So three sub brands for the mobile division, at least that is that they've got so what's interesting about this phone. Well, we have a phone that has a quite a good price point 150, us that is in China, however, that they're selling it for with three gigabytes of RAM and 32 that's the start out model the base model. So the one I've got here that I picked up as a black version, and this one has four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage. It'S got the snapdragon 616 as the cpu and then the camera on the rear, 48 megapixels the front facing selfie cam is 13. Your full specs are right up here if you're interested in that it has a full thousand milliamp hour battery. So the better luck should be good and it does look very promising for that price point. So let's check it out. So here is our box. Redmi note 7 talking about now an extended warranty on this. It used to be 12 months, it's now 18 months, but of course, and that's in China, and then you just get a little bit of a rundown right here of the specs on the back that we are already pretty much aware of so it looks like we Have a TPU case here now I got the black version so right here we have the sim tray tool that's to eject that out, of course, a couple of instruction manual.

If that things does look to be in Chinese and they are – and here is that TPU case, I will show you this on the phone in only a minute, you can see it's one of those cheaper kind of cases, but it's great to have this, at least In the box, so we know straight away yet we've got some protection for the phone and it does, of course, cover the buttons on the side, which is great. So there is our phone and no one's used this yet, which is great. I can see that there's no air bubbles underneath that – and here we have our cable and the charger. So this is a standard charger this one here. This is the 10 watt charger. Now there is an option in China to get the 18 watt charger, which is a lot faster of course. So this one is with a maximum output of 5 volts 2m. So it's not going to be super fast or anything like that, but it should do full charge the phone in about 2 hours and 10 minutes, and then here is our cable, so it's, the typical xiaomi, 1, so type C. Finally, finally, they have used up their micro, USB stock. Okay, so let's check the weight like I always do with my phone reviews, so 187 grams that's not bad and eight point two millimeters thick. However, that's, without that big camera bump, which is quite tall, you can see because that then brings it up to ten millimeters or just under so here we have down the bottom, the type c port loudspeaker and one of these ones will be the microphone.

So not jeweled firing downwards speakers. I think the front facing earpiece does double as a loudspeaker, but I'll confirm that in this video, so it's glass on the rear. It has a very nice smooth edges to it and it looks to me like a painted alloy frame that goes around the outside. So so far I mean the build quality to me looks really good, so the SIM tray will take either a micro SD card. Nano SIM or two nano zooms: it has a rubber gasket around here, so it does not have an IP rating officially, but apparently there is some splash resistance with this phone. You can see there a gasket around it and yes, it does have a metal frame too. So it's not susceptible to bending up the top. We have a secondary mic, the use for noise cancellation and in video, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. And yes, it still retains the IR transmitter so great to have 3.5 mini headphone jack and still have the IR transmitter there as well. You can see the earpiece at the top. It looks a little bit wider than normal. Now we have this. What you could call like a water drop or a tear drop, not shown here now. This is a lot better than a big huge, wide notch. This camera is 13 megapixels, so it is a bit of a downgrade compared to some of the other cameras that we've got on front facing cameras.

At least there are 20 megapixels here in terms of megapixels. That is, we've got an ambient light sensor right here and I can see just inside the earpiece up here. They'Ve got other sensors, so that would probably be the proximity sensor that's in there as well, then, on the right side, we've got the volume and power buttons made out. A middle we've got a good feel to them. They are also painted as well. Now this lip at the top there, you can see that's plastic, so it's, a plastic that meets and mates in with the rear housing that it has on here. So, in the case you can see now that it doesn't actually offer protection for the screen, because the case itself does not raise up higher than the screen. So if you place it on a table, it is then gon na get scratched and the same goes for the camera. Unfortunately, you can see the camera bump does not get any protection at all, so same story place it down on a table and it could end up getting the lens scratch there. For a starter case that we get in the box, I think it's fine. It does at least protect their buttons, as I pointed out and it's better than nothing and does give the phone a little bit of grip, because right now here and winter, my hands are cold. This is a glass phone and it is super slippery.

So out of the box, the phone does come with a rather large update that you need to install one point. Eight gigabytes and that'll bring it up then, to me – or I version ten point, two point five. So my phone has four gigabytes around the other version. The cheapest one has only three and out of the sixty four gigabytes that I've got I've got 49 free available to me, I'm, of course, installing apps and things at the moment, and it is running Android 9 security patch level from December, and for those of you Out there that must know the sensor information. Well, there you go there's the two back cents, as you can see using Samsung the front camera is an omni version, 13 megapixel one, and because this is not the global ROM version. This is the Chinese version. It'S. The only one that's out at the moment, you're gon na get a lot of this bloatware Chinese blow where now, luckily, you can and install most of this rubbish II just simply go through either here the UI or through the settings and go and just remove them. One by one so let's take a look now at the screen in a little bit of detail, have noticed that, just like the view 20 that I reviewed that around where this water dropped notches we're getting a little bit of uneven backlight distribution. So you see like a darkness coming in on the edges: it's noticeable on the sides as well, so the bezels yeah, the top and bottom bezels they're, not the smallest, but I feel for the price that this phone is selling, for I mean it's perfectly suitable it's.

