So I have fully charged it with the 5 volt 2 amp charger that they give you in the box. It takes 2 hours and 9 minutes to fully charge, and that was from about 2 to 3 percent, better that's. All I had because when I did my battery test as I'll show you now that's the result I got so just go over to my screenshot here. Bring that up and unfortunately I couldn't get the app stats because it powered off. It was at 2 and I called it just in time because I was running YouTube and I was doing other things, so you can see that I got almost eight hours of on screen time and it went all the way down to 2 now. This was mostly on data I'd, say a good 60 on data, so I was a little bit more heavier on it than my typical battery test, but the display was calibrated to 200 Lux, so I feel better life. It is good it's as good as the redmi note. 5. The redmi note 6 very good you're gon na get two days at least, and I think, even up to 10 hours of on screen time if you're on wireless. That is so. I had a few other questions that popped up. There were a lot of questions, yes about the camera yeah. If you go over to the pro mode, you do have this option right here. You can see at the top so that's 48 megapixels, but what didn't come out correct in the end is that when you press this, if it works that it's not an actual proper 48 megapixel shot its interpolated and what that means.

Is that it's not actually the proper resolution, the proper readout from the sensor that it's giving you? If you have a look into the information on the since, I think it's the GM one correct me if I'm wrong there, I think that's the Samsung sensor just off the top of my head here at the moment, it's not going to give you the readout, like The Sony like the 48 megapixel Sony one, can give you a proper, fully 8 megapixel shot, so that's, probably the one to go for if you want the 48 megapixels and I've done a side by side comparison. Oh, if you see my Twitter in low light – and I can see no real difference there whatsoever when you take a photo and 48 megapixels and then 12, you don't, really see much of a difference. Now remember this chipset, the snapdragon 660. The isp, which is the image signal process, is not meant to be able to hand or 48 megapixels. But if we get one of those newer, Qualcomm chips, then, and that will make a big difference – that Sony sense that when we get to read me a note Pro now, I want to update you on the the lag that I'm, seeing sometimes it's, not like a Proper lag it's, not bogging down and completely coming to a halt. It says full screen justice. If you go into the other normal men, your kids at the bottom. You won't see this but full screen.

Justice does it's very small micro stutters in the animation, but it is almost gone completely. It has been a problem since then me, eight even before that when they brought in the full screen, just as especially I nine, it was really bad so well. The performance is very good. I'Ve had a lot of questions about notifications as well. You can see I've got some sort of notifications here. Whatsapp notifications coming through, I did have a problem with the whatsapp and the Twitter not coming through. I have to open the app first and then the notifications come through and even though I have in settings I've pretty much given them all the permissions you go into. The permissions here. Auto starts and an important one as well so make sure you've got whatsapp selected and Google Play and all that and what I was having is still problems even though I've got permissions. I think I gave what's that pretty much everything here like I do with most Chinese mobile phones on the global version, you're not going to have this problem, but I just noticed that they still don't seem to be pulling through a property. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I went into the Twitter app then it started to show up that. I hate had 8, you can see there, notifications and the same goes there for whatsapp. So there are more questions. A lot of people asking about. Does that support camera API? You can seek a camera API level 3 here, which is good.

This is great it's, not full, but its level 3 and it's still giving us lots of options. As you can see, we're getting access to all of us. It doesn't give us access to the 48 megapixels. However, when you use gmod, so this is Google's camera I do have that installed. I'Ll show you the version of it, which is the one that there's working, that you can get to work it's the pixel 3 1. And if I click on that unity of this camera – and it just takes a second to load up and now we see we've got all those options there and everything seems to be working. So we've got there good portrait mode just using the single camera and doing the stitching works really well I've taken a couple of samples with the camera and it does look a little bit better specially in low light. You can see right here, here's a sample there's, a quick samples that I posted on Twitter as well, so we've got one photo, take with the stock app and then the other one you can see which doesn't have the watermark of this is taken with the Google Camera app here and you can see it's got less noise, especially when you have a look at the wall on the background there, you can see a big difference with that video mode as well, so we've got all the way up to 4k, with electronic image stabilization.

