It is the Remy note, 9 s now the 9 s is basically the redmi note 9 pro, but a global version of it, a global release. This is powered by the Snapdragon 720 G. Now my models got 4 gigabytes around 64 gigabytes, a few of has 2.1 storage, and this phone is retailing for about 199 US dollars. So there's detailed review I'm gon na go in depth. We'Ll, take a look at it, we'll see if it is worth that money and whether or not you should consider buying and picking up the latest redmi note here from xiaomi in the box, you will find our charger a TPU case, type c, cable, symmetry tool, warranty Card and it could use a guide our charges. Maximum output is twenty, two point, five watts, but it will only charge at a maximum of 18 watts the phone, so the TPU case is a smoky gray color. This one and it's got to cut out. Therefore, our fingerprint reader, which of course, is on the right hand, side and then we do have coverage of the buttons there's also raised lip, as you can see, for the camera glass on the rear. The build of this phone is covered with Gorilla Glass, 5 front and back now on the rear, we got curved edges. It does feel nice in hand it's a rather heavy phone, because it does actually weigh about 210 grams and what we've got with a camera module to me, when I first saw it looks a little bit like some kind of robot face like here's the mouth down.

The bottom and then we've got the four eyes or eyes at the top, so it to me is a little bit odd looking, but you do get used to it now that camera does to count. If I put it on the side here by almost 2 millimeters right, there we've got a volume rocker right there, so fingerprint reader and then at the bottom loudspeaker time seaport, which does not support video out microphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, with very good audio Quality and the frame rate on the outside it has like a metallic coating over the top of a plastic frame, and this is a matte coating here, so it's not actually that slippery. Now I can easily get to that fingerprint reader. No problems right there to touch it and they're positioned it perfectly. I feel now the bezels let's have a look at the screen very quickly. Before I get into a little more depth with it aren't exactly the slimmest bezels there and we do have a status LED, that's, just white right at the top there front facing camera is 16 megapixels, and then we have a SIM tray slot here. That is on the upper left hand side. Now this does take two nano Sims and a micro SD card, so it's, one of those three slots there, which will house all three of them and at the top we've got a secondary mic for noise cancellation and it's. Also used in video for stereo recording and yes in IR blaster.

We still have that so great to see they have retained the IR blaster. We still have a 3.5 and a headphone jack and it does even have FM radio as well onboard moving on to that. Six point: six seven inch IPS display so it's, not the class quality panel that I have seen out there. It does exhibit some shadows around the bottom corner, the bottom chin on it and a little bit around where the cutout is for that front facing camera. As you can see here now most people, this won't probably actually be an issue. You don't really see it unless you're looking at the same continual color there like, for example, a website that has a page that is white, then you'll probably notice that some areas it's a little bit gray there. Now the gamma is approximately 2.2 zero. It should ideally be about 2.2, but that isn't too bad for this IPS panel. This is set with the standard setting now overall it's, not a bad display, considering the price of this phone 200. Us there is one area of weakness, though, and that is the maximum brightness is about 465 nets that I measured. So it is a little difficult to make out in direct sunlight. I found now fingerprint unlocking is working really well in this it's capacitive, always on. So just touch the sensor. It unlocks animation is a little bit slow, as you can see, so it makes it look a bit slower than it really is.

But overall, what I do like is the fact that it's working for me pretty much 10 out of 10 times better than the N screen, fingerprint readers, but ant always on on to our performance. Now of the phone. So, with the Snapdragon, 720 G and I've got the 4 gigabyte model here with 64 gigabytes of u FS, 2.1 storage, it performs quite well. I think overall, most people be very pleased with the performance, a few of us out there that maybe PC gamers that you're used to seeing things run at 60 frames per second will notice that now, then, when you do go to recent apps and things that you Sometimes have a little bit of lag here and there just with the animations, but most people, probably won't notice – that, apart from that, it really is quite a fast and snappy smooth fluid phone. So the internal storage is ufs 2.1 speakers mentioned and we've got good. Random reads and writes over 100 megabytes per second, so that's not going to be bottlenecking this system and all a couple of things. I wanted to point out that when you get the phone it will have a bit of bloatware and what I mean by a bit of bloatware well about almost one and a half gigabytes of additional bloatware apps. That I would consider bloat funny thing is I put Netflix on here, even though this phone does not have a wide vine level, one set it's level three, as I'll show you soon there's some other games and junk that they put on there.

