It comes with dolby vision, three hdmi 2.1 ports, earc plus auto low latency gaming mode and not to forget this is an android tv which comes built in with google play store. So you can install netflix, prime video and thousands of other android tv apps, all of this starting at 33, 000 rupees. Only so the redmi tv sounds like an absolute deal or is it because you know it’s techwizer and we wanted to give you a clear picture on the best 4k tv. So we asked you and almost 6 000 of you voted for the me tv 4x. So we headed out and bought a brand new me tv 4x, 50 inch just to compare it with redmi 4k tv. So the question that has to be asked is: is redmi 4k tv, the best 4k tv to buy right now? Well, spoilers alert it is, but you need to know a lot of things and i’ll also be comparing it with the me tv 4x. So this is already watching. Techwizer let’s go okay. Before we get to the comparison, let’s quickly see what you get in the box. You get the usual stuff there’s, this big tv, you get plastic, stand some screws. The same old me. Sorry, redmi remote, the minimalist one, but this remote is far more useful. This time, we’ll get to that in a bit Music. In case you don’t know, the redmi tv comes in three variants: 50 inch 55 inch and a 65 inch.

This one we have right here is a 55 inch redmi tv there’s, absolutely no difference between the 50 55 and 65 inch tv, the same 4k tv same internal spam, specs everything. Now, if you’re thinking of wall mounting the tv, you can buy any size, but if you’re thinking of keeping the tv on the stand, you should probably measure your tv cabinet. We had a standard tv cabinet and 55 inch could barely fit on it. So we would need a bigger cabinet. The standard cabinet won’t make it now. One thing we noticed while fixing the redmi tv, the frames are plastic, but it’s really weak and it feels like you could remove the panel almost. Although this is not a big deal since you don’t touch your tv quite often like you touch your smartphone overall, the look and build of the redmi tv is same as me. Tv 4x now redmi absolutely kills here with the ports. I think this is the cheapest tv to come with three hdmi 2.1 ports. Now in case you don’t know, hdmi 2.1 is the latest version of hdmi, so hdmi 2.1 makes few changes to hdmi 2.0. You get almost three times better bandwidth, better colors over hdmi 2.0, but the most important factor is resolution and frame rate. Redmi tv provides an earc port instead of arc like regular tvs, so basically earc is better than arc and, most importantly, if you have a dolby atmos speaker setup, the erc port can directly provide dolby atmos output to the speaker system.

Apart from the usual hdmi port, you get pretty much all the ports, you have a headphone jack, a usb 2.0 port, ethernet port rca ports, an optical port, also a coax port for your cable tv Music. Now so far, the redmi tv kills with the ports. Spec configuration, but what about the main deal? The display? You buy a tv to watch it primarily right. So redmi tv comes with a 4k panel. It supports hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision. You don’t see dolby vision in this price range from other branded tvs. The mi tv 4x, on the other hand, is also 4k, but only supports hdr, no hdr10 or dolby vision. Now, what does this hdr10, plus or dolby vision mean to you while watching content on the tv? Well, if you have a netflix top tier subscription for dolby vision, it’s about 800 rupees a month, the redmi tv just kills. If you see the opening shot of stranger things in both me tv and redmi tv side by side, you can clearly see it. The stars in the sky heck in the next shot, the entire building is visible on the redmi tv in case of disney plus hosta. For some reason, the content just doesn’t trigger dolby vision on the redmi tv. But again you can see the difference between scenes on both the tv is clearly visible. Now, if you don’t have a top tier netflix subsection, you still have prime video prime video plays sgr 10 plus content for all prime users and again, if you see side by side with the me tv 4x, this is hana on amazon prime, which supports hdr 10 Plus and redmi tv brings out the colors like if you see in the far on the cave, is yellow, whereas on vtv it’s, all washed out and pale now here, if you look at the face on the redmi tv, it’s got more colors and has more depth.

