So this is basically the note 9 pro. That version was released a couple of weeks before this one, so this follow up video I'm going to cover some things that I didn't go over in the review, and that is battery life. Also take a look at some of those commonly asked questions. I will try to answer those in this video and just go back over a few things like the camera as well, because I think it's actually really quite good. The camera that they've packed into this free 8 megapixel it's, the Samsung, the GW 2, so it's. The next generation fully 8 megapixel sensor from them and it does a pretty good job in data, as you see later on, but first I wanted to jump into battery life, so I do a fixed battery test here. This is from PC Mark and I sit and calibrate all of the displays to 200 minutes of brightness and then just let it run so it'll run from 100 down to 20 and then give us our result here. So you can see what 13 hours and 12 minutes from the 5000 and 20 milliamp hour battery that's in the redmi note 9 is. That is an excellent result, so this translates into at least 2 days used for most and, as I mentioned in the full review that the standby battery drain is also excellent. I'M, only losing about 4 percent over the space of about 8 hours, or so overnight, connected to 4G data that's.

What sync on as well! So this was a common question. Does it have raised to wake? Will it face unlock straight away for you when you do that and yeah most of the time it's working for me and probably about, I would say good 9 out of 10 times so demonstrate it here. I'Ve got the tripod in the way, so it might not be as quick so raise it up, look at it and then it unlocks you can see that actually did work for me. So over the week of using the phone now I found the fingerprint reader is very good, but I have run into just one more bug. Ok, that what happened I didn't get it on camera. There was no real point, so I went to unlock it. I heard they down unlock noise, ok and then nothing. It was like this blank screen, pressed it again and I could hear it doing the unlock from my fingerprint and even the face unlocking, but it was absolutely nothing on the screen at all and it I had to power it off. Ok, I had to do a complete, hard reset and then get it back. So clearly, there is still a bit of a problem with the firmware I mean we've had no updates but that's. The second big bug that I have discovered now, the other one – was the camera that sometimes locks up on you. I just go into the camera mode here, so I was trying to I mean I spent hours actually trying to get it to lock up on on camera.

I couldn't get it. This is just the the rule. Ok, the general rule try and get something to do it on camera, for you is very difficult, it's, a good opportunity to point out the shadow right here like night modes, a little bit slower when you take 48 megapixel showed us wow. You can see that that is also a bit slower too now we do have video pro mode that's in this phone as well. Some people asking me is it there, so we do have that video promo, that's, handy it's, good to see and there'll be some camera samples, more samples. I want to talk a little bit more about that camera as well later on this Samsung gw2 in this video, but before we get onto that, let's talk about the screen it's one of the most important things in a phone – and I mentioned in the review that I don't believe it's a super high quality panel. You don't expect this. This is a 200 phone we're getting a very good spec, and I also said in that video that the average person out there is gon na love the screen. So you give this to your uncle or something like that, this phone or to your mother, and they will not see anything wrong with it whatsoever. It'S just tikkis out. They will see like with certain solid colors. You can see now where the cutout is for the front facing 16 megapixel camera.

It depends on the angle you're looking at it. If I hold it up now, you'll probably see it a little bit of this that's happening. You can see that shadowing around the knotch, which is a little bit annoying like it's, not super high quality. You get a bit of it down here on the bottom and for most people that's not actually going to be a problem. The biggest thing I can see being a problem for all those people out. There is the sunlight legibility and I did mention that's a little bit it's illegible at times, if it's really bright that Sun, as you can see now, it's really hard to make out and it doesn't look quite as bad as it's been captured right now. Okay on video, but it is bad bad enough that sometimes I need to go and find some shade, so I can see the screen now. Yes, I do have the screen protector on it. It came with one pre applied now. The other things that were quite common was what's happened to the phone dollar. Are they using the Google ah cap this? It is okay, so this is just the Android ten stock out, okay, and why have they done this? I believe it's to do with the voice. Recording they used to have before so called recording was possible on the earlier one. So even they had me or I eleven, but it was on Android nine. You could do that, but I think it's something to do with Google's, actually block that I don't want it anymore.

So that is why, and then your text message app is also the same: okay let's using Google's messages now and not Sharma's. So in the future, hopefully they can use their own app for this, but it's not too much of an issue. So there were a lot of questions. A lot of people were asking. I had half of India, it seemed a scheming about GCM. Why didn't? I show up why haven't I tested it. The thing is: I've got G cam installed, okay and it's kind of working, and then it isn't, because the most important thing that most people want, of course, is nitesite. But when you go into this, it will jam up and lock hey. What do you know it's actually working for me this time around and there we go. Okay, it crashed it, didn't actually save that photo either. It looks like it's gon na work and then it crashes, but normally crashes straight away, just going into it so that's one thing that was asked frequently: I might go back to this okay once we get a working version check it out. But yes, if you want improved low light, hold out for that, because lowlights performance from this camera is actually not very good, now there's a couple other things I wanted to point out and that is to do with all right the clean app used to have adverts In it – and it seems that Xiaomi has at least removed that, but there is still some advertising coming through because there's popped up for me.

