This is the latest laptop here from Xiaomi, which is the readme book 13, so they just released it January. This month came out in China it's selling for about 700, this configuration euros or 750 US dollars and it does have an attractive lightweight, build to it. So it's only one point: two: five kilos and it's all metal the build completely. The keyboard is not backlit, okay, but it does have decent amount of travel it's about 1.4 millimeters, the keycaps a reasonable size. They don't have any curvature to them, so it's, not quite as comfortable as say, the xiaomi Amina, but pro which I'm currently testing reviewing as well. The touchpad great no problems never had any issues with it. It doesn't feature a fingerprint reader for Windows. Hello, unfortunately like the main up on pro so let's have a look at the screen. The screen, or get straight to the point here in this review – that it is disappointing. Okay, it has a maximum brightness of only 215 approximate Nets, not good. Ok, now they'll probably be a lot of reviewers out there. That will take a look at the screen and go it's really nice it's great it's, anti glare 1080p, no issues. The problem is when you break out a device, like my spider, 5 Pro actually measure the color coverage. The reproduction in this screen has its color space truly disappointing, so got an Adobe RGB value here of just 49 sRGB of just 66.

That is terrible in a laptop for this price range. To put it into perspective here, a lot of the 300 u.s. dollar cheap laptops. I review have screens that are twice as good as this okay. They will have 74 Adobe RGB and about 94 srgb. So this is really falling short failing completely. I feel for a screen in this type of laptop, so performance of the 10th changeups is really quite good, so for cos, 8 threads and Xiaomi. They set a 25 watt power. Loom limit leave a 1 on this, so that means they can really turbo up quite good across all four cores, producing some very good results. Here'S, you can see with Geekbench. Now won't go over a lot of benchmarks just to let you know that it really does fly this laptop, but as a consequence of that higher power limit, the thermals are not very good. I mean in fact they're terrible. It gets up to 99 degrees C or 96 went taxing that CPU. Now you couldn't use Intel's XT. You go on their lower the power limit to say 15 watts, which everybody else is going to be. Setting and you'll find them. Then you have acceptable thermals from it band noise. It is currently on at the moment. You often find when it's connect up to AC. That fan is just going to be continually running all over the time, so it does have two copper thermal transfer heat pipes in there, a large fan, but to me it's, just not really doing the job with the cooling, especially considering it does have a dedicated GPU Of this it's a very low end, weak dedicated GPU, but much better than integrated graphics, so we're getting about 24 frames per second with my test here, of which this is 1080p, if you like it to 720p, will be a lot more playable.

So it's not really. I feel a laptop at all for gaming, but you can do a little bit older titles just lower down those settings and you should be okay there. So it has some really decent speakers on this. There Harman tuned here's a sample of them Applause, and then our battery life is around six to six and a half hours. This was me and chrome, just using it constantly, and that was the brightness set right up to about 60. But remember 60 is only about a hundred and fifteen it's. I think it is which isn't really a good result, it's only a forty. What our battery that is it within this, so SSD speeds it's only set a three from those speeds. It should be an nvme Drive now more should B's. This only has two USB 3.1 ports on it: that's it for USB, know, Type C, no Thunderbolt and charging, as does DCM, which takes approximately three hours to fully charge that forty watt hour battery, but whereas USB 3.1 on here Type C would be great it's. The card reader slot or even SD slot would have also been great and nice to have on this, so it is lacking there. Now the HDMI port is only HDMI 1.4 spec. It should be HDMI to another disappointing area, so I'll keep a brief here. Quickly. Recap, this has a great build great light weight. Very nice slim, modern, bezels, truly disappointing screen.

Thermals are disappointing, fan noise. Is there quite a lot and then the price tag for what you're really getting? I just feel show me with this. One they've failed because they've just cut too many corners on ports features single channel RAM could have been dual channel, but it does pack a lot of performance if that is what you're. After in such a small laptop here with that 25 watt power limit means, you can really push this particular CPU hard and, of course, the expense of bad thermals and fan noise. So thank you so much for watching this quick review. I'M. Currently, testing the me notebook Pro that's, a 2020 refresh as well with 10th GM chips and the mx2 50. It is better than this laptop and that'll be up and coming in the channel in about a week's time.