Fine and the water drop or teardrop notch, whatever you want to call it, I think, is a good substitute instead of having a big wide, not unlike all other Xiaomi phones, since I think it was menu. I seven or eight or something we've got this option here. So, under the contrast and colors under display, you can adjust the white balance and you can just put it on to standard which looks a little bit more correct, that's, the best white balance there. So if you want them more correct white balance, that's the one to have it on, but of course out of the box it's on the automatic contrast. So our maximum brightness is good, it's 575 lux, which is very good. I feel for the price. Now, when have a look at the gamma, it is off it's about 1.8 and it should be 2.2 real world images. They do come out good on the screen and again factoring in the price. I mean the blacks on this IPS they're, not the deepest, but they are recently dude. So that is really the only complaint I have is just that edge bleating about darkness we're, getting around the edges around the teardrop notch. That is really ad. Overall, I feel again factoring on that price, that this is not a bad IPS screen, it's, even better than the one that I've seen in the honor of u 20 and if you're wondering where is the status LED well here, it is right down here in the Chin in a very unusual location – I put it here – obviously they didn't have room to put it up the top.

So I wanted to talk now about the general performance. Show you a couple of benchmarks, so I have noticed that at times you will get just the minor slightest tiniest little bit of a full stream screen gesture lag coming in, but overall it seems to be pretty good when you go through multitasking, so we'll bring up Here the antutu score and a lot of you like to see that so here's the ante to score almost 140000, not a bad score for this chipset, so maximum turbo's 2.2 gigahertz, eight cores. It is really quite good paired up with the four gigabytes of RAM on my particular model here now DRM info whoops. I just accidentally closed them and I'll just bring that up for you now so DRM info, of course, it's wide fine level security, three level, so that means no net flux and full HD. We need security level, one for that. Chinese manufacturers they're not going through that process to get the cert for that and it's happening on a lot of tablets and a lot of the tick that I review. It'S only huai whether it seems to bother to get level one. So bear that in mind. With a budget device, is it a deal break and not having Netflix in full HD? I don't know I don't watch Netflix on my mobile phone normally, so the storage internal storage should just bring up a couple of benchmarks. To of that here we go so it does have a MMC, 5.

1 specs storage. Now I expected this we're not going to get you FS 2.1, not at the price point of this and those speeds are fine, it's not going to be bottlenecking and the system here at all with that and also to test out the wireless. So he can see this is actually LTE speeds here in Spain, not bad at all 35 download. The signal, strength, perception all seems to be fine there, and here was my wireless speed test too. So that's perfect, no problems with that GPS as well it's working good. If we get almost all of the satellites locked on to first lock took about 30 seconds and then around town everything has no problem tracking me accuracy will hover around the four meters that you can see here and if I open something like Twitter here, I think I'Ve already got that open in the background. So how is the performance of that loading that in just get it to refresh and then scrolling it's, quite good? As you can see, it does take a little while in the beginning, because it has so many images and things to load up so it's gon na be a little bit slower there it's just that the full screen just your legs, sometimes that I am sing just Between swapping over to different applications and then going back home, you will now and then said so it's almost completely gone, just not hundreds in all right.

So what about the loudspeakers so I've tested out before I come in on the loudspeaker, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, and it sounds good. This is typical Jeremy to me. It sounds perfectly fine, there's, no real issue there, whether it allowed us is okay. Now there is no second allowed speaker in the earpiece here, unfortunately, and I thought that might have been the case because it was so wide, but definitely not it's only firing out from the bottom. But I will give you a sample of it, but just to add that the loudness, I feel, should be a little bit louder on the bottom loudspeaker it's, not a deal breaker or anything like that it's still loud, but it just could be a little bit louder. Anyway, here's that sample, I just demonstrated face unlocking I have the lift to wake enabled, so you just lift the phone up and then look at it. It unlocks. It is very quick, as you can see, I do that one more time for you, so lift it up looks at me unlocks now the thinker print reader on the rear. Of course there is always on and when you touch it, it unlocks instantly and about well under half a second it's, very quick. So I do that. You know touch it now and you can see that's how quick it is now bomb, very quick. So no problems with the face, unlocking all the fingerprint reader now for gaming performance I'm, going to test out pop G here with the high frame rates inning and then HD is our graphics.

Let'S see how it performs. So you can see. Pump G is running fine. There'S another couple of players here so I'm, probably gon na, actually just die already. Okay, it doesn't seem to be bad at all to me in the high setting you're, not really getting much lag if any. Actually, that seems to be pretty good. Okay, tiny little bit then, when scrolling around this title here is shadow gun legends and it is running on high settings and visually. It looks stunning this one. You get a little tiny bit of slowdown here and there, but overall the performance is good and I'm, not really noticing any major frame dips. So it's not like I'm playable, like it was on the alder cube X. Tablet that I looked at, which had a very old mediatek chip and it couldn't handle this game with a snapdragon 616 handling this one just fine. Just before I show you some camera samples. This is the camera app, so typical, Xiaomi camera app me. Why 10 a few little tweaks and things in here, AI mode, your filters, HDR's off by default video mode portrait mode using the dual cameras it'll stitch together an image I'll, give you samples of that shortly and with video here. I just wanted to point out that, if go into the settings that we do have this right here, which is electronic image stabilization, you can see our video quality. The maximum setting is 1080p 60 frames per second I'm gon na shoot it in 30 because actually looks a little bit better.