Using this, so that is working, this is a quick sample with the Google camera with a front facing camera video you can see, it does have electronic image stabilization now, which is good, something that you don't get with the stock camera app, and here is a quick Sample now using the G mode so that Google pixel 3 camera app that's, been ported over we've got electronic image stabilization. This is 4k and it's, not quite Google, pixels 3 smooth but it's, not bad. Considering this stock camera app that we get on the remote 7 does not support 4k footage at all, and if you use open camera you can also get 4k. You can see it's doing a good job. The electronic image stabilization on I've got shaky hands. Now I have noticed that the focus still has problems now and then because it does not have that job. Pixel phase detection autofocus like we get with the redmi note 5 a I will try and do a comparison with both stock apps of the redmi note 7 versus the redmi note 5, that overall this is great to have this 4k Google pixels 3 camera app here With electronic image stabilization, if you go into the more settings now, we do have the night shot night site. Okay to me, the night site it doesn't seem to be quite working correctly. Ram, it's, not supported, but what's been happening. Is you take a photo and it really looks no different from just the normal photos, it's using the same shutter and the same ISO as well? So if I just take a quick photo, you got ta hold it really still.

Of course, this is not a good example. This is, of course, studio lights on anything. I just want to show you that it's working front facing camera works as well. It doesn't go black like a lot of the G chem files that I was testing out, the apk files. It was just black and it wouldn't work. So that's. One thing to bear in mind that this version does seem to all be working to me and in all the testing I've been doing doing so. That is really good. Now there's been a lot of questions too about this, of course, to rid me, the surimi note5 i've stole my wife's one here you can see how pink on the back of it – and I really think between both of these a lot of people were asking me What just got the better screen on them? Okay, I pointed out the screen that we do have the darkness at the top on this one. If you see my full review, you get a little bit of that comes in at the bottom. Two on the redmi note 5, so neither these screens are perfect, but I believe the IPS panel in this one is slightly better okay, so this one comes out to be just a tiny little bit better this panel overall and when you're looking at it. Now, to the average Joe to the person who's, not a techie doesn't, look at there to screen their screens in such detail.

You probably not even going to notice a little bit of light leakage on this corners here and in the black at the top there. You can see it now, you can see it come in and it's just really on white images. Are you gon na see that so a lot of people been asking me about that, so normal kind of you won't see it. This is why Xiaomi went with this dark stock background. This is the default background, the wallpaper that's. Probably why they've done that. So obviously, with these two phones here, you got to remember that the front facing camera on this one does have a flash. So the redmi note 5 does have a front facing flash now. This is something of course we don't get with this one because of the water style water drop, knotch there's, just no room for a flash to be there on that one, a loud speakers sound pretty much the same, but when you look at the bottom of course, Type C port, and then we just got the micro USB, which is this one, of course, which is I mean, that's fine, but this should have been type C to begin with anyway that one. So if you had both of these, if you have sorry this phone, the redmi note 5, should you upgrade to the note 7? I don't see any reason to whatsoever performance wise, real world use if you're not looking at benchmarks, they are very similar and really you're.

Not gaining anything with the cameras, I believe the better camera to be this one. The root me Note 5, because it does have that dual pixel phase detection autofocus, which is much better specially you notice in low light and the focus on this one. If you see my sample video in my review, this just keeps going in and out and load light. I will have a camera comparison, so will compare both for those the new 48 megapixels Samsung sensor against the Samsung 12 mega sensor that's in this one, and just be interesting to note that which one's going to win but video wise. Both of these cannot shoot 4k. With the stock camera app, but then you can with applications like open camera there, of course, ok so charge times as well. This phone so we're looking at about two hours and nine minutes with the stock charger. But if you use a Qualcomm three charger which I do have, I don't have a Qualcomm quick charge for spec one. This is going to take then about one hour and 52 minutes so you're shaving off about 20 minutes of charge. Time moving over to quick charge. 3, at least with that, so I don't know whether that's worth it probably not because that, of course, this is 18 watts and the one included is a 10 watt charger. So, overall my impression of this phone, I think the build quality compared to the Redmi. Note.

5, it just feels a little bit more premium because of the glass they've used on it very slippery to not to say the build. Quality is bad on the Ruby, not 5, but definitely, if you read me, 5 owner this is the AI Chinese version don't upgrade. I wouldn't upgrade don't waste, your money, there's no point getting this one, I believe, and all you're really gaining it's, just the teardrop knotch and then is really a bit slightly faster performance and they camera really 48 megapixels, but interpolated. So it's, not a true 48 megapixels. That one there so that's my follow up video. Thank you so much for watching better life, good overall, a really nice phone. If you are in the market for a cheaper phone here. This, of course, is the 4 gigabyte 64 II MMC 5 spec, one that I have here and yeah. It does come recommended for me good fun, but you know upgrading don't upgrade from the 6 or the AI. Sorry, the a to the me a 2 as well as another one that I wouldn't upgrade to for this, because it's not really an upgrade alright. Thank you.