, and the power button. Sadly, this is not separated away from the keyboard. I would have preferred to have it right up here about there put it, of course, so close to that Delete key now pressing down. It has the same resistance as any the other keys here, but there is a status LED within it. So, taking a look at the screen here, the bezels are these smallest for 2019 left and right aren't too bad, but have you noticed what's missing? Can you spot it right here, where's the webcam. This is crazy. This decision to include no webcam what's it for privacy. Obviously, Xiaomi thinks no one needs a webcam people don't make Skype calls on their laptops. There are two mics up the top there, so jewelry microphones down the bottom, the readme book branding. So I have this green here set on the maximum brightness. I just measured it it's 230 Lux. Ideally, I would like to see over that maybe 250 or 300 at least it's saving.

Grace, of course, is the fact that it has an anti glare coating on it, so it's a matte screen – and I do prefer this. This is more practical than a glossy glass screen like the likes. We have, of course, on the me not but pro so that's the maximum brightness. If I turn it right down now the last setting isn't too bad. Now you can see this pattern coming through and that's just on camera. You would have also noticed that it is completely in Chinese here so that's normal, because this is a Chinese. Local, domestic, laptop and you'd expect this so there's two ways of doing this. You can either backup all other drivers using something like double driver and then do a complete new install of Windows and the key that's within the BIOS should actually pull through, and then it will be licensed or what I'm going to do I'm going to upgrade to Windows, 10 Pro and install an English language pack. So that way, I retain all of these stock software that Xiaomi has set up with it and, of course, the factory partitions still there, so you can easily do a factory reset, but before I get on to that, I just wanted to show you the design of The laptop, so this is where all the hot air is going to vent out, it's, just above the keyboard here, so it's, probably going to get a little hot about this area, especially when gaming and doing things, because it's only got the single fan here and a Single exit vent, which you can see right here so on the left of the laptop we've, got DCM for charging HDMI out and 2 USB 3 ports and then on the right.

A status LED USB 2 port and 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks. So, yes, we are missing an SD card reader and USB type c. 3.1 would have been very nice on this, but charmese cutting back on the costs, but I don't understand why they removed that webcam. Now, if you're wondering about the screen, just how far it goes back to this is the furthest, it will go. It'S not too bad I've seen worse, and I have of course seen much better ones that lie completely flat. So, on the bottom off, the laptop we've got those two large long rubber feet, so it sits steady on tables it's, not gon, na slip. Anything like that I'm gon na bunch of screws that are holding this rear, alloy plate in so you've got two gaps here. For downwards firing and DTS tuned speakers – and that is the intake vent there right at the top gaining access to the internals isn't too difficult. However, it is quite strongly clipped in place with these plastic clips, so you need to go around with a pry tool. Unclipping that so we've got a single SSD here we don't have a second slot that we could add another like there me know, poor pro but that's to be expected. They'Re cutting down on the costs here, the battery capacity for a twat hours on. I did see somewhere people claiming that it was meant to have a battery capacity of 60 watt hours.

It seems that information was incorrect and just like the webcam, or at least on this model here, the core i5 model, the RAM is under some heat shielding and you can see we just have a single fan with a single large copper thermal transfer heat pipe. Another good thing too, though, is the wireless card that can be upgraded and that wireless card is an Intel dual band wireless AC, 9, 4. 6. 2. You could upgrade it to the 92 60, which is a Gigabit wireless card, and the SSD used is a samsung PM. 8. 7. 1B. I have never seen this one before I will benchmark it in this video and there is one of our downwards firing. Speakers, alright. So this I was expecting the drive is set of 3, as you can see self benched martyred and 4 set of 3 Drive. The performance is good when you take a look at the 4k random reads and writes here now the slot does support nvme. So if you happen to have say a samsung 970 Evo lying about, then you can put that in there and of course, get really good speeds out of the spot. Now there are a couple of things I wanted to comment on here, because I know people would want to know this information. At least I know I would we've got a couple of areas greyed out here now we saw this happening with the main notebook Pro so they're, not giving us access, unfortunately, to undervolt, so we can't under vault, but we can at least increase the power limit here.

