This is a laptop that has the Core i5 80 to 65. You that's the whiskey, like you, processor, 8 gigabytes, a single channel ram, sadly, and it does have up to 512 gigabytes of storage, which is the model I have here. It'S only set a three storage and a dedicated NVIDIA, MX, 250 GPU, so that's a 25 watt version, not the crippled 10 watt version, which is at least one good thing here that we have about this laptop. So this video I'm going to cover the screen so I'm gon na have a look at it in detail: 4k video, editing battery life and charge times and a full recap at the end of this video on my overall thoughts of this particular model. After five days of using it so first up, I wanted to cover the screen in more detail, because I know a lot of people have been asking me. This you've been asking about the color space. What does it have so right? Now we have the uncalibrated view and to me it always had quite a bit of a bluish tint to it. Now this is typical of IPS panels. Other people were asking about, screen bleed. Is there any? There is a tiny bit just along here on the bottom and a little bit up here, and I only see it when the screen is all black. For example, when you're booting the system up, and you have that little spinning, logo of Windows and that's.

When you notice it and really it's not bothersome to me so switch over now, you can see this is now the calibrated view which on camera might be difficult to see, but now it's not as blue and then we'll take a look at the gamut. So srgb is 64 here in TAC 46, an Adobe RGB 48, so it's not a great screen at all. If you wanted to do some, color grading photo work, video, editing and things like that, yeah not for a professional use so charge times a better life. This was something that was missing from my first video, because I need quite a few days to get these kind of figures here. This is a third battery cycle now, with it I've had the laptop for the today is the fifth day here and you're, getting very good, better life out of this. So you can see right here that I was 6 hours and 16 minutes into using this. Brightness was set to a 30 here, so I didn't configure it to 2 lux, which to me, seemed a little bit too bright at 30 percent indoors, it's perfectly fine. You could even lower it a little bit more here and they discharge rate. You see that it's only using about six and a half watts here, which is really good, now it's, not a huge capacity, so I didn't actually expect these kind of figures. I thought I like might get about six or seven hours or something like that, but it has surprised me in terms of better life, very great good, so this was Internet use, chrome, tabs.

I had about five or six open YouTube streaming as well. A little bit of Amazon, Prime video too so it's not like. I just lived it sitting there in the desktop like I know some manufacturers do to get better e stat, so I was actually using it typing on it. I posted a few articles on my website. As well so that's, where I get that figure there, so it was 100 a.m. I had to go to bed so that's. Why I didn't continue on otherwise, I would have been up for another four hours and gone to bed at five o'clock in the morning. To get the tea now stats here, but really really good so charge times Karen. I am charging here as well. You can see the charge rate is normally about 40 watts and it will take approximately two hours and a half to fully charge which isn't bad and now on to 4k video editing. Something I like to also demonstrate in show is some real world use here. So we have the playback resolution set to half here. I find that helps so I've only got a couple of minutes here of footage and the playback. You can see sometimes it's a little bit laggy here and what I have noticed that if you add like a huge amount of files, so you've got a very complicated init with the 8 gigabytes of RAM and especially with some of my long reviews.

Up to about 15 or 16 minutes, or so it will bog down a little bit there, so it's not really ideal that's. When I feel you definitely need 16 gigabytes of RAM and in dual channel so I'm, now going to encode export one minute of footage. I'M, going to use the YouTube preset and we'll see how long it takes here. It should be hardware decoding as well using Intel's, quick sync. I believe it is to help speed things up: YouTube 4k, preset one minute of footage and I'll get this ready to start. The timer we'll see how long it takes export and the timer yes about a second or so delay. Okay, so it's just about to finish up a little bit slower than expected, so it's, just gon na be over five minutes here for one minute of 4k footage encoding wait until then hunter percent bar goes okay, so approximately five minutes and 11 seconds all right. So I wanted to recap now, just after five days of use, I like the build quality. I like the weight, 1.5 kilos very good. We can't upgrade the wireless card, which is good, but when it comes to the corners that show me have cut in this laptop, the list just goes on and on: okay, no SD card reader, no type c port, no webcam don't understand that move. I think it should definitely have at least a webcam in here I mean they put microphones in here I'm surprised they didn't even remove the microphone to save them.

Five dollars in the production cost and a webcam would have cost, probably five or ten us as well. To put that in there, so just made out of a lightweight alloy it's, not a very durable alloy, very easy to scratch. So if you happen to whack your finger with rings or something on top of it, you could end up scratching the primers don't even make a slight dent in it. It really is quite soft. I found that out with my me, notebook sorry their me here that I had so their me notebook ear. The 12 inch version 1.5 same exact, ello they're using so that hinge is quite stiff. The single cooling fan, if you want to see the internals check out my first video, I go into a lot of detail with the first video about lots of things. Linux runs on it fine too. The other thing to to note is that the sound quality from the speakers – it's, okay, it's, alright, so the fan noise is there all the time constantly arm when you connect it up to power? Okay, so that's going to annoy some people. I know it does annoy me a little bit. The main notebook Pro is exactly the same, but if you're on the battery, you don't normally hear the phone and the most circumstances with like news letters so soon, as you start editing a video on the battery. The fan will be on and it probably won't turn off until you stop editing a video, but when you plug it into AC, no matter what you're doing, even just a couple of tabs, open and Chrome the fan comes off, it never goes off, but it doesn't Get warm even touching it, the thermals, even gaming, after four hours check.

My second video you can gaming gaming game and at least with an ambient room temperature 25 degrees, there's, no heat buildup. Really it only got to up to about 30 six degrees see here, and that is acceptable and fine, considering some laptops will get well into the 40s, which I would call hot bin. So I roll it's got a lot of corners cut the screen, as you saw it's, not an amazing IPS panel that's in there, and they said it's matte coated, but the brightness pops out at 230 Lux as well it's a hard one. So in Europe, 600 euros you're buying quite a good spec with a dedicated GPU, but eight gigabytes, a single channel Ram as well. Another corner was cut there and that's whiskey, like you CPU, so anything here in Europe, you're looking at way way way over 600 euros at this cost. So, for me, the price, at least in Europe is good, but I know there's always that guy in the comments he has an amazing source of buying new laptops because he can get double the spec for half the price of this wherever he's buying from so count. Me in for 300 euros, he's got something with twice the powers of this absolutely amazing, but you always get those comments, so I feel it's all down to what you're looking for and wait for the price to stabilize, because this has only been out for two weeks. So give it another month or two that price should definitely be dropping down, and then it starts to look a lot more attractive.

Thank you so much for watching this video.