I am on the latest version, but the good news is, I haven't actually seen any inappropriate advertising come up. In fact, no advertising come up within the rom and might I'm using it now for a couple of days, so that is good that's. Just some of that junk are removed almost one and a half gigabytes, and this is a problem in my reviews, maybe a little bit different than other people. I actually point out problems that I do run into so the camera crashes on me now and then it's happened about four times now and most of the time when it happens, it's in the 48 megapixel mode. I don't know why that is it's. Just a bug. I'M sure Xiaomi will fix this in due course. We do have camera2 api level 3. That is good, so full access to all the cameras features. So that means Google camera ports. Hopefully in the future there will be ones that we can use now the GPS. This is working well, it does take a little while sometimes to get the first lock, but once it gets it, it maintains it that's, great and that's at Widevine level, 3 cert. Unfortunately, this is kind of poor to see considering it's the global ROM but I'm sure that that will be corrected as well, with firmware updates now, while it's very, very good here. Ok, absolutely no complaints! This is blazing fast. This is at flagship level for a mobile phone to get 642 megabits per second transfer rates; great ok and no problems with 4G as well.

That is very good here. Geek bench, 5.1. It'S, an OK score! I mean it's, not amazing. This is a well it's kind of like a mid range chip, sit well low end and there is our and 2 to version 8.3. There that's an OK score as well. I mean most people, the average Joe for a 200 phone you've got good performance with this. One now for battery life, it is looking really really good. Now, I think I've done about 7 hours here. I'Ve used the camera a lot, so this isn't what I would call kind of normal use. You can see here with the screen: ok, 7 hours and 27 minutes, and I still got 40 left. So I do believe because of he's taking a lot of photos, I think normal kind of use out of people you probably be able to get well. At least two days out of this, and I would say an on screen time of at least 12 hours, possibly even more now, I will have an update video with the full PC mark battery life test that's there just to compare it to some other phones and I'Ll, let you know standby battery drain so overnight I lost 4 percent. That is good. That was on 4G just lifted on ok on data, not on wireless on to gaming performance now, so this is Call of Duty. I wanted to show you the settings here, so if you set it to very high, it only gives you the very high frame rate option which won't be 60, so your best option is to use high and then max for our frame rate.

So this game is perfectly playable. A good frame rate and I've had no issues whether it can keep up haven't seen no serious legs either. I'Ll just show you quickly that if I look down the sights right here and move around, that is very smooth and fluid. So the 720 G, if you're, worried about whether it can handle games or not, I mean a demanding game like this it's handling it just fine. So to me, it's, not an issue, so we've only got a single down with frying loudspeaker on this phone, but it does actually sound pretty decent. The volume is there. It'S loud it's got a little tiny hint of bass as you'll hear with my sample and overall, I think for a 200 phone that it's a good loudspeaker, they've gone with no voice call quality. My signal strength as well, and no problems with that. They'Re. Three point: 500 headphone jack quality does sound very good to me, it's loud as well, and it does sound very clean. So you got good audio there. Don'T forget also FM tune is still here, that's, something that's. You could almost say prehistoric nowadays to have on a phone but good that they didn't drop it and I'll give you that sample now moving over to our camera now so we've got the ultra wide, which you simply tap right here now, if you're recording video, you Can only record one or the other, you cannot swap between them, like other manufacturers.