So you can see the default power limit, of course is 15 and then the short boost is 30 1.25. So we can at least get access to that so that's something, but you know, would be nice to have, of course, the under vaulting access there and then you can run all of the full cause at the top turbo. So I have here GPU Zed here just to find out a little bit of information, so there's some good news here: ok – and that is the ID the Vice ID right here – you can see 1d 13. So what does that mean? Well, that means it's. The 25 watt version not the crippled 10 watt version that we've seen, for example, in other laptops from Xiaomi, so there's, some good news there, because they have been cutting a lot of corners when it comes to the SSD, no type c: port, no micro, SD or Sd card reader on here now I have run into some trouble to trying to install the latest Nvidia driver for this. So I had to revert back to the original stock, one which is a four hundred and nineteen point. Seven one that's quite dated, so the latest is four hundred and thirty something and just won't install. I have tried using the I in. If file you can get those hacked ones from laptop drivers to go. I think they're called and even doing that I still couldn't get it to install here I mean we do have that dedicated two gigabytes of ddr4 Ram and a few benchmarks here as well.

Why not so Geekbench for this get set score, that's pretty much the same as the core i5 8250. So this really should be only about ten percent faster that's. All it is it's a tweak, so we've got the cable, a car, and now the whiskey lake you – which this is in fact the multi core score here – comes out to be about two thousand points less than the me notebook pro and that could be down to Cooling various factors there. If we take a look at our at the open CL score. This is approximately nine thousand points or so higher because we do have a slightly faster GPU, so the MX 250 really is just an overclocked. Mx 150 also ran Geekbench. Sorry, 3d. Mark that's, what I wanted to say: fire strike and this here, if you take a look at the graphics score, it's about six hundred points higher than the MX 150. Due to that overclock and the physics score here, a little bit lower and that again is probably different factors made with the cooling and that's. Why so, really not that much faster in terms performance than the mean of a pro, but of course, this model is a good 200 250 euros cheaper, cinnamic, r15, 447 CB. Now I could get a lot higher here if I was able to under voltage just wanted to talk about fan noise at the moment that it seems to be a little bit like the me notebook pro, depending on what firmware on the fans constantly on.

Even in chrome, it's kind of annoying it's, not at the four rpms or speed and when you're gaming, then it does increase to the full speed. So you can see right here looking at the chart that we do get some power limit, throttle so that's happening, and that was during the CPU test of 3dmark. It did actually trigger their thermal throttling for a second, you can see two dipping down their core frequencies. A little across the four cause that this has that's kind of to be expected. Now, if I was as mentioned, able to under bolt here I'm, not too sure if I can with throttle, stop if I'm able to do that, then we can at least increase the performance and maybe get rid of that altogether. Take a look at the GPU temps, mind you! I have not actually been running this for a long time. This is just my first review there, so you can see max temps 81 degrees on the CPU, so scroll down and take a look here at the GPU I'm, just just down here. That is then getting up to. Where is it 65 degrees, which is fine? So I was a little bit worried but of course I will probably post a gaming review with extended gaming oldest game for hours on end to test that it's not going to get up to 80 degrees. It'S not going to start throttling a huge amount and maybe do a little bit of overclocking to on that MX 250, if possible, all right, so I found the reason why Geekbench 4 and the physics score is lower and it's.

Probably this okay, compared to the me not Book Pro that Ram configuration and the eight gigabytes or the 16 runs always in dual channel and I've, checked HW info to confirm this as well it's only running in single channel, okay, so ddr4 the 2.4 gigahertz, but it's Only single channel, if it was dual channel, we get more Ram bandwidth and that does help with the multi core performance a little and I'm just running a quick speed test here. So with this wireless card, I can't quite get the speed, so they could. I don't say otherwise: it's cards it's, not the fastest, so it's really gon na kept out about 400 megabits per second, whereas if you install the Intel wireless AC, the 90 to 60, which I highly recommend, you can pick them up from aliexpress for around about 10. Us dollars and that's a Gigabit wireless card with Bluetooth 5, so so much faster than this. Ok, so the speakers they are with DTS sound. They said: ok, alright, they're, not the best I've heard they certainly will not compete with the me not but pros as expected. Again because this is a cheaper laptop from them, but here is a sample they don't sound too bad. They have a tiny bit of bass. Lowness is okay as well, and then Linux support is looking very good, so everything is working. The wireless, the controls for the brightness audio touchpad – all working – nothing I can see so far – is not working and it runs really quick.