So after you install an app anything from say, Google Play, I don't know if this can actually be disabled, but what it will do was then do a system virus scan an apk virus scam, which is, I think, a little bit unnecessary, because Google has their plate. Protect don't they, which is basically the same thing anyway, once it scanned the package after you've installed. It comes up with this advertising, so it is not ahead of us in and a free me you, I eleven, unfortunately so that's disappointing to see, and then a few of you were asking about thermal throttling wide and I mentioned thermals and for review, because there was No need this phone I've done quite a bit of gaming on it already. I will show you another game, which is shadow game legends also demanding, but it performs well, and the films are very good. So, even after doing this throttling test year, that was 15 minutes and if it was gon na throttle, we can see just at the start. It did a little bit. Ok got down to about 90 performance, and this is normal. This is the way the chipsets work that if they get a little bit too warm they'll rot all down but it's good after 15 minutes it really well, it didn't throttle. I can't in temperatures really good okay, because of the current situation. I don't have my thermal probe with me, but I can tell you an estimated, I would say 40 degrees or sides getting up to screen in the rear.

I don't see it has been an issue and, if you're gaming for long periods, I think the thermals on this particular phone are gon na, be perfectly fine. This one also popped up a lot, and that was the status LED. So there you can see it. It is a simple white, color and that's it. You cannot customize it to another color, for example, to have it as blue. When you get a message, no that's not possible. It is to the right of the cutout of the front facing camera and to the left of that is our earpiece at the top. So this earpiece is not actually centered perfectly it's to the left a little bit so take a look at that game played performance. Now, with shadow gun, legends, so there's chips, it actually does pretty. Well, I mean all those new titles out there and slightly older, demanding games like this one you can set the settings and the best option here is 60 frames per second high does have a few frame debts now and then, if you set it to medium, it Would probably be slightly more smoother, but let's go with high here. Ultra high, no ultra high just gets a little bit too choppy when there's explosions and things going on let's take a look at that gameplay. So you can see, even with the high settings it's very smooth, its playable, you get the occasional, as mentioned before, a little stutter, you see with an explosion or something a low din, but it's not going to completely lag out and become unplayable.

No, this new, 720 G does really well. I mean the G stands for gaming, so they have tuned the GPU a little bit more for gaming performance and even if I hang on zoom in here, just double tap still still smooth here through the scope. So gaming on this chip set for a 200 fine I've got no problems with it. I think it's very good, excellent in fact, for two hundred US dollars. So a lot of people asked me to show this and run this again is antutu, so my first score was a quarter of a million okay, and now it is just under a quarter of a million. I lost 5000 points and the phone was cold. So this is about the school you're gon na get now others are saying that the 720 G on so and so's channel got a better score. What am i doing to make it look bad? I don't know maybe they're using another version of paint, but this is version 8.3 and that's. The score and it's actually not too bad. Come on. This is a 200 phone, so performance is fairly decent. When you take a look at the GPU scores memory yeah I mean this is a mid range low range kind of chip here from Qualcomm, so for the price of this phone selling for around 200 US dollars and if you import one in from China, it's actually Less than that that I think this does actually have a very good camera.

The main camera at 48 megapixel sensor is the next generation 48 megapixel sensor from Samsung, so it's the. What do they call it? The bright cell. I think it is the GW is the sensor and, as you can see from this, it does take a very good photo when you have a look at this flower here. So this is the red hibiscus and a lot of even flagships, don't capture it this well. They do end up clipping that red, so not getting all those different shades of red and they're, not seeing those tiny little veins, but would just completely clip it out, but this camera does not so for the price. I think the camera on the rear is really really good, but only in daylight, okay, daylight stills. Here these samples, aren't, showing you portraits, come out pretty good. Now the front facing camera that you're looking at right now, I think that's quite good for 1080p, the quality is good, but you can see that it shakes around a lot that's because it doesn't have any electronic image stabilization. As I pointed out in my first review that I posted so if I start to walk now, you see that it's gon na shake around a lot here and that, hopefully, can be added with a firmware update. I believe they can just do this with firmware, but then what have a crop that would probably be about here a lot closer then because that's, what happens without trying to MB stabilization? Of course you need to crop now.

The macro spins on the back is 5 megapixels. Other show me: phones had a 2 megapixel macro camera, which was quite hopeless really, but you can see here when you have a look at the snail. Look at the little tiny dots on its skin and the eyes there that the macro photos they're actually pretty good for 5 megapixels. I don't know a lot of people that will take macro shots, but at least that option is there for us. Okay. So there we go guys, I think the final verdict, but this one is pretty much like a lot of the Xiaomi phones recently that I've been reviewing, and that is software software software it's all down to software, fixes bug fixes from Xiaomi, and then this is gon Na be an excellent phone for the price, you got really good performance, FM radio. You got the two nano Sims micro SD card support, IR transmitter 3.5 when I'm in a headphone jack, big battery, good battery life, good gaming performance it's just that software. So we need to have optimization from Xiaomi on just a few bugs like the camera bug. I pointed out on my review and also talked briefly about it here and then we've got the bitrate for audio and video. Hopefully they can add electronic image stabilization to video tweaked, low light performance or maybe in the future. We can find a working G, cam port, and this is going to be a fantastic phone for the two hundred US dollars.