Allow us – and we also have a two x right there, video mode, that's, pretty straightforward and short video mode of 48 megapixel mode is right there. If you want to use that, I have noticed that often when I take photos with it, it will end up actually locking up that. I mentioned that too. So they've got the night mode to shutter. It can be a little bit slow at times, depending on the conditions and just to quickly show you pro mode here before going over to some samples. So we've got our focus: white balance, shutter rate ISO exposure and then you've got the choice of the macro ultra wide and wide lenses right there too. So let's take a look at some samples now, so we can at least shoot ultra wide video with electronic image. Stabilisation, as you can see right now, but only 1080p 30 frames per second max. I think it's, a limitation of the sensor we have so. This is a sample of 4k 30 frames per second video I've noticed the focus seems to be pretty good, especially in these conditions bright nice day. Finally, we've got some good weather here has been raining a lot, but we don't have any electronic image stabilization. That is only working when you use 1080p 30 frames per second. So you can see the difference now when I shoot in 1080p that it does have electronic image stabilization, not to mention the audio quality but disappointing here, they're using 96 kilobits per second again, so we've gone backwards, their flagship, the me 10 enemy TM Pro, have actually Very good audio, but of course they are the flagship, so that's, probably why they've done it.

They use 320 kilobits per second, and this that 96 to me does sound a little bit scratchy the audio quality, so in true Shelby fashion. Here we don't have any electronic image stabilization with the front facing camera. I mean take a look at their flagships. The me 10 meter in Pro that are recently reviewed in the channel. There have any electronic image stabilization. So I imagined that this wouldn't have it at all either so, hopefully show me can add that with a firmware update because, as you can see, the quality is pretty good for 1080p it's, nice and sharp. The exposure tends to do a reasonably good job here. If I step into the shadow you see, it will adjust quite well to that, and you can still see me I'm very clear here so hopefully fingers crossed they can up that audio bitrate and one day give us electronic image stabilization with their front facing cameras. Like everyone else is doing Music, Music, all right so that's the Rumi note nine years. What did you think of those camera samples there? I think you can take a very decent photo. The main sensor, the ultra wide okay good, to have a good that they give us the option of recording video on it, but no 4k. It is just an 8 megapixel sensor. We cannot expect too much and it does an okay job, but you notice around the edges for some of those photos that it's not super high detailed.

Now this mobile phone for the 200 us it sells for, does offer a lot dual SIM support. You don't have to give up one of those sims for an SD, sorry for a micro SD card at all, which is good. But if your radio on board three point 500 headphone jack IR blaster, there is still there so show me. Keeping with that same mix of list offering us what other manufacturers are starting to really drop, which is great to see now the screen for me isn't super high quality, but the average person out there is gon na look at the screen and go yeah that's fine, It'S not a problem, but if you're really fussy about your screens, you will notice some of that darkening around the edges with the IPS panel that's, a IPS trait and one of the cons of IPS panels, but they do not suffer a course from screen burn. Now the maximum brightness pops out about 465 nits now that is okay, but I've, noticed that this type of screen that, when your direct sunlight, is quite difficult to make out so that's one thing they're. They cannot be corrected with software updates, whereas the other problems that I demonstrated and showed you, for example, the audio bitrate we don't have a wide vine live all one cert effect that you have no electronic image stabilization on 4k or front facing camera. That is actually all fixable via software. That is also the same case with those little legs and micro, stutters and things that you will see that pull through with some of the animations that it's all software down to software, which is really the Xiaomi that we always know that.

That seems to always be the case, so hopefully, when the firmware matures they pusher more firmware updates. They can correct and fix that, and this will be a very good phone for the price I mean the performance is there for all the latest android games. You can have playable gaming out there and everything just to tweak the settings. Of course, that's really just the only thing there and then well. The charge time has one of those cons to that cannot be fixed. Sadly, unless there is a way for them to push out a software update that will allow us to charge at the full twenty two point: five watts that the charge supports and not 18 the great. If we could charge say it 27 watts and I'm, not too sure if this chipset actually supports quick charge for and as it stands, it's about just over two and a half hours to fully charge this phone for 2020 that's, not exactly super fast, but again, look At the price of this selling for about one hundred and ninety nine us so that's, the read me note. 90S. Thank you for watching this review. I hope you did like it. I do apologize for this a little bit: echoey, audio quality right now, I'm, shooting from home and with all that's going on in the world. It didn't have time if you see my other videos to actually sound incise like this but I'm doing the best.

I can here trying to tweak my audio quality, do stay safe and I do hope to see you back with my next upcoming review.