So no 4k 4k is missing for some reason. But anyway, here are those samples, so here's a video sample, there's a front facing camera and we get 1080p max here. There'S a no electronic image stabilization, so it's gon na be a little bit shaky. The crop on it is actually quite good, which is fine. I find the audio quality as well: yeah it's, alright, it's, not the best, but I've, definitely heard a lot worse than this overall front facing video quality. I think it's good it's, not bad, so this video is being shot at 1080p 30 frames per. Second. There is no 4k option. You have to use a third party app at the moment or even camera. For that now there is a bit of wind noise that gets picked up here, it's a little bit windy at the moment, and you can see the electronic image stabilization in 1080p. Here is working fine, like I'm walking forward and it's taking my legs out of it, and there is a bit of a problem at times I find with the focus it does tend to hunt a little bit now and then, depending on the conditions it's, not as Good to focus as the redmi note, 2 5, whether it's dual pixel face detection autofocus. You notice that yeah it works, but sometimes isn't gon na work there. The focus comes into play now, but with their redmi note 5, there would not be a problem there.

Whether it's dual pixel autofocus and we do have at least 4k with electronic image stabilization. Thanks to that application, I mentioned open camera and you can see it's working quite well as long as you've got a steady here, my hand is not the speediest. This is now sample of video in low light. Now the sun went down about an half an hour an hour ago, so there's still a little bit of light around you can see. A lot of grain starts to creep into the image and they focus then does start to struggle quite a bit, and I found that the low light photography, as you sing from my samples, is not wonderful and it's kind of what you expect in this category and The price, of course, of this phone we're, not wonderful at low light, alright, so to quickly recap: here we have an excellent build quality, so I've got a middle frame around the outside that is painted glass on the rear. We do have Gorilla Glass. 5, I think, is on the front screen too, which is good and it's gon na be a little bit more scratch resistant, a little bit more resistant to drops too so the water drop notch does look okay, I'm, fine with it. I thought it would bother me, but it's not really that bad at all. In fact, I think it better than the punch hole in the screen of those two mobiles that I reviewed that had to hold their.

I think this is better, so we have a very good build, yes for the price, definitely it's, excellent type C port, finally, no more micro USB ports. Finally, the view start of his stock Xiaomi. I was getting really sick of micro USB ports, but that's good. So the voice quality I have made some voice calls on this very good face, unlocking very fast, as I demonstrated you just look at it and it unlocks it's, really quick in fact, I'll do it now and it unlocks it's, really good fingerprint reader as well. Do that I'll just touch it now, but really quick, no complaints with that whatsoever. So it does have a large 4000 milliamp hour battery on here, and my estimate is about 9 to 10 hours of screen on time with the IPS panel that this has on here. Our charging time is going to be just over about 2 hours if you're using the 10 watt charger. It does support the faster 18 watt charges so that time will then drop down to just under about an hour and 50 minutes. But I will have exact figures. Are with battery life in an up and coming video, maybe like after three or four days of using this phone, at least to get those kind of figures there. So the camera quality? Yes, we've got 48 million pixel sensor on the rear and yeah I mean the the photo quality I think is good it's, not amazing, but for the price it certainly does take a good photo.

The portrait mode stitching as well seems to be good front facing camera. Okay, bed to see no 4k support yet with video, so hopefully they're going to add that later on now the ROM performance very smooth for the most part, if you're got a real keen eye, you can see tiny little micro stutters here and there now and then Just with the full screen, just as it seems to happen, there's something's been happening for a long time with Xiaomi and it is almost completely gone I'm still seeing a tiny little bit of it. There'S no LTE band 20 for those that need this, but the Chinese version as well a lot of Chinese bloatware and it comes to probably the biggest negative for me, and this is me being very picky. But when you do look at the screen, especially at the top at certain angles, you will see that darkness that comes in there it's, not a PS, bleed but it's just a it seems to be from the manufacturing process to create that little notch at the top. That we are getting like this dimming, this darkening of the pixels we're not getting a evenly distributed, backlight the whites they're, especially noticeable, as I pointed out when I showed you some of the screen at the top that's, just not a super high quality IPS panel. That is in there's. The bright is good around 570 lux, which is very good. You can see it in daylight.

That is fine. I feel again the charmese done it for the price of around about a hundred in this one cost about 200 us this four gigabytes of RAM and 64 bytes of storage for the price. You are getting a fantastic phone. I can see that already and they've done it again. They'Ve set the price for the quality of what you're getting the price point here, really really good phone. So fast, I will have follow up videos and, if you haven't seen my reviews of the punch whole new kind of trend that's coming in 2019. Those are right over here. Thank you.