Now, coming to watching youtube or offline videos, i found the redmi tv and me tv to be on par. I felt the redmi tv had more colors and looked slightly brighter. Also, you get this motion smoothening on redmi tv, which is crazy to see in this price range again haven’t seen any tvs in this range provide motion smoothening at this price. Now in case, you don’t understand, motion smoothening here’s, a good example here’s a side by side, shot of me shaking my hand in both 24 fps and 60 fps. If i pause right now at this moment, you can see the 24 fps footage is a bit blurred while 60 fps is not so motion. Smoothing in tv eliminates this blur by putting black frames or just duplicating frames between these 24 fps, to make it 60 fps and look good on a 60hz tv in simpler terms, it’s helpful if you watch sports cricket or football movies, don’t look good in it and I just turned it off: oh in case you’re wondering about the panels. Well, xiaomi provides both ips or va panels with their tvs. You don’t get the option to pick and choose between ips or va overall in terms of display, i would prefer redmi tv or me tv 4x. The panel is a bit bright plus it supports dolby vision and hdr 10 plus, although the only downside to watching content on redmi tv is the 30 watt speaker like it’s, still better than 20 watt speaker on the mi tv 4x, like if you hear side by Side, the audio sample on both of them Music, the redmi tv, is loud, but it lacks richness so much so that i was watching a movie scene the other day and it didn’t even feel that the volume was 100.

So if you have a hall that’s more than thousand square feet, i would recommend getting a sound bar or even save some money and get a dolby atmos setup for more on south bus. You can check this video right here after you have watched this one. Obviously, Applause, okay, so wrapping up the redmi tv has a better display panel, better ports and what about performance? Well again. Redmi tv is a clear winner here as well see the redmi tv comes with 2gb of ram and 16 gb of internal storage. The mi tv 4x, on the other hand, comes with 1gb of ram and 8gb of internal storage it’s. In a long time that i have seen a tv with 2gb ram and 16gb storage in real life usage, i didn’t find any difference in app launch time or apps running out of memory. It still pushes every fourth app out of memory it’s just that you get 16 gb memory 11gb for user access on redmi tv, so you can install more apps that’s it now let’s talk about some exclusive features that you get with the new redmi tv, so the Redmi tv supports auto low latency gaming mode. In similar words, this means, as soon as you connect your pc or ps4, console to the tv it automatically switches to monitor or game mode and if you see a side by side, i’m playing horizon. And now, if you see closely the difference between when i press the jump button and when the actual character jumps, the difference is almost minimal on the redmi tv when compared and it is because of auto low latency mode.

This is impressive if you are looking for a cheap, good, 4k tv for your xbox or ps4 or ps5, if you can get one, let us know as well or even pc gaming. The redmi tv is a good buy Music. Now, apart from display performance, specs and all of that there’s, another major difference between me, tv, 4x and redmi tv software, the redmi tv, runs on android 10 with patchwork 3, whereas you get android 9 on me, tv 4x, again with patchwork 3.. But the me tv lacks some new features. Xiaomi is providing to the tvs like. If you see you can double press the volume down button and the redmi tv is muted now another one one more. If you long press the patchwall button on the redmi tv, it brings up quick settings. So here you can change the picture mode to sport if you’re watching cricket – and this can be done while watching the content itself – another one. If you press the power button on the redmi tv, it goes to sleep instead of power off and when you press the power button back it wakes up within 5 seconds, which is good. Now i can go on and on about these features. But the point is the me tv, 4x won’t get these features or any older me tv, the redmi tv has it. So. To summarize, the redmi tv seems like a major upgrade over the mi tv 4x.

It has a better display, with better colors support for dolby vision and hdr 10 plus more hdmi 2.1 ports and auto low latency for gaming. So, finally, should you buy the redmi tv? Well, yes, for sure, please don’t buy the metv 4x. We bought it to show you so that you shouldn’t don’t, repeat the same mistake. If you’re looking for a budget, 50 55 inch 4k tv around 33 000. This thing is good to go, but if you’re thinking about a samsung or lg 4k tv well, they definitely are better than this redmi tv, but they would cost you almost twice the price as well, so buddies make a wise decision.