Currently, oh, of course, shooting on that. You can hear there's a big difference between the audio, so we'll be swapping between the audio sources here, we'll take a look at low light footage as well video with the front and rear cameras and also stills in low light, so right now there's a big difference In the crop right here and you can see in terms of the air quality, i find the colors and the sharpness on the show me to be bitter here. But we have electronic image stabilization with 1080p, with the front facing camera on the real me v pro something. Sadly, this shell me is lacking, so for that i have to give the win because of the audio quality is well here to the real me v pro. So let's take a look now at rear video. This is a sample now of 4k 30 frames per second, both of them lack electronic image stabilization with 4k. Unfortunately, so you definitely notice that when you walk along that there's a few little shakes and tremors, and you notice that the audio that the clear winner here is the real me 5 pro superior audio it's. Not, I think, just because they're using a higher bitrate. I think they could be using just better quality microphones, but we've got 320 kilobytes per second audio bitrate versus the 96. That Xiaomi are using so big difference there. Now both of them have two times digital zone, but you can use it only in video with the real meet, as you can see, as i zoom in and then five times which the quality is not great.

So, as you can see now with 1080p video that we do have electronic image stabilization on both, so it is a lot smoother and it's a real shame that we don't have it with 4k, at least yet. Hopefully they can add that with some firmware updates, so I'm walking along, and you can see that it's not the best electronic image stabilization that I have seen, but its overall doing a very good job. Now there is one area where the Xiaomi definitely runs out. Is it is because you can record video with the ultra wide camera as well? Now, real me doesn't, let you do it with the romy 5. Pro focus on both seems to be good. The best focus they have have seen because it doesn't have dual pixel: face: detection autofocus, these newer senses and now just a very quick sample of using the ultra wide camera for video on the redmi. Note: 8, pro okay. So this was where things get really difficult. Low light with the front facing cameras, so both of them are babe open, look terrible to me there's a lot of noise. Now you can take your pic here. You either want the better audio quality with real me, five and less noise and the image, but it looks darker or you go with the poorer audio quality on this show me here, but you capture more slightly brighter the image at the cost of having a lot More noise and grain to it now the rear cameras were low, light I'm, keeping it in 1080p, because I want the image stabilization and you can clearly see here just like all the video that it looks a lot sharper on the real me 5 Pro this stabilization.

I think maybe slightly better but we're capturing a little bit more, maybe in the shadows here that show me looks a little bit lighter, but it comes at the cost of being very kind of washed out the image. So my peg here for a long live video performance has to go to the real me 5 Pro Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, so let's just recap here my findings, video quality hands down, not just because of the audio, but also the video. If you saw that the Roma five pros, video is much sharper and I think, especially in low light, the electronic image stabilization just works a little bit better has slightly higher quality there and, of course, you get the electronic image stabilization with the front facing camera. You'Re missing that, with the rid me Note, 8 Pro now in terms of then the portrait shots, I think real me doesn't a little bit bitter with the stitching and they blur the background a little more. This is just a default straight going to portrait mode settings there. I disabled the beautification and things were the front facing camera as well, but that's. My personal pick there now some may choose to show me because of the color is a little bit more accurate. But when it comes to stills to me, the Xiaomi is the clear winner: okay, because it gets the colors just a little bit better. If you had a look at that photo the Hibiscus, the red flower.

I found then that okay, both of them, have very good image. Quality they're capturing a lot of details, but there was a tiny little bit of the red clipping on the real me v pro and to me the color was just more accurate there with the redmi note 8 Pro that one's just a little bit better cuddle wise. So that's, why I go with that for stills, but they are Nick and Nick. They are so close, they're low light performance both for them lousy. I don't really like the low light performance own on them. I had to pick a winner. I think I don't really know their Xiaomi, possibly because it just captures a little bit more detail a little bit more light, but you want to use the Google cameras poor dear for that, so the ultra wide on the Xiaomi is the winner as well, but both Of them are kind of poor for ultra wide cameras. They don't capture a lot of detail and a lot of blurring on the edges. Now the video quality for ultra wide on the Xiaomi is terrible, not good at all. They don't, like it so we're, not really missing out on too much with real me v pro, of course not having that. So, thank you so much for watching this camera comparison. I hoped you liked it and I hope to see you back in the channel, because I will have the real me.