So in this particular video I'm gon na go through some video samples side by side crop to 200, so you can look at it in detail and I'll only be recording in 1080p, because we don't have 4k with the stock camera apps on this I'm. Only going to focus on the stock camera app, I know you can use open camera. You can use Google's camera to get 4k, but we'll just keep it to stop here. Like most, people will be running so let's start out with the video samples is, of course, a front facing camera now, let's take a look at the rear. This right now is a 1080p 30 frames per second sample, with both of their cameras using this stock app. As I mentioned, I won't be using open camera or Google camera not in this video, at least just to keep things fair, the same app that everyone will be using. They find that the focus tends to be a little bit better on the redmi note 5, because it does have that dual pixel face the tips and auto focus missing focus is much faster and a lot more steady. You don't tend to see that breathing the focus breathing that happens in low light. Were the redmi note 7 just walk along here, so you can see that electronic image stabilization working and once you got the focus here with the tree, see here. The focus needs to be doing a good job with the ribbon note.

Seven but let's see how it fares now in low light, so a low light now and you will notice that you're getting a lot more green on both beneath some went down about an hour ago. Let'S, take a look at the focus so on the ball right here. I think the focus is performing better. You can see it's pulsing in and out sometimes with the redmi note 7, both of them not wonderful in these conditions, of course, but yeah. That focus is a bit of a problem on the the note seven front facing cameras now. So I think here the redmi note 5 looks a little bit better. It'S got less grain to it. You can see just look at the the trees in the background, so those palm trees, pine trees and things in the background there it's just a little bit less grain to it. Perhaps it looks just a little sharper on the redmi note. 5. I think this one in low light to me looks to be the winner, but let us know in the comments which one you think is best alright guys, so there we go. That is the comparison there as little close at times, but I believed that the redmi note 7 wins in two areas: front facing selfie shots. The portrait photos didn't, have a lot more detail and I did disable beautifying on both of them. Even though the room note 5 looks a little soft now in low light with video at least the redmi note, 7 will drop frames and the focus on the rear camera to struggles a bit more to get focused to get locked, you'll, see a pulsing in and Out and I think that the video winner definitely win the audio, the audio is superior much louder.

On the ribbon note 5: I did not boost the gain on the redmi. Note. 7 sharmee needs to up there because it's just too low, it's, very quiet and not really that great there will you look at the colors. Well, sometimes they get both of them get the images a little bit with a blue hue to them or a purple hue. A bit of a blue tint, but I find overall looking at the objects, of course, in real life, that the more natural colors, the more correct colors are coming from the redmi note 5. Now the xiaomi teams off his head more time to optimize it, maybe that's. Why it looks a little bit better, so the overall winner from me doesn't come as a big surprise. I think it is the Redmi note 5, for me, is the best this and no need to upgrade for people are looking to upgrade from the redmi note. 5. No need it still has a very good camera and the only area, I think low light may be a little bit better as well in some of those photos, just a little less noise on the redmi note 7, but overall, both of them have a lot of Grain and they're both quite poor at low light photography.