Now so can a game. So this is Resident, Evil. 2. The remake, of course – and this is on relatively low settings 1080p, but I can tweak it back actually quite a bit to help boost this framerate and exceed as playable. So, yes, you can game a little, so most games will run just on low settings or medium settings. If it's an older title, then you might even be able to get away with high settings too. So I wanted to give you an update to on just approximate battery life here now. At the end of the video I said that you're gon na get around 5 hours and it turns out because I always on the dedicated GP I forgot – I forced it on for my gaming and my benchmarking and things, but you can see here. This is just ok, an estimate again got ta stress that that's looking like it's gon na last for about 10 hours, which is kind of crazy. I hope it's gon na be that good, because I could get 10 hours out of the me notebook Pro. But if you take a look at the estimate that's coming through from Windows, that is about 7 hours run time, but I will have a follow up video with the exact battery times and a screenshot of it as well. Ok, you cannot deny that this, for the price is offering a lot when you consider you've got that whiskey like you process, so you can get up to earlier their core i7 as well.

There, which is a slightly faster, slightly higher turbo, but will it actually be able to turbo and hold those turbos? Probably not because of that single thermal heat pipe on there, so so far gaming pushing it and it seems to be alright the thermals it gets up to about 75 degrees. The GPU CPU does get a little bit hot and it really depends on the game. So I will have a second part to this video, which will be with the screen information, so I'll give you the color space, so your Adobe srgb and all it's going to be there. So I will give you those full stats to families more on that that's. Constantly running all the time on AC right now on the battery very similar to the mean up or Pro, you can't hear it, and why am i comparing it to the me notebook pro all the time? A lot of you, I know, are going to ask me that in the comments – and the reason is because it has very much the same kind of configuration really when you think about it, so the core i5 cable like our – but it also has Nvidia's MX 250. 25 watt one as well, so they didn't cheap out, at least in that area, but she'll me of course chipped out with no webcam, which is an absolutely ridiculous decision. I believe dropping that most people will want it, but I know a lot of you in the comments are gon na, say you prefer it for privacy, you don't, need it normally they're rubbish, quality and in a way of course, you are right to their, but they Put in the jewel rain mics, so why can't they put the camera in the same space, it would have only costed, maybe another five us.

I really don't understand that at all, so the battery life is going to run, I would say, for about five hours, maybe six hours it's not actually looking particularly good because of the smaller capacity battery there. So the keyboard too, not as good as the new notebook Pro as it expect, of course, it's a lot cheaper this model, but it does have quite a bit of a difference there, no backlight, no type C port as well. No second is his D slot that you get with the me not bug Pro that's missing I mean I could go on the speakers as well sound better on the minitor Pro these ones. Aren'T too bad touch pads, okay windows, precision, drivers as you'd expect gestures are all there, so it's an import model, so it does not have Windows 10. In English, I had to do a whole new, install in fact that's what I did it's, that a clean install got the drivers off, show meas website and it had a bit of a problem with the Nvidia driver. So at the moment I cannot run the latest one so that's a little bit of shame eeeh, so there was going to affect performance and maybe little bugs and things with some games but it's to be expected later on. That should hopefully be fixed. So, overall, I can see already as a package that yeah for the prices selling this for for the 617 euros worth 512 gigabytes, a set of three storage and the spec of it.

It really is good a lot more power than the magic book, the on a magic book that I reviewed with the AMD chip on there, the APU and everything this of course we're the dedicated graphics as expect it's, just so much better for gaming. So it'll play light games it'll play newer titles as well on low settings, and that is really good to see that they can do that. So I hope to see you back with my gaming review. Part 2, better life, charging, time, screen stats and, of course, all the gaming. If you want a game that I can test out and they've, you know in the comments I don't have a huge steam collection, so there's a lot of times.