So what does this tablet offer at sorts and affordable price lets find out? So when you look at it, you are not going to think of it as an affordable tablet, because this one is made out of aluminum the back and the frame as well and the matte finish. This adds a hint of premiumness to this device as well, and it is a pretty slick, looking device and it does not feel heavy in the hands either. So Asami has done a really good job with the design, and one thing you can clearly notice is this camera model, so it seems inspired from the Apple iPad Pro, but it does have a single lens only and likewise for ports and buttons. We have the power button on the top right, along with two speakers. On the right side, there are volume, buttons and theres a Micro SD card slot as well. So you can extend the storage via external micro SD on the bottom. We have the USB type c port flagged by two speakers, so you get us so youre, getting a quad speaker setup here, which is quite nice, and but it does miss out on the fingerprint sensor and it does not come with any kind of Ip rating as Well, there is no official IP rating. Likewise, there is no cellular support on this tablet. The 10 jeans full HD IPS panel of the redmi pad is a good one. The screen real estate is more than good enough, and the brightness is also really good.

I did not have any problems using it Outdoors. Likewise, it is also a 10 bit panel, so the colors are really vibrant, Vivid and the wing angle is also great. So I have to say I enjoyed watching videos on the radio pad. I even worse, some of the ongoing, if you wanted to do World Cup matches on this and experience, was really good, though the black levels are not as good as the AMOLED panel. I do not have any complaints regarding this IPS panel and likewise it also comes with white bind alone certification for Netflix, so you can play full HD videos on Netflix as well. It is in 90hz panel as well, and the smoothness is really good, but it does offer you an option to choose a dynamic, refresh rate which automatically adjust the refresh rate for better battery optimizing. But I do prefer the 90hz mode for this one, because on a bigger screen like this, the 60hz mode can seem a bit sluggish, especially if you are already used to some higher refresh rate displays now. Moving on to the quad speaker system, it is certified by Dolby Atmos and they are above average uh. Well. I would have liked a bit more puncher and warmer sound profile, but for a but the tablet. This one is a really good sounding speaker unless youre, comparing it with the Apple iPad or the some of the Samsung tablets, obvious sleep, but this one will do just fine Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music onto the hardware of the red repair.

This one is using The Helio z99 chipset from mediatek, which is an overclocked version of the older z96 chipset from mediatek. But this one is built on much more efficient 6 nanometer process compared to the two nanometer process of the z96. And there is a lot of improvement. This one feels much more sleeker in terms of performance, much more smoother. Opening apps and opening multiple apps is smooth, and even if you use two apps at the same time, this one feels smooth enough, and this one is a very good performer when it comes to benchmarks as well, and it is decent at gaming, too. Uh Call of Duty mobile can be played at high frame rate option with both low and medium graphic settings. Radio tab performs well in both settings as it averages 59.9 FPS with negative frame, drops and zero stirrers for gains and impact. We tested the game at the lowest Graphics settings scabbed at 30 FPS and it averages 30 FPS, but we did notice occasional frame drops along with 0.2 percent starter onto the cameras. The redmi pad has a single eight missile camera on the rear and a fixed Focus. 8, Microsoft front camera on the front for selfies, so the four rows from the main camera look quite good. They are sharp and have vibrant colors. I think its more than decent for a tablet. Likewise, it can capture up to 1080p 30 FPS, and the videos are good enough.

More than good enough for occasional meetings and video calls the front camera is a wider one with a 105 degrees of field of view. So it does give you a wider frame, but it is a fixed focus camera, so the photos will not be as sharp as I would like it to be. Likewise, you can also capture opportunity, 30fps videos, but the videos are just decent good enough for video calls and meetings, but it would not give you good selfies now in terms of battery life, this one has a 8000 Ms battery, which is good enough, but not excellent. So with my motor users, which includes watching Netflix most of the time, I was getting around 10 to 11 hours of screen on time, which is nice for charging. It does have a 22.5 watt thousand in the box, but it only supports 18 watt charging, which takes around 2 hours 40 minutes to charge this tablet from 0 to 100.. So this one comes with xiaomis Mi by 13.1, on top of Android 12 out of the box. Optimized for tablets and Sami has promised two years of OS updates, so it should get Android 14 in and also three years of security patches. It does not have any premium features like Samsungs decks, but it does come with optimized dual pin setting space which lets you easily access and navigate around the settings in both portrait and landscape mode. Likewise, theres this new dock feature, which you can enable, when youre inside any app by swiping up like this from the bottom and then you can hold and drag any app icons and swipe it to the ace to open up in a multi window mode.

Likewise, you can also open apps in floating window mode and you can have two floating window mode at a time which is pretty useful if youre doing any multitasking. So should you buy the redmi pad? Yes, you definitely soon. It has a good display, good performance, good, build quality with quad speaker system and the battery life is decent as well, and I think this is all what most people will need in a good tablet, so is for a budget tablet.